A Breath of New Love! Selena Gomez Shines at Rare Beauty Event in NYC… Amid Speculation of a Romantic Spark with Zayn Malik from One Direction

Selena Gomez showcased a stunning appearance while attending a promotional event for her Rare Beauty line in New York. The talented singer-songwriter accentuated her unique features with carefully applied makeup, opting for a striking red lipstick shade. In true Manhattan fashion, she went for an all-black ensemble to combat the chilly weather, donning what seemed to be a faux fur coat for extra warmth. Her stylish outfit comprised of a glistening black blouse that perfectly complemented her elegant flared-hem trousers, subtly revealing her décolletage. Completing her look, Selena accessorized with a sleek leather handbag and dazzling earrings, adding a touch of sparkle to her overall appearance.

Aglow: Selena Gomez looked radiant on Wednesday when she was spotted emerging from a New York event for her Rare Beauty line

Gleaming: Selena Gomez effortlessly emitted a natural glow on a fabulous Wednesday as she elegantly emerged from a thrilling occasion in the bustling metropolis of New York, focused on her exceptional Rare Beauty collection.

Legging it: The 30-year-old pop act accentuated her unmistakable features with makeup including a slick of scarlet lipstick

Escaping from reality: The songstress, who is in her thirties, accentuated her unique attributes by embellishing them with makeup, including a playful smear of eye-catching crimson lipstick.

On the town: She went for a touch of Manhattan chic in head-to-toe black, warding off the northeastern chill in a possibly faux fur coat as she swung by the fete

Off she goes: Her shimmering black blouse, which matched her sleek flared-hem trousers, plunged to betray just a trace of décolletage

Venturing Out: She chose to add a touch of elegance by donning a completely black outfit, ensuring she stayed warm in the chilly conditions of the northeastern region with a fashionable coat, potentially crafted from synthetic fur, while gracefully heading towards the gathering.

Mover and shaker: Accessorizing with a simple leather handbag, the Only Murders In The Building star lent the look a touch of glitz with earrings

Fashion Forward: Adding a touch of elegance to her outfit, the talented star of Only Murders In The Building elevated her ensemble with a sleek leather handbag and dazzling earrings.
Earlier in the day, she exuded confidence as she promoted a variety of products from Rare Beauty in a captivating TikTok video shared on Wednesday.
In the video, the alluring singer, known for her song “Come And Get It,” playfully hinted at her neckline by wearing a stylish low-cut white top, effortlessly tying her beautiful dark hair into a single braid.
With a radiant smile, she showcased her skillful application of the soft pinch tinted lip oils, capturing the attention and admiration of her dedicated following of over 57 million fans.
Recently, there have been rumors circulating about her romantic involvement with Zayn Malik, formerly part of the popular band One Direction, adding fuel to the current buzz surrounding her love life.
Further sparking speculation, Selena was recently seen enjoying a dinner outing in New York City with Taryn Zimmerman, who happens to be Zayn’s personal assistant.
An inside source shared with Page Six that Selena and Zayn had a brief fling approximately ten years ago, adding an intriguing dimension to their current connection.
According to the insider, their brief romance occurred during the time when Selena’s close friend Taylor Swift was dating Zayn’s One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles.
Taylor and Harry’s passionate relationship, which lasted from late 2012 to January 2013, inspired various songs that were widely believed to be about their love affair.

Making it happen: Selena Gomez glowed as she plugged a spate of products from her Rare Beauty line in a new TikTok posted Wednesday

Completing the task: Selena Gomez exuded pure joy as she showcased various products from her exclusive Rare Beauty collection in a recent TikTok video posted on Wednesday.

Swanking about: The 30-year-old pop act hinted at her cleavage in a plunging white top, gathering her luxurious dark locks back into a single braid

Radiant: She applied some of her soft pinch tinted lip oils and showed them off with a smile for her more than 57 million followers

Displaying her confidence, the 30-year-old pop vocalist effortlessly showcased her generous décolletage with a tasteful, yet alluring, white blouse featuring a modest neckline. To complement her look, she gracefully arranged her glossy, ebony locks into a sophisticated single braid.

New love?: Her latest social media post comes amid a swirl of rumors that she is romantically involved with Zayn Malik of One Direction fame

Is it possible that a blossoming love story is in the works? The latest post on her social media platform has ignited a flurry of rumors, hinting at a potential romantic link between her and Zayn Malik, the popular former member of One Direction.

Adding fuel to the fire: Selena was spotted last week stepping out to dinner in New York City with Zayn's personal assistant Taryn Zimmerman

Adding to the speculation, Selena was recently spotted having dinner in New York City with Taryn Zimmerman, Zayn’s personal assistant. This sighting has only heightened the rumors of a romantic involvement between Selena and Zayn. The rumors initially began when Klarissa Garcia, a TikTok user, shared a viral video claiming that her friend, who works as a restaurant hostess, witnessed Zayn and Selena kissing during their dinner. In an attempt to substantiate the claim, Klarissa provided screenshots of her friend’s WhatsApp messages, which were filled with excitement as she described the intimate encounter. It is worth noting that Selena is one of the select 18 individuals that Zayn follows on Instagram, and she has maintained a close friendship with Niall Horan from One Direction for a considerable amount of time. Despite attempts by DailyMail.com to contact the representatives of both Selena and Zayn for comment, no response has been received as of yet. Fans have taken to the internet, eagerly sharing their reactions to the rumors of their potential relationship. TikTok commenters have expressed their hopes that the rumors are indeed true, as they feel Selena deserves happiness and are thrilled about the possibility of this relationship. It is evident that this news has ignited excitement and anticipation among fans, who are rooting for a love story and a successful comeback for both artists.

What if?: Last week Selena and Zayn found themselves at the center of wild speculation that they are carrying on a romantic relationship

Dapper Dan: Zayn is pictured attending the Grammy Awards red carpet in 2018

Picture this scenario: Out of the blue, Selena and Zayn have unexpectedly ignited a storm of curiosity, as whispers abound about a potential romantic connection between the two.

Word on the street: TikTok user Klarissa Garcia posted a viral video in which she claimed a friend of hers is a hostess at a restaurant where Zayn and Selena dined together

There’s a lot of buzz circulating on TikTok thanks to a video that has taken the internet by storm, all thanks to user Klarissa Garcia. In this captivating clip, Klarissa spills the beans about her friend who happens to work as a hostess at a popular restaurant. According to Klarissa, the famous duo, Zayn and Selena, recently dined together at this local eatery, causing quite a stir.

Word on the street: TikTok user Klarissa Garcia posted a viral video in which she claimed a friend of hers is a hostess at a restaurant where Zayn and Selena dined together

Oh my goodness! Klarissa just shared a screenshot of her friend’s WhatsApp chat, revealing that she witnessed two famous celebrities sharing a passionate kiss at a restaurant. However, not everyone is thrilled about this news. One person in the conversation brought up Gigi Hadid, Zayn’s former girlfriend and a supermodel, expressing concern for her feelings. They pointed out that Gigi and Selena had a friendly relationship, with Gigi often commenting and liking Selena’s social media posts. This person alluded to an unwritten “girl code,” suggesting that Selena’s actions might jeopardize the bond between them.

Adding to the intrigue, an old video from a red carpet event in 2010 resurfaced recently. In the video, Selena was asked which member of One Direction she would want to kiss, to which she giggled and replied, “Zayn.” This revelation adds another layer to the current situation.

Throughout her career, Selena has been involved with fellow pop stars romantically. Most notably, she had a well-known relationship with her teenage sweetheart Justin Bieber, and later dated The Weeknd.

Selena and Justin had a tumultuous on-and-off romance that finally came to an end in 2018. Shortly after their split, Justin married Hailey Baldwin, who happens to be Alec Baldwin’s niece. It’s interesting to note that after Justin’s wedding, news emerged about Selena undergoing treatment for her mental health, reportedly related to a breakdown caused by her lupus.

Around the same time, Justin was spotted looking distressed while sitting in his car with Hailey by his side. It’s unclear what exactly was going on, but there seemed to be some emotional tension surrounding their relationship.

In 2017, Selena had a romantic involvement with The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye. Their relationship lasted for a few months, occurring during one of Selena’s “off” periods from Justin.

As for Zayn, he has had his fair share of ups and downs in his love life with Gigi Hadid. They had an on-and-off relationship before ultimately welcoming their two-year-old daughter, Khai.

Overall, the situation with Selena, Zayn, Gigi, Justin, and Hailey is pretty complicated. It seems like there’s always something brewing in the world of celebrity relationships!

The way they were: Selena has a history of dating her fellow pop stars, including her teenage sweetheart Justin Bieber, with whom she is pictured in 2011

Their History: Selena has a history of romantic involvement with various well-known singers, including Justin Bieber, who was her first love. Evidence of their connection can be observed in a photo captured in 2011 where they are seen together.

On the town: The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, dated Selena for several months in 2017 during one of her off-periods from Justin

Urban Adventure: The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, had a whirlwind romance with Selena Gomez during a significant chunk of 2017, which occurred during one of her breaks from Justin Bieber.

In October 2021, news surfaced about Zayn and Gigi’s recent split after a heated altercation involving Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, who gained fame through her reality TV appearances. The incident occurred in September, and though Zayn denied any physical violence, he pleaded no contest to four harassment charges. Consequently, he was legally forbidden from contacting Yolanda or the security guard who witnessed the altercation. Additionally, Zayn had to undergo an anger management course and was put on probation for 360 days.

According to reports, the dispute erupted when Yolanda entered Gigi and Zayn’s home in Pennsylvania without Zayn’s permission while Gigi was away in Paris for work. Zayn was accused of forcefully shoving Yolanda into a dresser and using offensive language towards her, referring to her in a derogatory manner while demanding that she stay away from their child. It was also alleged that Zayn called Gigi, asking her to support him against her own mother, saying, “Have the courage to defend your partner against your mother’s actions in our own home.”

Over: Zayn meanwhile had his own rollercoaster off-and-on romance with Gigi Hadid, with whom he shares a two-year-old daughter called Khai; Gigi and Zayn are pictured in 2016

On the other hand, Zayn took a different path when it came to his love life and went through a rollercoaster of a relationship with the stunning Gigi Hadid. Their romance had its fair share of twists and turns, with periods of being together and moments of being apart. However, amidst it all, they were blessed with the arrival of their precious daughter named Khai. Now a delightful two years old, Khai has brought immense joy into their lives. A snapshot from 2016 freezes a moment in time, offering a peek into the world of Gigi and Zayn’s shared journey.

Remember when: News of their last breakup went public in October 2021 amid Zayn's falling-out with Gigi's mother Yolanda; Zayn and Gigi are pictured at the 2016 Met Gala

Unbelievable, right? In October 2021, the entire town was abuzz with the shocking separation of the fabulous power couple, Zayn and Gigi. The split occurred amidst a heated argument between Zayn and Gigi’s mom, the lovely Yolanda. Can you believe it’s been so long? Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday when they rocked the red carpet and stunned everyone with their impeccable style at the prestigious 2016 Met Gala?

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