‘Burning Baby Blue: Katy Perry ignites Teenage Dream wig in fiery promo for upcoming single Roar’

By her own light: Perry is enveloped in darkness before she strikes her lighter into flame

With only her own light to guide her, Perry finds herself shrouded in darkness until she ignites her lighter and brings forth a flicker of brightness.

The glow: The 28-year-old sports a gothic look in the new video

The shine: In the latest video, the 28-year-old is rocking a goth-inspired aesthetic.

Up in flames: The blue head adornment quickly catches fire as Katy holds it in her left hand

Burning bright: The azure headdress ignites in an instant as Katy clutches it in her left palm.

Burning her past: Katy lights her Teenage Dream wig on fire in new promo video for her upcoming single Roar

In a recent promo video for her upcoming single “Roar,” Katy decided to symbolically leave her past behind by setting her iconic Teenage Dream wig on fire.

The tiger within: The video ends with the sound of gun blasts as the name for her new single is revealed

Unleashing the Tiger: As the video wraps up, the echoes of gunshots resonate as the title of her latest single is unveiled.

A former self: Katy pictured wearing a blue wig in her 2011 music video Teenage Dream

In a blast from the past, Katy can be seen rocking a vibrant blue wig in her music video for Teenage Dream back in 2011.

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