Madison Rally Video Montage: Union Bullies Try To Drown Out The Tea Party – Including 14 Year Speaker

Ann Althouse put together this great montage of union thuggery from the Madison tea party, Saturday, which includes their standard  chants of “shame!”, “Recall Walker”, boos, and shouting down a 14 year old girl with slogans like “Corporate thief!”, “Go home! Go home! Go home!”, and “Koch sucker!”

What kind of person yells “Koch sucker” at a teenage girl?

From Althouse:

At 1:07, we jump to the middle of that 14-year-old girl, speaking from the podium over clamorous chanting and heckling. Last night, I put up an edit of the video Meade shot during her speech. This is my video, from a different place in the crowd. There’s an older woman in purple who yells “Corporate thief!” after the girl says “the debt… in my future is overwhelming.” There are periodic outbursts from this woman, including “Koch suckers!” Imagine yelling “Koch suckers” at a 14-year-old girl.

This is what Democracy looks like to these people? One side is allowed to occupy the Capitol, and express their political message virtually unabated for six weeks straight. The other side is not given the courtesy of a hearing for a single rally. Their message is not worth hearing. Their message must be drowned out. Democracy!


The Blaze has video of the unionistas booing and cat-calling during the National Anthem, although in fairness, they were making such an obnoxious racket, it appears they didn’t know  the National Anthem had started.





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