Pro-Aborts Tear Down College Pro-Life Display

As always with the totalitarian left it’s freedom of speech for me – but not for thee.

Via LifeNews:

The pro-life student group at Northern Kentucky University is a victim of pro-abortion activists vandalizing their display once again — after pro-abortion students and a professor were taken to court the first time. The vandalism scandal placed a spotlight on the university in 2005.

A pro-life clothesline was ripped down at NKU within 24 hours of pro-life students setting it up.

Sarah Piron, President of NKU Right to Life student group on campus responded to the actions, saying, “Ridiculous! Not even a full 24 hours up, and someone has already ripped down the pro-life clothesline display on campus. So much for tolerance, huh?”

Northern Kentucky University has had a long history of vandalism against pro-life displays. The first year that NKU Right to Life formed on campus, in 2006 a professor and 6 students were charged with vandalizing a pro-life “Cemetery of the Innocents.” Every year since then, this one included, a pro-life display has been destroyed.

“When will the pro-aborts learn self-control? When will the mainstream media report on this?” asks Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America.

She told LifeNews, “We are the ones constantly portrayed in the media as crazed lunatics. Interestingly enough it is the advocates of abortion – which is a violent act against an innocent human person – who are the ones constantly vandalizing pro-life displays. I am so thankful for the students at Northern Kentucky University who continue to brave these elements year after year in their efforts to peaceably and lawfully bring the pro-life message to their campus.”

“How can a college campus, a place where all ideas and beliefs are supposedly welcome, be so hostile to a peaceful pro-life display? After seeing this type of vandalization on other college campuses over the past 4 years, I can only conclude that it is because the pro-choice side simply has no effective response to the pro-life movement. They resort to any tactic, even violence, to silence pro-life speech,” she said.

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