Video: Showdown In Times Square Between #OWS Mob and NYPD, Over 70 Arrested in All, Sat. – 2 Officers Sent To Hospital With Injuries

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

New York Magazine has been live blogging the  clashes all night as they have unfolded. Late in the afternoon,  a “large mobilization of 20 marked and unmarked NYPD vehicles”  and  a few buses moved into the area.

 Reuters, whose offices are in Times Square, has photos of a “sea of protesters” entering the area. Reuters social media maven Anthony de Rosa retweeted a message at around 5:30 p.m. that “police arressted [sic] the lead marchers on west side of 6th.”


Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

The last update includes details of an violent altercation between protesters and the police:

Update X: Alex Klein reporting just before 8 p.m.: Time Square is now totally locked down. There are at least a hundred cops lining Broadway, ten or more on horseback, and another twenty on motorcycles or scooters. As the chants get louder, the people are yelling, “Stop! Go back! You can’t cross!” Officers have spent the last hour locking the riot gates into place to create a “pen” system. Each pen has a plastic laminated card at its entrances: “You are now in Pen #6.” Pedestrians can only cross the street at 51st and 46th street. The brass band next to American Eagle is no longer playing, and there are no more conga lines in site.

We also have more details on the violent altercation that occurred just over an hour ago at 46th and Broadway, in the shadow of the TKTS booth. Protesters had climbed up on barricades and trash cans to chant and sing. One officer, named Loder, faced a lot of insults: “You should switch sides! It’s all over for you.” Tensions rose as police took out videocameras to tape the offending protesters.

After two minutes, one activist shouted out “let’s push over the barricade.” As some protesters moved forward into the intersection, two officers on horseback repelled them. People were seen trying to kick and push the horses away. Said a facilitator who asked not to be named, “The horses were stomping on people. We were yelling, ‘stop, get down, don’t get arrested.’” Sewer steam was billowing into the air and one occupier yelled “tear gas!” in confusion. As the protesters pushed forward, officers ran toward them with batons, yelling “get back!” The crowd fell backwards, and an 82-year-old woman cracked her head on the pavement. She lay in the street bleeding from the head for ten minutes before EMTs arrived. During that time, police drove in a truck filled with more gates to the intersection, as well as several scooters. At least two people were arrested in the showdown.

Fox News reports:

At least 70 “Occupy Wall Street” protesters were arrested Saturday as the movement filled New York City’s Times Square, Fox News confirms. 

The confrontations began after a smaller group had broken off from an orderly procession of hundreds of protesters from Zuccotti Park to Washington Square Park earlier Saturday morning.

The smaller group left Washington Square and headed to LaGuardia Place where 24 were arrested for criminal trespass after refusing to leave a Citibank at the manager’s request, New York City Police Department Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne tells 

See my post,  24 #OWS Protesters Arrested Outside of Manhattan Citybank for details w/video about those arrests.

The largest arrest was made after a “large disorderly” group was told to disperse three times and failed to do so, resulting in 42 arrests, Browne said. 

Cops wearing riot gear stood guard around barricades near 6 p.m. has also learned that two officers were sent to a hospital after sustaining injuries Saturday. 

I’m trying to remember the last time a cop got injured at a tea party rally.…..oh, that’s right – NEVER.

Sandy Peterson of Salt Lake City, who was in Times Square after seeing “The Book of Mormon” musical on Broadway, got caught up in the disorder.

“We’re getting out of here before this gets ugly,” she said.

Sandra Fox, 69, of Baton Rouge, La., stood, confused, on 46th Street with a ticket for “Anything Goes” in her hand as riot police pushed a knot of about 200 shouting protesters toward her.

“I think it’s horrible what they’re doing,” she said of the protesters. “These people need to go get jobs.”

They also need to stop telling everyone that this is a peaceful movement, when it clearly is not.


Via Todd Starnes on Twitter, NY Daily News: Occupy Wall Street: Live Coverage

 Protest moves to Washington Square Park. (Pearl Gabel for News)


Video of Times Square clashes with police via The New York Post:

Raw video of the mob overwhelming the police:


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