New El Marco Pictorial: Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of The New Revolutionaries

Colorado photojournalist, El Marco traveled to NYC  before the demise of the revolutionary social experiment in lower Manhattan known as Occupy Wall Street’s “Camp Anonymous” to photograph its bizarre denizens.

I went intending to capture for posterity photographic images of the people and infrastructure that comprised that hopeful utopian “model community for a new world.”


This is the first in a series of photoessays which will bring you into that model utopian community created by the anarchists and Marxists of the OWS revolutionary movement. These people are convinced, each in his or her own way, that this new movement will bring down the entire global free enterprise system, and replace it with their kinder, better, wiser, revolutionary … uh, you know … revolutionary thing.

This is the now infamous Jew-hater, Danny Cline. A full month after his anti-semitic rant shocked right-thinking America, he was still an honored and protected member of the commune. Here he stands, wearing police netting, like some form of primitive war trophy.

The day before, Cline was in full panhandling mode. With Sharpie in hand, he had just written on  his abdomen $1 donations – U CAN TOUCH

Cline was teamed up with one of the many official Occupy beggars who ringed the park day and night with white five gallon buckets. I didn’t stay for more than two minutes, but during that time, I took a number of shots of offended New Yorkers, including a ten year old girl and her mother. I won’t publish that photo as the photos above suffice to illustrate why this commune was hated by local residents.

 Full-time commune resident

The damage done by the counter-culture movement of the 1960s was on display everywhere in Zuccotti Park. Damaged young people rubbed shoulders with broken-down old hippies. The smell of potent modern hybrid cannabis smoke was constantly in the air. The young man, above, was in such a state that he stared at the sky for minutes on end before bending down to add another little squiggle to his poster-board.

See the full report, here.


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