Angelina Jolie Faces Torrential Rain at Lebanese Refuge Camp as She Denounces the ‘Heartbreaking’ Lack of Solution to the Syrian Crisis, Forcing Millions to Seek Shelter

Actress Angelina Jolie expressed her deep concern and disappointment over the lack of progress towards peace in Syria. She emphasized the urgent need for the international community to come together and take decisive action to put an end to the ongoing war. Jolie shared her thoughts during her visit to a refugee camp in Lebanon, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of the conflict. Despite the challenging weather conditions, Jolie braved the elements to visit the camp in Zahleh, located in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, which is home to a significant number of Syrian refugees.

Humanitarian hero:  Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, speaks during a press conference at a Syrian refugee camp, in the eastern city of Zahleh, Lebanon

Compassionate icon: Angelina Jolie, serving as the Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, addresses the media amidst the backdrop of a Syrian refugee camp located in Zahleh, Lebanon’s eastern city.

Impassioned plea: Angelina Jolie today held a press conference at a refugee camp in Lebanon  as she attacked the 'tragic' failure to resolve the Syrian war which has forced millions to flee their homes

The actress emphasized that it is crucial for the global community to promptly tackle the underlying factors contributing to the refugee crisis that is currently impacting Europe and the Middle East.

In spite of the heavy downpour, Jolie bravely faced the inclement weather to hold the press conference at the refuge camp. In Lebanon, there are over a million Syrian refugees who have sought shelter, making up almost 20% of the country’s population. Jolie emphasized the need for political solutions and diplomacy to address the global crisis, rather than relying solely on aid relief. She expressed her deep disappointment at not being able to personally assist in Syria on the fifth anniversary of the uprising against President Bashar Assad, stating that it is both tragic and shameful to be so far from the point where victims can return to their homes. Shockingly, the number of people displaced due to conflict today exceeds that of World War II, according to the United Nations.

The Hollywood superstar was then given a tour thorough the camp, home to thousands of Syrian refuges

Afterwards, the renowned Hollywood actor received an extensive tour of the camp, which currently houses a multitude of Syrian refugees.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have sought refuge in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon

The Bekaa Valley in Lebanon has become a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing their war-torn country.

Jolie said she had hoped to be in Syria helping victims return to their homes on the fifth anniversary of the uprising against President Bashar Assad

Jolie expressed her aspiration to be present in Syria, actively assisting the victims in their journey back to their residences, coinciding with the fifth commemoration of the rebellion opposing President Bashar Assad.

The UN envoy and mother-of-six called it

The UN representative and a mother of six expressed deep sorrow and disappointment that peace in Syria still remains a distant hope. The conflict in Syria, involving the government led by Assad, rebel groups, and foreign extremists, has attracted the attention of major world powers and has been labeled as the worst humanitarian crisis in recent times by the United Nations.

The devastating war has resulted in the displacement of approximately half of Syria’s population, which amounts to about 23 million people. Out of these, around 5 million have been forced to flee their homeland, seeking refuge primarily in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq.

On Tuesday, OXFAM, an international relief organization, issued a warning about the rising challenge faced by Lebanese municipalities in finding sufficient burial space for deceased refugee individuals.

While the focus of the refugee crisis has shifted towards Europe in recent times, it is crucial not to forget that the Middle East and North Africa have shouldered the greatest burden for the past five years, as emphasized by Jolie. She further highlighted that the influx of refugees into Europe last year prompted the implementation of political and physical barriers in various countries, leading to the dire living conditions faced by tens of thousands of refugees in the Balkans this spring.

The Hollywood actress and special envoy for the U.N.'s refugee agency spoke during a visit to a refugee camp, in Zahleh, Lebanon's Bekaa Valley where hundreds of thousands of Syrians live

During her trip to a refugee camp situated in the Bekaa Valley’s Zahleh region of Lebanon, the renowned Hollywood actress and United Nations’ refugee agency’s special envoy addressed the audience. At the camp, which is home to an extensive Syrian population numbering in the hundreds of thousands, she shared her thoughts and insights.

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