Occupy DC Anniversery Flops: Group of About 30 Occupods Discuss “Dumpster Diving” and “Collective Housing” (Video)


Via Newsbusters: The Washington Post proved on Tuesday that it will promote “Occupy DC” protests as real “news events” no matter how poor the turnout. “About 50 protesters took to the streets waving signs, chanting and singing,” wrote the Post’s Annie Gowen. “They were trailed by a large cadre of D.C. police, in vans, on [Read More →]

(Video) Jason Mattera Messes With DNC Occupiers


Via Bryan Preston of PJ Tatler: In this episode, Jason gets a communist sympathizer to sign a petition on his capitalist-created iPad, practically begs the occupiers to share their tents, and “overstimulates” some sick guy. This is almost too sad to be funny.   See episode one of Mattera’s madness over at Hot Air.

Livestream Video: On the March, Occupy DC Tries to Push Through Police Line

occupy dnc

With all the profanity infused chants we’ve all grown to know and love – with some new entries like “Obama is a f*cking traitor”! Awww…apparent;y they didn’t get any of Obama’s stash… Live stream by Ustream

Occupy DNC Protesters Already Flouting Anti-Camping Law, Arming with Rocks & Bags of Feces


Protesters and police in Charlotte are saying that they expect up to 10,000 activists to infest Charlotte, this week.. The numbers could be bolstered by protesters frustrated at their inability to share their message in Tampa. … “Occupy Charlotte is one of more than 90 groups planning a march through uptown on Sunday that could [Read More →]

Cops Outnumber Anarchist Marchers on Day One of RNC Protests – One Arrest (Video)


Eh — not so much…(Photo/Ashley Jeffery)  Via The Daily Caller: So-called “black bloc” anarchists marched mostly peacefully, with far greater numbers of police, Secret Service agents and uniformed National Guard troops keeping the peace. Secret Service sources told The Daily  Caller that law enforcement preparations called for the ability to respond to crowds of more [Read More →]

First 2 RNC-Related Arrests Tallied After Anarchists Found on Downtown Rooftop with BB Gun, Pocket Knife, Large Machete…


Two occupy terrorists were arrested Friday after a concerned citizen tipped the St. Petersburg police of suspicious activity on the roof of a downtown parking garage. The  Tampa Bay Times reports: The caller also claimed to have seen the people playing with a gun. Officers found two men and a female teen runaway hanging out. [Read More →]

Video: Brandon Darby Discusses RNC Welcoming Committee Plans for 2012


Via John Sexton, Big Government: In addition to trying to shut down bridges to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center next week, Brandon has learned that a subgroup of Occupy is looking to shut down EMS communications throughout the city. The video that goes along with this interview is one Brandon took at the [Read More →]

Protesters Vandalize Oakland PD in Retaliation to Black Bloc Investigation


Vandals have been busy in the Oakland area, this week.  Obama campaign office windows were smashed in, Friday night by disgruntled occupiers, angry at being denied a marching permit. Thursday, a group calling itself, the “East Bay Uncontrollables”  damaged two Oakland PD police cruisers with acid in just the latest of a string of  coordinated [Read More →]

Occupy Oakland Vandals Smash Obama Campaign Office Windows


Friday night, the Obama Campaign office in Oakland was vandalized by Occupy Oakland street vermin, reportedly as a result of  the group being denied a marching permit. Sooper Mexican reported: This photo of the damage from California Beat, which also reports that the culprits were in a “[c]rowd marching through Oakland First Friday celebration.”

Anonymous Calls For “Defeat” of U.S. Government in New Video


Via Sooper Mexican: As reported by KTLA, despite the claims of Occupy Wall Street that Anaheim had nothing to do with their execrable movement, Anonymous has put out a video making clear that they intend to make this their next battle: TRANSCRIPT _______________ Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. The purpose of this video [Read More →]

Pic of the Day: Occupy Oakland Burns Flag In The Street To Greet Obama


Intent on being reviled by left and right alike, #Occupy Oakland greeted the President when he came to town to fund-raise, yesterday by burning a flag in the street: Protesters burn an American flag during a small march through downtown Oakland. President Obama gave a speech at the Fox Theater during a fundraising stop in [Read More →]

Video: Seattle OccuClown Simulates Shooting at The Police With Umbrella Prop


Via Gateway Pundit: An #Occupy goon taunted the police on Friday at a protest dressed as a clown and using an umbrella as if it were a gun – pointing and firing at police. Stephen King couldn’t invent a clown this creepy and sinister: Ironically, this protest was part of “peaceful” Occupy Seattle’s , “nonviolent [Read More →]

RNC “Welcoming Committee” Promises To Be Very Violent (Video)

TBAG2012RNCReverse thinner with lightning

According to this Occupy video posted by VforVendetta12345678, anarchists and radicals have gathered a group called the “RNC Welcoming Committee”, but “they are in no way welcoming”… Their message: “Black bloc and Anon Bloc tactics are being encouraged because some say liberal protests get nothing done.” Etc.  

Occupiers and Police Clash at Occupy National Gathering In Philly: One Arrested For Aggravated Assault on a Federal Officer. (Video)


Although the Occupiers gathering  in Philadelphia through July 4th have been making the usual claims of non-violence and tolerance,  video and social media, (provided by they themselves!)  is revealing otherwise. Publicly, they tell reporters, “people Don’t Really Want To Be Violent”… But  livestream coverage of their meetings expose defiant, fighting words, like: “Isn’t it time [Read More →]

Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia Livestream Update: 25 Arrested including 2 Streamers


Via The Washington Times: Occupy groups from across the country are headed to Philadelphia for a national gathering on Independence Mall, seeking to unify their far-flung movement against economic inequality a half-year after police evicted protesters from encampments in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and other cities. The event, which starts Saturday and runs through [Read More →]

New Low? Occupy Oakland protests Against Conference Dedicated to Combating Child Sex Trafficking (Video)


They’ve defecated on cars and in the street, publicly masturbated, sexually assaulted each other,  assaulted police officers, vandalized cars and businesses, rioted, abused drugs,  and been kicked out of virtually every park they’ve infested. You thought the Obama endorsed occupy movement couldn’t get any lower, didn’t you? Well, Zombie is here to tell you, you’re [Read More →]

Video: Creepy, Scary Left-Wing Thug Threatens LT Gov Rebecca Kleefisch: “We’re coming after her”


Christian Hartsock, reporting for Wisconsin blog, Revealing Politics, interviewed some of the anti-Walker characters protesting outside  the Capitol in Madison Tuesday. He asked protesters what career advice they would have for Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch after “we throw her out of this building.” One gentleman’s response was especially chilling. Transcript: Christian Hartsock: So what’s your [Read More →]

#Occupy Irony: St. Louis Occupods March Against Police Violence, Fight with Police, Injuring One – 10 Arrested


You can’t make this stuff up – Thursday night in St. Louis, Occupiers demonstrating against police violence, vandalized two banks with graffiti, assaulted a banker who tried to stop them, and then assaulted two police officers. Via Gateway Pundit: KMOV reported: A group of protesters were arrested in downtown St. Louis late Thursday night after [Read More →]

Video: Black Bloc’s Destructive Wilding Spree in San Francisco


Every single one of these hoodlums, including the cheering onlookers, and even the “reasonable anarchist” (who wanted them to be more discriminating about “fu*cking up other people’s sh*t”) should be occupying a jail cell. Where were the police? Via SooperMexican: SFGate reported on the Black Bloc occupiers: In San Francisco, a crowd of more than [Read More →]

Video: Inches Away From Their Faces, Occu-Thugs Taunt and Harass Row of Chicago Cops at NATO Protest


Sorry, no audio on this one, unfortunately. It was probably too profane to be aired on YouTube: LeakSource2012 says they were yelling,  “Shame! Shame! Shame!” No doubt, the  Communist National Lawyers Guild were  standing by with cameras at the ready in case one of the cops reacted.