Lefty Sickos on Twitter Celebrate Murder of American Hero Chris Kyle


Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was an American hero -  recognized as the most lethal sniper in United States military history, and he was shot and killed Saturday night at a charity event in Texas. Moonbats despise anything that is good for America, thus many ghoulishly celebrated Kyle’s murder on Twitter:   @john__rieber god is for idiots..so [Read More →]

Sick: Lefty Hate Talker, Mike Malloy Says John McCain Deserved to be Tortured (Video)


Left-wing hate talker, Mike Malloy, argued on his radio show, Tuesday, something most Americans on the left and right would find appalling. He said the time McCain spent in a Vietnam prison was time he deserved for engaging in war crimes. “It  called penance,” he said. Via Radio Equalizer at MRCTV: MIKE MALLOY (29 Jan [Read More →]

Livestream Video: On the March, Occupy DC Tries to Push Through Police Line

occupy dnc

With all the profanity infused chants we’ve all grown to know and love – with some new entries like “Obama is a f*cking traitor”! Awww…apparent;y they didn’t get any of Obama’s stash… Live stream by Ustream

Video: Brandon Darby Discusses RNC Welcoming Committee Plans for 2012


Via John Sexton, Big Government: In addition to trying to shut down bridges to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center next week, Brandon has learned that a subgroup of Occupy is looking to shut down EMS communications throughout the city. The video that goes along with this interview is one Brandon took at the [Read More →]

Video: Former Union Boss Tells Occupy: Objective of Progressive Labor is to “Overthrow Capitalist System and Build Communism”

union boss

The video, posted on YouTube Sunday night, was shot by three  young conservative activists Nick Tomboulides, Andrew McCaughey and Danielle Saul. They recorded the material at an Occupy DC event held at Luther Place Church in downtown Washington, D.C. Sunday afternoon from 3:00pm – 5:00pm Via Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller: Former Amalgamated Transit [Read More →]

Anonymous Calls For “Defeat” of U.S. Government in New Video


Via Sooper Mexican: As reported by KTLA, despite the claims of Occupy Wall Street that Anaheim had nothing to do with their execrable movement, Anonymous has put out a video making clear that they intend to make this their next battle: TRANSCRIPT _______________ Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. The purpose of this video [Read More →]

Pic of the Day: Occupy Oakland Burns Flag In The Street To Greet Obama


Intent on being reviled by left and right alike, #Occupy Oakland greeted the President when he came to town to fund-raise, yesterday by burning a flag in the street: Protesters burn an American flag during a small march through downtown Oakland. President Obama gave a speech at the Fox Theater during a fundraising stop in [Read More →]

Of Course: #OccupyOakland Holds F*ck the 4th March, Burns Flag (Video)


Because the Occupy Oakland goons haven’t disgraced themselves enough with their anti-American antics,  property destruction, rioting, violence toward cops,  and all around filthiness,  now via Republican Party Animals we get to see the Nancy Pelosi and Obama endorsed rascals celebrating the 4th of July by (once again), burning an American flag. Along with burning flags, [Read More →]

Have a Happy 4th of July – Just Don’t Frighten Small Children and Animals With War-Promoting Fireworks, H8ters


Via The Blaze, some rueful hand-wringing from a liberal buzzkill who doesn’t appreciate fireworks, and thinks the rest of us shouldn’t either.. Bill Bigelow of the radical teacher organization Rethinking Schools, wrote that we need to “rethink” the 4th of July. This “progressive” teacher has declared war on fireworks. The Fourth of July “…provides cover for people to [Read More →]

Video: Coney Island Kids Sing ‘God Bless the USA’, Classy Libs Heckle Them; “Burn In Hell”


A controversy erupted at the Edna Cohen School in Coney Island ten days ago when the principal, Greta Hawkins wouldn’t allow kindergartners to sing the beloved Lee Greenwood ballad, also known as “Proud to be an American,” at their moving-up ceremony. The reasons given for the song’s exclusion were dubious at best and the children [Read More →]

OCCUPY Plans National Gathering in Philly, June 30 thru July 4, 2012 (Video Promos)


An Occupy National Gathering has been planned for the week of June 30 – July 4, 2012. It will be held at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. The following videos were created to inspire  the occu-troops. Submitted without further comment: Occupy National Gathering website, here.  

Unbelievable: Lefty Counter Protesters Mock National Anthem at Start of Wis. Tea Party (Video)


No, I’m not kidding you. This defies even the lowest expectations for left-wing behavior and really needs to be seen to be believed. Via our friends at The MacIver Institute: [Madison, Wisc...] Not long ago, it was unthinkable to disrespect the National Anthem in anyway whatsoever. However pro-labor union protesters showed no hesitation in crossing [Read More →]

Video: Van Jones’ Radical, Anti-Police, Commie Rap Song From 2002


  Morgan formerly a writer and researcher for  Verum Serum, has unearthed some interesting audio from Van Jones’ old record label from the Bush years, “Freedom Fighter”  and posted it at Patterico’s blog: So is Van Jones ever going to answer for the fact that in 2002 he conceived and created a music label, Freedom [Read More →]

Nice: Lefties Target Tea Partiers and Conservative TV Hosts in Violent Snuff Film: “God Bless America”


Via Gateway Pundit, From the trailer: Loveless, jobless and possibly terminally ill, Frank has had enough of the downward spiral of America. With nothing left to lose, Frank takes his gun and decides to off the stupidest, cruelest and most repellent members of society with an unusual accomplice: 16-year-old Roxy, who shares his sense of [Read More →]

Outrage: #Occupod Goes On Iranian TV To Complain About Oppressive American Police (Video)


Via The Jawa Report: The nerve. Unlike Iranian protesters, these abusive cretins are handled with kid gloves. I’ve seen it again and again. Their idea of police brutality is being wrestled to the ground while resisting arrest while their comrades bellow profanities at the officers making the arrest(s). As seen, here: Police  have had to [Read More →]

Video: Occupods Make CPACers Hungry


It didn’t take long for the OccupyCPAC drones to go from annoying and obnoxious to tedious and boring. The CPACers finally gave up trying to talk sense into the senseless and went to dinner, chanting, “STEAK! STEAK! STEAK!”

#OccupyCPAC: F*ck the System!


  Another snapshot of the occupy weirdos outside the Marriott, Friday night. The hobo in the bear suit was especially disconcerting.

Video: #OccupyCPAC Goons Rail Against Racist, Genocidal America


Image via The Blaze. Some Occupy Goons thought they were schooling CPACers  on America’s racist and genocidal history, prompting one conservative to the question why they would protest Republicans instead of the Democrat party which has the true history of racism in this country.

#Occupy Pic of the Day


No, I haven’t posted this one before – but I’ve posted many like it. It’s deja-vu all over again as #OccupyOakland continues to endear itself to the American people: Via: Weasel Zippers: Occupy Oakland Burns The American Flag For The Third Week In A Row…  

#OccupyDC Tactics To Disrupt CPAC Include Pulling Fire Alarms, Glitter-Bombing, Cutting Electrical Power, Barricading Entrances, and Physical Assault


Graphic via Marooned in Marin As previously reported, the  #Occupy DC squatters  along with  union thugs from the SEIU and AFLCIO are planning to disrupt the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference. Now disturbing information is emerging about the  types of illegal tactics they plan to use against participants. The Foundry has the exclusive: The planned [Read More →]