Angelina Jolie Embraces Timeless Beauty and Grace in Exquisite Dior Design

Angelina Jolie exits the 'First They Killed My Father' NYC premiere

Dior most likely refrained from sending Angelina Jolie any unconventional clothing items such as underpants with a shower curtain design or a Dior bra and tennis skirt. In fact, suggesting that she wear a set of straps with the logo imprinted on them probably led to the immediate termination of employees, only to be subsequently rehired and fired once again. While it is unlikely that Charlize Theron would have worn such attire either, Jennifer Lawrence might have been a suitable candidate. One can only wonder if Jennifer Lawrence’s request was put on hold when Angelina’s team called on line three.

Angelina Jolie Pairs Christian Dior Gown with Meaningful Flower

Dior made a brilliant move, no matter what the circumstances were. Angelina’s appearance is outstanding and refreshing – not overly extravagant, but rather effortlessly elegant. If Dior can create such stunning gray pleated dresses, then what was the point of all the fashion trends from last year? It feels like a joke, because this new creation surpasses them all.

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