Brooklynn’s Big Night! Emotional pint-sized star, aged seven, captivates audience and takes home Critics’ Choice Award for Outstanding Young Performer in The Florida Project… while forming a heartwarming bond with Angelina Jolie

Brooklynn Prince had an unforgettable experience at the Critics’ Choice Awards last Thursday. The joyful seven-year-old couldn’t contain her happiness as she received the prestigious Best Young Performer Award for her outstanding role in The Florida Project. But the excitement didn’t stop there; Brooklynn had the incredible opportunity to meet her idol, Angelina Jolie, whom she effortlessly charmed. Watch the heartwarming video below to witness this magical encounter.

Her night: It was Brooklynn Prince's night at the Critics' Choice Awards on Thursday as she took home the Best Young Performer 

The Critics’ Choice Awards saw a victorious evening for Brooklynn Prince, who was crowned the Best Young Performer of the night.

Star sighting! After accepting the award, Brooklynn made her rounds to the the bevy of celebrity-stacked tables and stopped to chat with Angelina Jolie

Exciting star encounter! After receiving her well-deserved award, Brooklynn graciously made her way through the star-studded tables, taking the time to engage in a cheerful conversation with the one and only Angelina Jolie.
Radiating beauty, Brooklynn stole the show as she gracefully walked the red carpet in her stunning crimson gown embellished with dazzling sequined straps.
Causing hearts to flutter, she captured a precious moment alongside her fellow nominee, the talented Jacob Tremblay, who received a nomination for his incredible performance in “Wonder”.
Impressively, despite being just 11 years old, Jacob is already a seasoned red carpet pro, having previously secured the same accolade in 2016 for his role in “Room”.
Overwhelmed with joy, Brooklynn’s excitement couldn’t be contained as she proudly ascended the stage to receive her coveted trophy.

Mother instincts: Angelina is great with kids as she has six of her own

Angelina possesses exceptional maternal instincts, demonstrated by her remarkable ability to care for her own brood of six children.

Hug it out: They gave each other a huge hug and posed for a photograph together

Let’s embrace: They exchanged an affectionate hug and struck a pose for a lovely photograph.
With her father’s support, she was assisted up the stairs while the presenters directed her towards the microphone to deliver her speech.
Amidst her tears, Brooklynn managed to crack a joke, saying, “All the nominees are phenomenal, let’s go out for some ice cream after this!”
She proceeded to express her gratitude to everyone who had contributed to her victory.
“To all my voters… you are absolute legends, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And God, I am truly grateful for this incredible opportunity.”

Family affair: She was helped up on stage by her father

A bond through blood: Her loving father came to her aid and lifted her onto the stage.

Little help: The presenters guided her to the microphone to give her speech

With the guidance of the presenters, she was escorted to the microphone to deliver her speech of gratitude. “I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire cast and crew who have offered me immense support, as well as my incredible family and dedicated team,” she expressed sincerely. As she continued, she took a moment to address an important cause close to her heart – the plight of struggling single mothers and their children, much like the characters portrayed in the movie “The Florida Project,” where Halley, played by Bria Vinai, does everything she can to provide for her daughter, Moonee, portrayed by Brooklynn.

Directly addressing those who can relate to Halley and Moonee’s struggles, she passionately declared, “To all the individuals out there facing similar challenges, this is a pressing issue that requires immediate action and support. I urge all of you to step forward and make a difference.”

The child’s first acting award, a magnificent crystal star-shaped statue, appeared colossal in her tiny hands as she proudly lifted it into the air. Once she had accepted the honor, Brooklynn graciously made her way through the room, stopping by the numerous tables occupied by renowned celebrities. Among them, she embarked on a conversation with the distinguished Angelina Jolie, exchanging words and thoughts in a moment brimming with excitement and admiration.

Big prize: The crystal star statue looked gigantic in the hands of the child as she hoisted her first acting award in the air

Exciting Reward: The enormous crystal star sculpture appeared immense in the grasp of the young girl as she proudly raised her inaugural acting accolade overhead.

So much emotion: The tiny thespian couldn't contain her emotions as she was called to the stage to accept her statue

So many feelings: The adorable actress couldn’t contain her excitement when she was called up on stage to receive her award. She had the biggest grin on her face as she met the Oscar winner, who happens to be a mom of six, and it was clear that the star was thrilled to meet the young talent.

They shared a warm embrace and happily snapped a photo together. It was a heartwarming moment. Later on, Brooklynn had the opportunity to meet the wonderful Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan. They posed together and created another memorable moment.

Brooklynn’s acting journey started when she was just a toddler of two years old. Her very first gig was for Parenting Magazine, where she was chosen for a modeling shoot. From there, she landed a role in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial, which marked the beginning of her acting career.

Making famous friends: She got to meet Saoirse Ronan as they posed together as well

Building celebrity connections: She had the opportunity to meet Saoirse Ronan when they posed together during a memorable encounter. Brooklynn’s rise to fame can be attributed to her exceptional performance in The Florida Project, a film directed by Sean Baker that centers around a group of quirky children residing in an affordable motel near Disney World. Taking on the role of six-year-old Moonee, our rising star dominates the screen with her mischievous and adventurous nature, captivating audiences throughout the movie. Notorious for her enthusiastic eating in scenes and her ability to improvise with wit, Brooklynn gained a reputation on set. During her interview with Vulture, she revealed that she was given considerable freedom to express herself on camera, often delivering lines she formulated herself and only receiving a few scripted lines at a time.

Too cute: The seven-year-old actress was adorable in a bedazzled red dress at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on Thursday

Adorably dressed in a sparkling red dress, the seven-year-old actress charmed audiences at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on Thursday. Her delightful personality was evident as she shared how she managed to devour a remarkable 45 ice cream cones during a scene, fully enjoying the treat before it was taken away once filming finished. Many believe that Brooklynn’s exceptional acting skills, particularly her stunning performance in the emotional conclusion of The Florida Project, make her a strong contender for an Oscar win. In this poignant scene, the young star fully immersed herself in her character and delivered a captivating performance, leaving audiences moved by her heartfelt tears.

Bell of the ball: Brooklynn was the bell of the ball as she walked down the red carpet in the bright red dress that had sequined straps

The star of the evening was Brooklynn, who looked stunning as she made her way down the red carpet in a vibrant red dress with sequined straps. The film producer was amazed by her performance, recalling that he knew she would give it her all. However, when the camera started rolling and she began crying, he couldn’t bear to watch any longer, eagerly waiting for the scene to finish. When asked about the possibility of winning an award, Brooklynn expressed her gratitude and mentioned that she would love to celebrate with her family at home. She also shared her excitement about her career, stating that she never feels burdened by press events or being on set as it is always a fantastic experience.

Buddies: They were too cute as Brooklynn put her arm around Jacob

Friends: It was such an adorable sight to see Brooklynn wrapping her arm around Jacob.
“I believe it’s all in the hands of destiny, but if I were fortunate enough to win an Oscar, it would bring me immense joy. I would throw a grand celebration, inviting my entire family, and fill my house with decorations and everything to commemorate the occasion.
“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always watched the Oscars, wondering about the emotions that actors experience when their names are called or when they win. However, even if I were only nominated, it would be a tremendous honor for me.”

According to recent reports, the rising star of Hollywood is rumored to be joining forces with Angelina Jolie in the upcoming live-action adaptation of The One and Only Ivan.
The film will revolve around Ivan, a majestic silverback gorilla, who resides in a shopping mall cage alongside an elephant named Stella and a stray dog. Having no recollection of his life before the mall, Ivan embarks on a journey of self-discovery when he takes care of a baby elephant and devises a plan to escape from their captivity.

Adorable: And she melted hearts as she stopped to pose with fellow nominee Jacob Tremblay who was nominated for Wonder

How adorable was she? She absolutely melted hearts when she took a moment to pose with fellow nominee Jacob Tremblay, who was also up for an award for his role in Wonder.

On the television side of things, HBO’s drama Big Little Lies was the clear winner of the night, taking home a total of four awards. Nicole Kidman, who starred in the series, won the coveted best actress award. Additionally, the show won best limited series, and Kidman’s costars Alexander Skarsgard and Laura Dern were honored with best supporting actor awards.

In the realm of movies, Guillermo del Toro’s fantastical film The Shape of Water dominated the categories, winning both best picture and best director. It was a well-deserved recognition for a truly exceptional film.

Former prizewinner: Jacob previously won the award in 2016 for Room

Previous awardee: Jacob had been the recipient of the prize back in 2016 for the film Room.

In the latest installment, the movie features Sally Hawkins as a speechless woman who develops affections for a creature covered in scales. Notably, it clinched accolades for its exceptional score and outstanding production design.

On another note, the esteemed title of best actor was bestowed upon Gary Oldman for his compelling portrayal of the renowned Winston Churchill in Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour.

Frances McDormand had the honor of claiming the title of best actress for her remarkable performance in the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Backstage: The winner went backstage to pose with her prize

Behind the scenes: After claiming victory, the triumphant individual made her way to the exclusive area to strike a pose alongside her well-deserved accolade.

Happy as can be! Brooklynn was having the best night of her life

Happy as can be! Brooklynn was having the best night of her life

Ecstatic beyond measure! Brooklynn was experiencing the most unforgettable evening of her existence.

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