“Basking in the Sunshine: Katy Perry Flaunts Stunning Physique in Vibrant Pink Bikini at Sydney Harbour”

Currently in Australia for her Prismatic World Tour, Katy Perry is taking advantage of some well-deserved downtime after rocking the stage for two consecutive nights in Sydney. In between performances, the pop star was spotted relaxing on a luxurious yacht with her concert crew in the city’s harbor. Perry looked stunning in a pale pink string bikini, flaunting her toned physique and enviable abs under the sun.

Bikini babe: Katy Perry enjoyed a relaxing day on board a luxury boat with her Prismatic World Tour dancers in Sydney, Australia on Sunday

Katy Perry, the pop sensation, spent a leisurely day on a lavish yacht in Sydney, Australia, with her dancers from the Prismatic World Tour.

The 30-year-old celebrity styled her dark hair in a chic low bun and added a touch of silver hoop earrings to complete her look. Katy indulged in an ice cream while enjoying the view of the sea, sharing laughs and jokes with her group of talented dancers. She was also seen sipping on a cocktail as she relaxed on the boat deck.

Laid-back style: The natural beauty opted for a barely-there make-up look as she soaked up the sun

Casual tone: The beautiful woman embraced her natural look, only wearing minimal makeup as she enjoyed the sunny weather.

Ice cream treat: The Roar hit-maker tucked into a mid-afternoon snack as she gazed out to sea

Ice cream treat: The Roar hit-maker tucked into a mid-afternoon snack as she gazed out to sea

Indulging in a sweet treat, the singer of the hit song “Roar” enjoyed a refreshing ice cream snack while taking in the view of the ocean in the middle of the afternoon.

She's just One Of The Boys: The brunette splashed around in the sea with her dancers 

She fits right in with the guys: The dark-haired woman frolicked in the ocean with her fellow dancers.

After an exciting day out, Katy experienced the thrill of a lifetime as she fulfilled one of her biggest dreams by climbing the famous Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Donning the necessary climbing equipment, the singer and her crew geared up for the ascent as the sun set. Taking to Twitter, she jubilantly declared, “I DID IT. Finally, after all these years talking about it, I climbed your bridge tonight, Sydney!”

Day off: The singer has been in Australia for two weeks and has several more concerts to go  

Day off: The vocalist has been soaking up the Aussie sun for a good two weeks now, with many more shows lined up in the days ahead.

Testing the waters: The brunette bombshell seemed reluctant to get anything but her legs wet 

Dipping a toe in: The dark-haired beauty appeared hesitant to do anything more than just dip her toes in the water.

Living the high life: Katy has fallen in love with the laid-back Australian lifestyle since arriving in the country

Embracing the good life: Katy has developed a strong affinity for the easygoing Australian way of living ever since she set foot in the country.

In great shape: The popular singer has been working up a sweat most nights on stage 

In fantastic condition: The well-known musician has been putting in the work and breaking a sweat nearly every evening while performing on stage.

Great friends: After spending months on the road together, Katy has become firm friends with her crew

Super close pals: Following months of traveling together, Katy has formed a strong bond with her crew. Planning to stay in Australia until Christmas, she excitedly shared with her 60,000 dedicated fans – aka the ‘Katy cats’ – that she now feels like an ‘honorary Aussie’.
Katy kicked off her Aussie tour in Perth on November 7th and will wrap it up in Brisbane on December 15th. Embracing the local culture, she has developed a fondness for the popular Australian comedy series, Kath & Kim.

Perfect pout: The 30-year-old star struck a series of sexy poses on the yacht's railings

Flawless expression: The 30-year-old celebrity posed seductively on the railing of the yacht, capturing some alluring images.

Snap happy: One of Katy's female friends took a series of photos of her funny poses

Katy’s friend went on a photo-taking spree, capturing her in all sorts of goofy poses.

Did you get that? Katy was working the camera like a pro during the boat party 

Did you see that? Katy was expertly handling the camera at the boat party.

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