The Days Of Fail: Occupy Wall Street Flops

Urban Infidel (New York); Ringo (Los Angeles); and Chicken Kiev, juklux, and zombie (San Francisco) covered the Occupy Wall Street protests in their cities, and have full reports at their websites.

Zombie called what was supposed to be a massive nationwide movement, a Day of FAIL: Nationwide anti-capitalist revolution flops.

September 17 was supposed to be the Day of Rage, the starting point of an anti-capitalist revolution that (in theory) was going to sweep the country coast-to-coast. As I noted yesterday, “The plan is to protest in state capitals and major cities across the nation, but the focus of the revolution will be in New York, where a hoped-for 20,000 anti-capitalists will ‘occupy’ Wall Street.”

I dutifully sent my operatives out to cover what were to be three of the largest Day of Rage protests — in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles — so humanity would have a full record of this pivotal moment in history.

Really, I should have learned my lesson by now: The bigger the build-up to a protest, and the more grandiose the promises, the louder the sound of the bellyflop onto the dustbin of irrelevancy.

In other words: “Day of Rage” was a massive FAIL.

International Business Times reported that  at least seven people have been arrested since the “Occupy Wall Street” protest began on Saturday. They estimate the crowd size to be about 1000. The Christian Post guestimated  3,000 to 4,000  in the streets of New York.*

The crowds in LA and San Fransisco were much smaller.

I was expecting  to see much larger turn-outs, myself, considering all of the online promotions it received for months on end.

Something tells me this “occupation” is going to peter out fairly quickly.

At any rate, Moonbattracker would be remiss not to track some of the more colorful characters from the events.


Submitted without comment:

Zombie held  special contempt for this fellow: “this milquetoast suburbanite faux-jihadist with his feeble “power to the people” fist. Sad, really. “

As Zombie said, way to win hearts and minds, there dude.

Then there was this guy, filmed by Urban Infidel in New York:

Are you a white man? If you’re a white man, then shut the fuck up about race, because you don’t know shit other than how to rape and kill.

This is actually just Part 3 of a long argument; you can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Quite chilling, actually. If you think you can “win the argument” against protesters like these, then I recommend you watch these videos for a reality check. No one is allowed to win anything against them, because the rules already define you as the loser.

As Zombie noted, the guy looks like he’s about 3/4 white, himself.

*Most estimates of the crowd size that I’ve seen of the Saturday protest in NYC, put it at around 1000.



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    Hey, this is Moonbattracker, okay? Next time come equipped with eye bleach.

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