A Splash of Green: Reese Witherspoon Stuns in Two-Tone Ensemble While Jennifer Aniston Opts for Timeless LBD to Promote The Morning Show in London

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston created quite a buzz with their active promotion of the eagerly awaited Apple+ show, The Morning Show. Their appearances at a screening event held at London’s Ham Yard Hotel on a Friday morning captivated everyone’s attention. Reese, aged 43, showcased her impeccable style by donning a trendy two-tone green ensemble. She paired an elegant emerald polo-neck with a matching blazer and accentuated her toned legs with a vibrant mint mini-skirt.

Delightful duo: Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston turned heads as they attended a screening of the new series at London's Ham Yard Hotel on Friday morning

Stunning: Jennifer Aniston was a vision of beauty as she headed to the hotel

Charming pair: Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston attracted attention as they graced a screening of their new series at Ham Yard Hotel in London on Friday morning. Reese effortlessly enhanced her height with stylish mustard-colored stiletto heels as she gracefully walked the red carpet. Her blonde bob was elegantly straight and her natural makeup accentuated her lovely features. Jennifer, who is 50 years old, opted for a timeless look for the day of promotions, donning an elegant little black dress. To complement her chic ensemble, the Friends star accessorized with a sleek leather belt and towering strappy sandals.

The daily grind: They ladies have been hard at work promoting their hotly-anticipated Apple+ television drama, The Morning Show

The ladies have been diligently putting in the effort to promote their highly awaited television drama, The Morning Show, on Apple+.

Dressed to impress: Jennifer, 50, kept things classic when it came to her look for the day of promotions, choosing an elegant little black dress

Looking absolutely stunning, Jennifer, who just turned 50, decided to go for a timeless and sophisticated outfit for her day of promotions. She opted for a chic and graceful little black dress that perfectly emphasized her impeccable style.

Loving life: The Friends star teamed her chic garment with a slim leather belt and towering strappy sandals as she larked around on the red carpet

Cheeky! Jenifer worked all her angles as she posed up a storm

Enjoying life: The actress from Friends paired her stylish outfit with a sleek leather belt and sky-high strappy heels as she had fun on the red carpet.

Making history: Jennifer signing onto The Morning Show marks her return to a television series, having only appeared in movies since Friends

Creating a milestone: Jennifer’s latest venture of joining The Morning Show acts as her highly anticipated return to the television realm, as she has predominantly starred in movies ever since her iconic role in the sitcom Friends.

Reese and Jennifer have been busy adventuring on a promotional journey, promoting their latest creation called “The Morning Show,” which made its debut alongside the launch of Apple TV+ last Friday. In this captivating web series, Reese portrays Bradley, an activist and journalist who unexpectedly finds herself in the spotlight as a co-host on a popular morning talk show, alongside the seasoned Alex, brought to life by Jennifer. Interestingly, Reese shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that her decision to become a producer was influenced by a less-than-stellar script that she stumbled upon.

Gorgeous in green! Reese, 43, looked stylish in two-tone green, teaming an emerald polo-neck and blazer with a mint mini-skirt, which highlighted her toned legs

Glam: Reese was a vision of beauty as she stormed the red carpet

Looking absolutely stunning in shades of green! Reese, who is 43 years old, effortlessly showcased her impeccable style by pairing together an emerald-colored polo-neck and blazer. Complementing the ensemble, she added a touch of freshness with a mint-colored mini-skirt that beautifully accentuated her well-toned legs.

Well heeled: The actress added height to her frame with a pair of mustard coloured stiletto heels as she worked her magic on the red carpet

Fashionably dressed: The actress confidently strutted down the red carpet, complementing her outfit with a stylish pair of mustard-colored stiletto heels to enhance her stature.

Blonde bombshell! The Big Little Lies star wore her blonde bob straight and opted for natural make-up to highlight her pretty features

Blonde beauty! The actress from Big Little Lies donned a sleek, straight blonde bob and chose minimal makeup to accentuate her lovely facial features.

Fantastiic four! Jennifer and Reese were joined by The Morning Show's showrunners Mimi Leder and Michael Ellenberg on the red carpet

What a phenomenal group! Jennifer and Reese were accompanied by Mimi Leder and Michael Ellenberg, the talented showrunners of “The Morning Show,” as they gracefully walked down the red carpet.

One to watch! In the drama web series, Reese plays Bradley, an activist and journalist who lands a role on a morning talk show with seasoned co-host Alex, played by Jennifer

An emerging talent to keep an eye on! In the thrilling online series, Reese takes on the character of Bradley, an impassioned advocate and reporter who finds herself in the spotlight as she joins forces with the experienced morning talk show host, Alex, portrayed by the talented Jennifer.

Taking matters in her own hands: The Legally Blonde star recently revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that a 'really cr**py script' inspired her to become a producer

Seizing control of her destiny: The beloved actress from Legally Blonde recently disclosed during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that an abysmal screenplay was the catalyst for her venture into producing.

Bosses: Reese is an executive producer of the drama along with co-star Jennifer

Bosses: Reese is an executive producer of the drama series alongside her co-star Jennifer.

“I came across an awful script that really ticked me off. I remember thinking, ‘This is hands down the worst script I’ve ever laid my eyes on.’ It happened about eight years ago, and my immediate instinct was, ‘I refuse to be a part of this’,” Reese expressed.

“I picked up the phone and called my agent to declare, ‘I’m not doing this. It’s absolutely terrible.’ The character, the girlfriend, was incredibly dull and had no purpose,” Reese continued.

“Surprisingly, my agent responded, ‘Every actress in Hollywood is vying for this role.’ That moment struck a chord in me, and I thought, ‘If this is the kind of material that dominates the industry, then it’s time for me to take charge and create my own opportunities’,” Reese revealed.

Double trouble: Reese and Jennifer appeared on stage ahead of the screening to discuss their new TV series, which premiered to good reviews on Friday

Dynamic duo: Reese and Jennifer took the spotlight before the exclusive showing to chat about their fresh television show, which captivated audiences and received rave reviews upon its debut last Friday.

Chemistry: The ladies seemed in high spirits as they larked around chatting and laughing

Chemistry: The women appeared to be in a joyful mood as they playfully engaged in conversations and burst into laughter.

Star-studded: Steve Carrell (pictured on screen) also stars in the series but was not at the screening in London

Steve Carrell, who is also part of the star-studded cast, was not present at the London screening. The talented actress, known for her Oscar-winning performances, established Pacific Standard as a production company in 2012. She went on to found Hello Sunshine, a media company, in 2016, with Pacific Standard now operating as a subsidiary. The Morning Show, Reese’s new series on Apple TV+, involves Hello Sunshine as one of the production companies. Acting as an executive producer, she shares this role with her co-star Jennifer.

Making an exit: Jennifer looked radiant in her chic all-black ensemble as she sauntered through the rainy streets of London in her LBD and fitted coat

Making a grand departure: Jennifer appeared glowing in her elegant all-black outfit as she gracefully strolled along the drizzly avenues of London, clad in her little black dress and tailored overcoat.

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