Occupy DNC Protesters Already Flouting Anti-Camping Law, Arming with Rocks & Bags of Feces


Protesters and police in Charlotte are saying that they expect up to 10,000 activists to infest Charlotte, this week.. The numbers could be bolstered by protesters frustrated at their inability to share their message in Tampa. … “Occupy Charlotte is one of more than 90 groups planning a march through uptown on Sunday that could [Read More →]

Video: Black Panthers Message To Whites: Our ‘Feet Will Be On Your Motherf***ing Necks’

On a recent Black Power Radio show appearance, the always charming Michelle Williams, New Black Panthers chief of staff, threatened Republicans attending the upcoming RNC convention in Tampa FL. The woman is clearly insane. If you had a hard time hearing that, you can try Breitbart TV. I don’t know if it’s any better because [Read More →]

Clarence Thomas Called “House N*gga” and “Uncle Tom” by Lefties on Twitter After Dessenting on Obamacare Ruling:


Via Weasel Zippers: This is so depressingly predictable: This house nigga Clarence Thomas dissented on the supreme court decision to uphold the presidents health care platform — Kiefer Jack (@ItsJackJohnson) June 28, 2012 Clarence Thomas is a successful, google worthy nigga. Does that mean we should be proud of his whipping boy house nigga ass? [Read More →]

Video: Unhinged Lefties Spew Hatred, Racism, and Filth in Wisconsin


More RebelPundit video gold via Breitbart TV. The left came out in full force to the Madison Tax Day Tea Party Rally on Saturday. They showed their true colors as usual, holding none of their hate and racism back, even in front of the camera. Language warning:   It’s amazing what people are willing to [Read More →]

‘Suited, Booted, and Armed’: The New Black Panthers Launching ‘Race War’ Against ‘White Devils’ April 9 (Audio)


Ever wonder what it would be like to listen in on a New Black Panther conference call? Well, guess what,you’re in luck: Hosted primarily by Michelle Williams and Chawn Kweli, the New Black Panther’s chief of staff in Tampa and a national spokesman, respectively, the call was filled with violent, hate-filled speech outlining the party’s [Read More →]

Video: #OWS Supporter, David Duke, Explains Zionist Banking Conspiracy


#OWS  boasts endorsements from CAIR, The Revolutionary Communist party, Revolutionary Guards of Iran,  Hezbollah, The Black Panthers, Barack Obama and yes, even David Duke. MBT Presents the over the top anti-Semitic ramblings of a madman - Occupy Zionist Wall Street by David Duke: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUkC9H0G3wY See Also: Zombie at PJ Media: The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors [Read More →]

#OccupyDC Thugs Taunt And Harass Black Security Guard For Being A “Sell-Out”

By “sell-out” they mean he has a job. Via Weasel Zippers: If the obnoxious harpy who called the security guard  “a f*cking sellout” sounded familiar, it’s because she is the “mother of the year” who was using her young children as human shields, last weekend at the infamous Americans For Prosperity protest. Those DC Occupiers [Read More →]

Hostile #OccupyDayton Protester Accosts Photographer: ‘F*ck The Military, F*ck Your Flag, And F*ck The Police’

Via MRC TV: What does it tell you about a movement that it attracts nasty characters like these guys, (who turn out to be Nazis, or Aryan Nation types full of what they call “white pride”): It’s good to know that the Democrat party fully endorses this movement – including our President, huh? They may [Read More →]

Just Another Day At #OccupyPortland As Racial Slurs Provoke Gun and Knives Display – One Arrest

Via Gateway Pundit: The Register Guard reported: A man who displayed a handgun at Occupy Portland’s downtown encampment after a dispute with protesters has been arrested, police said in a statement Thursday. The argument took place Wednesday afternoon when 32-year-old Jason C. Parker was challenged verbally by protesters after filming tents, police said. One of [Read More →]

American Nazi Party Really, Really Liking Their “Comrades” in the #OWS Movement

This is the second time #OWS has gotten some Nazi love. I keep trying to figure out what the common denominator could be. What could it be that the National Socialists find so appealing in the peaceful and American as apple pie Occupy Wall Street movement? You wouldn’t think that they would have anything  in [Read More →]

Video: Breitbart Has The Goods On Extreme Radical Organizer, Lisa Fithian and The #OWS List-Serve

Oh my – this should be interesting. As an early morning showdown between #OWS at Zuccotti Park and police looms,  Andrew Breitbart drops a bombshell on Fox News:  Big Government has obtained and will release e-mails that prove the organized plan behind the “Occupy Wall Street” protests. Stay tuned here and at BigGovernment.com for further [Read More →]

Video: Unhinged Marxist Hurls Profanities; Assaults Tea Party Member

This guy exemplifies why I started this blog.  He is the poster boy for the left-wing in America, today: Ugly, profane, race-obsessed, violent, and deranged. Via Breitbart TV: In Portland, Oregon on October 10th, 2011, this unknown man attempted to crash a Tea Party gathering at Pioneer Square. Near the end of the video he [Read More →]

Bloggers React to #Occupy Atlanta’s Rejection Of John Lewis

I’m assuming most people who make it to this blog have already seen this bizarrely pathetic and disturbing video of Civil Rights legend, John Lewis getting turned away via the court of the  “peoples’ jazz-hands” in #OccupyAtlanta. I found reactions in the right-wing blogosphere to their  moonbattery highly entertaining. Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin [Read More →]

Videos: Obama Supporters Crash St. Louis Tea Party – Call Black Candidate “Ni**er”, “Uncle Tom”, Cuss In Front of Children + A KC Palette Cleanser

photo via Big Journalism The St. Louis Tea Party, and college Republicans gathered outside the Obama-Carnahan fundraiser at Tom Carnahan’s home in St. Louis, Tuesday evening. They were protesting another corrupt, Crony-Socialist deal in which Carnahan was awarded $107 million dollars in stimulus cash to build Chinese windmill wind farms in St. Louis. Carnahan payed [Read More →]

Video: Berkeley Leftist Mob Flummoxed By Republican Affirmative action Bake Sale

Lefties came out in full force to protest the “racist bake sale” the college Republicans held to protest a racist  enrollment policy, yesterday. That the irony impaired leftists failed to see their inconsistency, is not surprising. One of the main features of the leftist mob, as Ann Coulter explained, in her book, Demonic, is their [Read More →]

Screenshots: Alec Baldwin and His Sick and Twisted Followers on Twitter Viciously Attack Michelle Malkin

After conservative blogger Michelle Malkin wrote a tweet gently mocking Alec Baldwin for the spate of unhinged tweets he wrote about the  execution of Troy Davis, Wednesday night, he fired off a series of tweets calling on his followers to attack her: As a man of the left, Baldwin would have known that a barrage [Read More →]

Striking AFL-CIO Union Thugs Spew Racial Slurs in North Dakota – Lynch Monkey Off Giant Inflatable Rat

This report of particularly bizarre union thuggery is via Weasel Zippers: (Grand Forks Herald) — Tensions continue to rise as the ongoing labor dispute between American Crystal Sugar Co. and its locked-out union workers shows no signs of letting up soon. No new negotiations have been scheduled and the situation appears to be getting more [Read More →]

Video: Unionistas Disrupt and Shout Down Scott Walker As He Opens The WI State Fair/Angry Black Mob Terrorizes Whites As Fair Closes For The Night

What could be the purpose of booing and jeering the governor as he engages in an official and non-partisan duty like opening the State Fair? Do these people not understand that there’s a time and place for everything? A town hall is a good place, for instance, to voice your opinions on the issues facing [Read More →]

Black man protests against Black Tea Party members

This rant includes just about every racial and mob dynamic in history all packaged up and pointed at the Tea Party. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PbvcIl_gDo Topics covered in the rant: slavery, white supremacy, Bachman, back to Africa, The Struggle, genetic racism, shooting of Obama supporters, Hitler, bombing Japan.

Video: Angry Mob of MoveOn Goons Protest Paul Ryan Event – “Tax The Rich!”

Rebel Pundit has the report: On May 16th, 2011 we attended a MoveOn.org protest staged in Chicago outside a Paul Ryan luncheon. The protesters were unfriendly and hostile to our questions, as well as confused about their message. We also questioned MoveOn members and organizers about their opinion regarding racially offensive comments made by former [Read More →]