Church Marquee in Indiana Defaced With Anti-Romney Message


Provided photo/ WANE   A church marquee in Huntington, Indiana was defaced by an always classy pro-Obama vandal(s) late Thursday night, and changed back to “Jesus can forgive” the next morning. Via WISH TV: HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) – A viewer used Report !t to send our sister station WANE pictures of the sign in front [Read More →]

Video: Militant Gays Taunt and Harass Praying Priest at Chick Fil A Protest


Guess who gets to play the part of the reviled Emmanuel Goldstein in this latest episode of the left’s 2 minutes of hate? That’s right — a Catholic Priest praying the Rosary amongst the protesters at a particularly heinous Chick Fil A protest in Chicago, August 8. This belated entry into the Chick Fil A [Read More →]

A Third Chick-fil-A Vandalized: Gay Marriage Stickers, Gay Pride Flags Mar Maryland Restaurant’s Windows


Some gay rights advocates are trying to win hearts and minds through vandalism, as a Chick Fil A in Frederick, Maryland makes the third restaurant this month to be targeted by vandals. Late Saturday night, gay marriage messages, and  gay pride flags were glued to the windows of the restaurant. The Frederick News Post reported: [Read More →]

Pix From the Hollyweird Kiss In: “Jesus Is a C*nt”


Carly McGehee the New York-based political activist who started the idea for the kiss-in, told the Los Angeles Times that she encouraged participants to be “polite and tasteful.” “This is about us showing our love,” she said. “We’re not encouraging people to be outrageous or lewd.” Uh huh… Via Zombie at PJ Tatler:   Ringo [Read More →]

So Classy: Unhinged Lib Bullies Chick Fil A Employee At Drive-up Window (Video)

chick fil a employee

Via Breitbart TV: The Chick Fil A employee couldn’t have been more gracious and professional as the hateful bully berated her and her employer. She repeatedly told him that they don’t treat any of their customers differently. After she handed him his free water and told him it’s her “pleasure to serve him always”, he [Read More →]

Pic of the Day: Youths Protest Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening


Via Queerty:  Youth Empowered To Act Protests Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening:   Youth? In the early morning hours yesterday, a group of young LGBT advocates stood bleary-eyed but steadfast outside the new Chick-fil-A in Laguna Hills, California, letting people know there were better options (even if those chicken sandwiches are as good as people tell us [Read More →]

Pro-Life Activists’ Home Vandalized, Pro-Life Volunteer Violently Attacked by Militant Pro-Aborts


Personhood USA leaders Keith and Jennifer Mason, who is pregnant, became the victims of a violent vandalism attack following a Newsweek story about their pro-life work. Via Life News: Following an profile news story in Newsweek detailing their work in the pro-life movement, Personhood USA leaders Keith and Jennifer Mason, who is pregnant, saw their [Read More →]

Christian Bus Firebombed….in Rockford, IL (Video)


When I first saw that headline at Gateway Pundit: Catholic School Bus Fire-Bombed…I was thinking it happened somewhere in the Middle East -  like Egypt, or Libya, right? No, how about the American Midwest – Rockford IL. Pro-Life Corner reported: A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is [Read More →]

Vandals Knock Head Off Of Jesus Statue Outside Of Boston Catholic Church (Video)


-The Jesus statue outside Mother Teresa of Calcutta at St. Margaret’s Church in Dorchester. (Photo by Carl Stevens) MyFoxBoston reported: BOSTON (AP) – Boston police are looking for the vandals who knocked the head off a statue of Jesus outside a Roman Catholic church named for Mother Teresa. The Rev. Jack Ahern of Blessed Mother [Read More →]

Video: Occupy vs Nativity Scene


A better name for this video might be Nativity Scene Occupies #Occupy. And as this is a left-wing movement, you better believe there were offended occupiers, (and the one obligatory whacked out of his mind occupier). But surprisingly, not all of them were hostile and/or crazy. Brought to you by those mischievous Misfit Politics miscreants: [Read More →]

Vandals Trash 8 Churches In NC With Racist, Nazi, Anti- Christian, Satanist Desecrations (With Video)


This is a degree or two worse than the garden variety anti-Christian activity we so often see from militant atheists. This sick  spate of church vandalism appears to be the work of militant Satanists. One member of the Organ Lutheran Church said that when she walks next to the vandalism – she can feel the [Read More →]

Atheists Sue to Keep the WTC Cross Out of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Via Ann Althouse: The cross, you may remember, is not something human beings constructed intentionally. It is steel that remained standing after the buildings collapsed. But it was noticed, honored, and preserved because of the Christian symbolism: “This cross is now a part of the official WTC memorial. No other religions or philosophies will be [Read More →]

Video: Muslim Revelers Turn Into Angry Mob When Christian Preacher Appears At Their Festival In Dearborn

It’s downright disturbing how hostile and mob-like these people became when the Christian preacher appeared. Although it looks to me like he was there to provoke a reaction,  that doesn’t excuse their antagonistic, bullying behavior. If a Muslim or a Jew had appeared to preach at a Christian event, I can’t imagine the Christians behaving [Read More →]

Civility Watch: The Bon Mots of Professional Racialist And Campus Speaker, Tim Wise

After reading A.R. Ward’s piece at Big Journalism about  Tim Wise’s outrageous  slander against Andrew Breitbart, I decided Wise had earned  place here at The Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse. In fact, he could be the poster boy for The New Tone. He wrote the book, White Like Me, which is required reading at many [Read More →]

Video: Newt’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week Gets Even Worse….

Poor Newt. His terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week just got a little worse…. Via Fox Nation: GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista were hit with glittery confetti by a protester Tuesday during the couple’s appearance at a book-signing. The man approached the Gingriches during the signing at a downtown Minneapolis [Read More →]


What if I told you that there is actually a “church” in New York City called Church of Earthaluja; a place where secular moonbats play dress up and mock Christianity in what has been described as “performance art” and “almost a form of religion”. Almost. And what if I further told you that, former ACORN [Read More →]

Pro-Life Memorial Vandalized With Upside Down Crosses, Fake Blood

Via The Blaze:   The Cemetery of the Innocents at Clarion University in Clarion, PA is supposed to commemorate the millions of babies lost to abortion. But last week, the quaint memorial with 350 wooden crosses resembled a satanic ritual scene after it was vandalized during the campus’s Life Week, which also happened to be [Read More →]

“I Hate It When I Wake Up And Sarah Palin Is Still Alive” Facebook Page Still Up

  Why hasn’t Facebook taken this page down, yet? That’s the question Counter Contempt is asking, and it’s a good one: …regarding Facebook’s policy against threats made to individuals, there is no ambiguity. One may not threaten or incite violence against an individual of Facebook. Earlier this year, during that brief period following the Tucson [Read More →]

Vietnamese Man’s Jesus Statue Set Ablaze In MN

Via The Blaze: KARE reports: It may have burned for awhile; Pham’s daughter took pictures of her father trying to knock down the flames. Fire investigators were going over the garden a few hours later. If they find evidence of arson, they are expected pass the case on to police. The family wonders if the [Read More →]