“Can YOU Rock a Corset? Our FEMAIL Team Tests the A-List Trend with Vintage Lacing vs Unboned Basques – Surprising Results Revealed!”

The corset is making a stylish comeback as it embraces curves and showcases the trend of wearing lingerie as outerwear. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Cate Blanchett, Carey Mulligan, and Charli XCX are seen rocking this undergarment, while the Kardashian sisters have popularized waist-trainers. Although fashion designers endorse this body-cinching style, is it practical to wear off the red carpet considering its restrictive and uncomfortable nature? FEMAIL decided to put it to the test. Watch the video below.

Deni wears the Vollers Nicole underbust corset, £215 from Coco de Mer, with a red wiggle dress, £99 from Diva Catwalk. She says: 'I love the cinched-in feeling when wearing a corset. I feel ultra-feminine, powerful and graceful. I hold myself with poise'

Deni is rocking the Vollers Nicole underbust corset, which she purchased for £215 from Coco de Mer, paired with a stunning red wiggle dress from Diva Catwalk for £99. She expresses her love for the cinched-in feeling that the corset provides, making her feel incredibly feminine, powerful, and elegant. It gives her a sense of confidence and grace that she carries with her.

Even Victoria Beckham has hopped on the corset trend, although her versions are unboned. After featuring waist-cinching styles in her AW16 collection, Beckham mentioned that she used to wear a lot of corsets as they made her feel sexy and feminine. She wanted to reintroduce that feeling in a new and fresh way.

The corset has evolved over the years, from the whalebone stays of the 16th century to the modern elasticated girdles and Spanx of today. Nowadays, corsets come in various forms, some without uncomfortable boning and others integrated into dress designs. Gossard, for example, promotes its Superboost lace slip as a perfect outfit for a night out.

For those who adore the rigid structure of traditional corsets, that element is a crucial part of the allure. Burlesque icon Dita Von Tesse loves how corsets highlight curves and create an hourglass figure, as well as the discipline involved in wearing one.

Deni Kirkova, a 25-year-old from London, explored lingerie departments, boutiques like Ann Summers and Coco de Mer, and vintage specialists like What Katie Did to find the best corsets on the high street for a celebrity-inspired style test.

She paired a basque with trousers for a chic and sophisticated look that showcases her love for corsetry and trendy fashion choices.

Deni wears the Ann Summers Orchid basque, £60,with 

Deni is rocking the Ann Summers Orchid basque, priced at £60, featuring nude, sheer panels and lightly padded cups to provide that extra support.

Katy Perry wearing a gold and black basque with skinny trousers at a Spotify event at Cicada in Los Angeles

Deni teamed her basque with tight trousers but added a jacket over the top

Katy Perry opted for a flashy gold and black basque paired with skinny trousers for a Spotify event in Los Angeles, while Deni chose a more subdued look with tight trousers and a jacket for a sophisticated night out with the girls.
I decided to try on the luxurious Orchid basque from Ann Summers, priced at £60, and paired it with a stylish pair of grey H&M chinos costing £30.
The basque was easy to slip on thanks to the stretchy material, and the plastic boning provided a comfortable fit without exaggerating my body shape. The silk panels added a touch of elegance and created a flattering illusion.
I found the outfit to be comfortable and eye-catching, perfect for a chic evening out. It would be ideal for hosting an event with a hint of allure or enjoying cocktails in the city.
Although I felt daring wearing it as outerwear, the basque gave off a sexy lingerie vibe. The addition of suit trousers added a masculine touch, reminiscent of Madonna’s iconic style while still being bold.
Overall, the look was great, but not entirely my personal style.


Deni wears the Vollers Nicole underbust corset, £215 from Coco de Mer

Styled with a red wiggle dress, £99 from Diva Catwalk

Deni chose to pair the Vollers Nicole underbust corset priced at £215 from Coco de Mer with a stunning red wiggle dress retailing at £99 from Diva Catwalk.

Cate Blanchett wears a dress with waspie panels at the Carol New York premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

At the Carol New York premiere at the Museum of Modern Art, Cate Blanchett showcased a stunning dress with waspie panels. Inspired by her look, I decided to pair the Vollers Nicole underbust corset from Coco de Mer with a red wiggle dress from Diva Catwalk.

I absolutely adore this outfit for its style and comfort. Reminiscent of Blanchett’s premiere ensemble, the corset adds a touch of glamour with its nude-coloured panels around the waist. Putting it on is a breeze, allowing for easy movement without feeling constricted.

This classic look is perfect for those who love theatrical dressing, cabaret, and burlesque. I can envision wearing it to vintage-themed events like speakeasies or sideshows where showgirls take the stage.

Deni wears the GossardSuperboost Lace Strapless Slip, £54

Gossard model an Neighbours actress Olympia Valance shows off the brand's Superboost Lace Strapless slip

Deni is rocking the GossardSuperboost Lace Strapless Slip, priced at £54, while on the right, Olympia Valance, who is both a star on Neighbours and a model for the lingerie brand, also flaunts the same dress. This ensemble perfectly captures the current trend of incorporating underwear into everyday outfits.

Dita Von Teese has long worn corset dresses to events, here seen at the launch for her lingerie collection at Bloomingdales

Dita Von Teese has been rocking corset dresses for a while now, as seen at the launch of her lingerie collection at Bloomingdales. A fresh twist on this trend is the Superboost Lace Strapless Slip from Gossard, priced at £54. This stylish piece features a strappy design, a firm elastic skirt, and a sheer panelled top with lace cups and sheer details. It offers the freedom of an unboned corset while still being sexy and comfortable enough for a night out. However, some may find the bra-like cups and short length to be a bit too much.

Deni wears the Vollers Mayfair corset dress, £295 from Coco de Mer

This corset dress that required lacing from the hem to the neck was quite tricky to put on

Deni is sporting the Vollers Mayfair corset dress, purchased for £295 from Coco de Mer. Getting into this outfit was no easy task, but well worth the effort.

She says: 'I couldn't sit in the black Vollers corset dress and I had to totter around as it held my legs together tightly!'

She mentioned, “I struggled to move in the snug black Vollers corset dress, making it difficult to walk properly.”

My next attempt was the Vollers Mayfair corset dress, priced at £295 from Coco de Mer. It was a challenge to put on due to its intricate design, but the end result was stunning. Established in 1899, the company describes the dress as having hidden hook and eye fastenings, lined with cotton twill, and reinforced with steel bones. The black satin dress felt rigid, restricting my movement and making it impossible to walk properly.

While I appeared elegant standing still, attempting to move resulted in an awkward waddle rather than a graceful walk. Sitting down was also out of the question. It was suitable for photoshoots but completely impractical for everyday wear.


Deni wears the What Katie Did Laurie Extreme Corset, £205.50, with £30 H&M chinos and a £60 blazer from Ann Summers

Deni is rocking the Laurie Extreme Corset from What Katie Did, priced at £205.50. She paired it with some stylish £30 chinos from H&M and a chic blazer from Ann Summers for £60.

Deni shows off a What Katie Did Laurie Extreme corset, £205.50, with H&M chinos which cost just £30

Carey Mulligan at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in LA

Deni believes that combining a corset with a suit can create a chic and sophisticated look for a formal event, inspired by Carey Mulligan at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in LAV. To try out this style, Deni paired the What Katie Did Laurie Extreme Corset priced at £205.50 with £30 H&M chinos and a £60 blazer from Ann Summers. Putting on the corset was easy and quick, following a step-by-step video, and felt comfortable enough to last through the night. Testing the outfit on an evening out, Deni found that adjusting the corset throughout the evening was surprisingly manageable as the body adapted to it.

Deni’s favorite look was the one inspired by Carey Mulligan, as it highlighted the corset’s figure-enhancing features while adding a touch of luxury and masculinity with the trousers and silky-lapel jacket, giving it a modern and chic twist.

Overall, Deni enjoyed the feeling of being cinched in when wearing a corset, feeling feminine, powerful, and graceful. However, the more rigid, steel-boned corsets can be quite restrictive. While the black Vollers corset dress was uncomfortable to sit in and limited movement, Deni found the purple Ann Summers Orchid basque to be comfortable, vibrant, and stylish when styled as outerwear.

Deni also appreciated the look and comfort of the What Katie Did black overbust corset and the red Diva Catwalk wiggle dress paired with the Vollers underbust corset, reminiscent of Cate Blanchett’s recent ensemble. A new trend highlighted by Victoria Beckham is the unboned corset, for which the Gossard slip dress could be a suitable option, although it may leave one feeling a bit exposed.

Deni’s styling was complemented by hair and makeup from Prettly, and the location was Proud Cabaret City.

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