“Beyonce’s Bold Return: Flaunting Her Sensational Figure in Sizzling Ensembles, Embracing Life at 34”

She kicked off the week by enjoying a laid-back celebration for her 34th birthday. However, Beyonce swiftly transformed into her iconic diva persona as she confidently took the stage on Saturday night. The renowned performer was among the headliners at the prestigious 2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival held in Pennsylvania.

Legs be having you: Beyonce returned to her diva best as she strutted back on to the stage on Saturday night

Legs in action: Beyonce made a grand comeback to her iconic diva status as she confidently graced the stage once again on Saturday evening.

Bootylicious! The Crazy In Love superstar was one of the headlining acts at the star-studded 2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival in Pennsylvania

Haters gonna hate: She also defended - as if she had to - her toned and lean body against online criticism, declaring that she wasn't 'the kind of chick that just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by someone else'

Looking absolutely stunning, the sensational Queen Bey took center stage as one of the top performers at the incredibly popular 2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival held in Pennsylvania.

In addition to her incredible performance, Beyonce stole the show with her mesmerizing stage outfits. Making a grand entrance, she commanded attention by striding onto the stage in a stunning ensemble consisting of bejeweled underwear beneath a flowing crimson robe. Changing into an even more daring outfit, she rocked a custom embroidered bodysuit by Hervé Léger, inspired by their Fall 2015 mosaic lacing stud detail dress, and paired it with striking red thigh-high boots made of PVC.

Staying true to her iconic “Bootylicious” persona, Beyonce wowed the audience in yet another outfit, adorned with sequins and featuring a black leotard. Completing the look, she donned a pair of sleek black over-the-knee heels.

Nice to PVC you: Alongside a hits-packed set, Beyonce ensured her stage costumes were the event's real highlight wearing a Hervé Léger by Max Azria custom embroidered bodysuit

Lovely to meet you in PVC: In addition to delivering an electrifying performance, Beyonce stole the show with her striking stage outfits, donning a specially tailored embroidered bodysuit from the renowned fashion brand Hervé Léger by Max Azria.

Boots are made for strutting: Among her racy stage ensembles was a cut-out white bodysuit worn with red PVC thigh-high boots

Boots designed for flaunting: One of the daring outfits she donned on stage featured a revealing white bodysuit paired with fiery red thigh-high boots made of PVC.

Flirty 30s: The superstar looked sensational as she showed off her incredible figure days after turning 34

Flirty 30s: The superstar looked sensational as she showed off her incredible figure days after turning 34

Playful 30s: The dazzling celebrity appeared absolutely stunning while proudly displaying her enviable physique just a few days after celebrating her 34th birthday.

Crazy in love! The star worked her famous assets as she performed a hits-packed set

Head over Heels! The popular diva showcased her iconic talents while delivering an electrifying performance filled with her greatest hits. Meanwhile, her adoring husband Jay Z and precious daughter Blue Ivy remained in the comforts of their New York home, as Beyonce received unwavering support from her dear friend and former bandmate from Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland.

In an exciting revelation to her enthusiastic fans, the megastar proudly announced the presence of her long-time buddy in the crowd by saying, “A big shout-out to my girl Kelly, I have so much love for you. And to my girl Michelle, I adore you.” She continued to inspire her audience, emphasizing the significance of persevering through difficult times. “Whether you’ve overcome toxic relationships or battled through challenging health issues, remember that it is during these tough moments that you must push harder.”

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Raunchy: The mother-of-one left her demure side at home as she changed into another pair of over-the-knee PVC boots for a racy routine

Saucy: The mother of one left her modest side behind as she opted for a different pair of provocative PVC boots for a risqué performance. She also confidently addressed criticism of her toned physique online, stating, “There are some people who believe a woman should just strive to be pretty and rely on someone else to take care of them. I find it amusing when people say my body looks masculine or anything like that. Just because my body was developed for purposes other than satisfying millionaires doesn’t make it masculine. Every muscle on my body serves a purpose because I am a proactive individual.” Other artists who graced the stage at the Made In America festival on Saturday included Modest Mouse, Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj, and her boyfriend Meek Mill.

Shout-out: Beyonce took time off from performing to shout-out to her former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland, who was in the audience

Acknowledgement: Beyonce decided to take a break from her stage performances to give a special mention to her ex-Destiny’s Child colleague, Kelly Rowland, who happened to be present among the spectators.

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