Surprising Facts about the Moon

We look at the moon almost every night but how much do you know about it? Aside from being the Earth’s only natural satellite visible from the surface, what else do you know about it?

Well, don’t worry if you are caught surprised with the question. In fact, a lot of people who love the moon know so little about it. Maybe it has something to do with being romantic and mysterious.

But it wouldn’t hurt to know facts about the moon, right? And I won’t just be giving you boring old facts. As a matter of fact, I will give you surprising ones. Here are the surprising facts about the moon.

1. One time 4.5 billion years ago, there was no such thing as the moon. The moon was formed when a rock as big as the planet Mars hit Earth. Well, at least that’s what the leading theory is telling us.

2. Did you know that you have been looking at one side of the moon ever since? Almost like it’s locked in orbit.

3. The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite right? Well, not really. It may be the only natural satellite that is visible from the surface but in 1999 astronomers found a 3 mile wide asteroid caught in Earth’s gravitational grip.

4. The surface of the moon rarely changes because it has no wind or rain that will erode the surface. The only time anything changes on the surface is when anything alien arrives – like a rock or visiting humans.

5. Albeit popular belief, the moon is not shaped like a circle. It looks more like an egg and you are actually looking at the pointy end right now.

6. There are actually moonquakes! When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, they uses seismometers and found out that there are small quakes on the moon that originates a couple of kilometers down from the surface.

7. We are going to lose the moon someday. Well, not in a few thousand years. The moon is actually moving 3.8 centimeters farther away from the Earth every year.

Moon Tracker

The Moon is critical Earth’s regular satellite and one of the biggest characteristic satellites in our nearby planetary group (with the most major satellite to planet proportion). The mysterious moon has been evaluated to have shaped approx 4 – 5 billion years prior, not long after the Earth was framed. The most conceivable clarification for is presence is that it is left over trash from an effect of Earth and Theia.

The moon is in synchronized revolution with Earth, and in this way dependably demonstrates the same face towards us. We have along these lines never seen the ‘Dim Side.’ Despite the fact that it can give off an impression of being splendid white shading, the moon’s surface is dark.

The Moon

SO what is the Moon? Let us explain

The Moon is essential Earth’s natural satellite, and one of the largest natural satellite in our solar system (with the largest satellite to planet ratio).

The magically moon has been estimated to have formed approx 4 – 5 billion years ago, not long after the Earth was formed. The most plausible explanation for is existence is that it is left over debris from an impact of Earth and Theia.

So where does the ‘Dark side of the moon’ come from? Well, the moon is in synchronized rotation with Earth, and therefore always shows the same face towards us. We have therefore never seen the ‘Dark Side’.

Although it can appear to be a very bright white colour, the moons surface is actually dark, and possesses a reflectance that is higher than asphalt. Since ancient times the moon has been made a significant cultural influence on language, calendars, mythology and more.

Miss the Moon Last night? 29/09/215

Here is a clip video put up by someone who filmed the moon last night! IT looks stunning. I doubt that this footage was taken in Sydney, but there are similiarties in the moons size, structure, shape from anywhere in the world.

at 92% visibility this Waning Gibbous sat in the night sky so strong and powerfully, lighting up the night sky perfectly. With the moon recently coming from a Supermoon (Look it up, soooo worth it) it is slowly on the decent of its highest point of majesty. However it remains bold in the sky.

The next super man is 33 years away… hopefully you didn’t miss it

Who Am I?

For those who miss the ‘WHo Am I’ Page on this website, I will post about myself here. Yeh Yeh


Who am I?

Well my name is Matthew Walters and I live in Byron Bay, Sydney on the East coast of Australia. (East Side Baby). I am a 24 year old student currently studying astrology after years of discovering what I loved.

So what do I love? Well I love space, I love the sky, I love the stars, but more than anything I love the Moon. Why I love the moon so much, I am not sure. It must be its beauty, it’s ability to sit in the dark night sky and shine brightly, whether as a full moon, a half or hardly at all.

It is an interesting and wonderful concept, a piece of matter that orbits around our planet, never coming and never going. As a child I would always watch the moon and think of what it would be like to touch it, how the Earth looks from there, and just to experience it. I have studied astrology as it gives me the tools, the incentive, and the support to keep my somewhat “moon” passion alive, and have me learn more about it.

SO what else do I do? Well for work and for contribution, I work at a child care course institution based in Sydney, where they teach Cert III & Diploma’s to people who wish to work in the field of child care. I am very satisfied with my job and my role in the team as I feel as though I am making a contribution to the world by assisting the future of child care.

I have worked there for approx 4 years, and has been an excellent experience, for learning, meeting people, finding myself and more. I am fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing people, with great stories to share from all walks of life. Additionally living so close to the beach I surf almost every day, often I don’t surf when there is no swell, but at times you can find me splashing around in flat water. I enjoy the refreshing connection to nature and the love you can have for her by always being surrounded by its beauty.

Lastly I own a dog named Buster. Buster is a Beagle and is 5 years old. We spend much time together at the beach, watching and tracking the moon, and the concessional day at work. I love seafood and Pale Ales, and the occasional bit of herb goes down nicely. Anyway I think that is enough about me for now.


Matt :)