“Chill vibes: Demi Lovato spotted at LAX sporting a sparkly ring on her engagement finger, hinting at future nuptials with beau Wilmer Valderama”

After completing her promotional tour in Australia, it seems that Demi might have overlooked mentioning something to her fans in Down Under – the significance of the gold band with small diamonds on her wedding finger. The 22-year-old celebrity was seen wearing this elegant ring as she arrived at LAX on Wednesday, and didn’t make any effort to conceal it.

Something to tell us? Demi Lovato was seen coming through LAX on Wednesday wearing a gold band with diamonds on her wedding finger

Have any juicy gossip to share? Recently, Demi Lovato was spotted at LAX wearing a glamorous gold band adorned with diamonds on her ring finger. Interestingly, she was also sporting the same ring while leaving Australia and heading towards the plane. The singer has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with her beau, Wilmer Valderama, for the past five years. They initially started dating in 2010, only to later part ways. In 2011, there were whispers of a reconciliation, but they once again called it quits to explore relationships with other individuals.

Wedding bling? The singer has just returned from a promotional trip to Australia but did not say she had got engaged

Wedding rumors? The singer recently came back from a trip to promote her music in Australia, but has not confirmed any engagement news. The couple rekindled their relationship in 2014 and have been going steady ever since. Demi has not given any hints about getting married to her 35-year-old partner. However, during an interview with New Zealand radio show ZM in July, she mentioned that if Wilmer popped the question, she would happily say “yes.”

Long term: She has been dating beau Wilmer Valderama on and off for five years

In the long run, she has had a fluctuating relationship with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderama for a span of five years.

Nuptials in the offing: He did not accompany her on the trip - she is seen here with a minder - however she told a New Zealand radio show she would say yes if he proposed

Wedding bells on the horizon: Despite not joining her on the trip, she was pictured with a chaperone. Nonetheless, during an interview with a radio show in New Zealand, she expressed her readiness to say yes if he popped the question. The songstress gushed, “I am head over heels in love with him. Although we might wait a bit, if he were to propose tomorrow, my answer would be an enthusiastic yes.”

She has never shied away from sharing how much his unwavering support means to her. Wilmer has been by her side, helping her navigate through her battles with addiction, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and self-harm.

Close: The singer has been very open about how supportive the actor has been - they are pictured here together

The artist has openly expressed gratitude for the actor’s unwavering support, as they appear together in this photo.

She told the radio station: 'I am very, very in love with him. I think we’ll probably wait a little bit longer, but if he asked tomorrow, I’d say yes'

During a radio interview, she expressed her deep love for her partner, mentioning that she would say yes if he proposed right away, although they might wait a little longer. In 2010, she sought help in rehab to conquer her struggles, and he supported her throughout the journey. The couple faced criticism initially due to their 13-year age gap, but over time, their loved ones recognized the genuine and special bond they share. Despite initial skepticism from her parents, they now fully embrace him, as it is evident from their interactions and social media posts that they have a loving relationship. Following the completion of her promotional duties in Australia, Demi departed on Wednesday.

Sad to leave? Demi Lovato looked  downcast as she walked through Sydney Airport on Wednesday after a promotional tour in Australia for her new single Cool For The Summer

Demi Lovato seemed a bit low-spirited as she strolled through Sydney Airport on Wednesday following her promotional tour in Australia for her latest single “Cool For The Summer.” With black sunglasses concealing her eyes, the singer opted for a cozy look, wrapping up in a chunky knit cardigan and scarf over a T-shirt and cropped jeans. Completing her winter attire with black ankle booties and a matching designer tote, Demi tied back her long hair in a tidy ponytail and seemed to have kept her makeup simple for the lengthy 14-hour flight.

Layering up: The pop star layered up in a long chunky knit cardigan and scarf as she left the winter weather, adding black leather booties to her cropped jeans

Getting cozy: The singer bundled up in a thick, long knit cardigan and scarf to brave the chilly winter weather, pairing them with black leather booties and cropped jeans. Despite her short visit, the ex-American X-Factor judge had a lively and exciting trip promoting her newest single “Cool For The Summer.” Demi took the time to explore some of the indigenous wildlife, stopping by Australia Zoo in Brisbane. The vibrant pop star even shared a photo of herself getting up close and personal with a baby quokka during her day with the animals.

Stealing her heart: Demi Lovato poked fun at boyfriend Wilmer Valdarrema on Tuesday when she planted a kiss on a quokka at  Australia Zoo, telling him to 'look away' in her Instagram post

Capturing her love: Demi Lovato playfully teased her boyfriend Wilmer Valdarrema by giving a quokka a kiss at Australia Zoo, joking for him to “avert his eyes” in a post on her Instagram.

Doing the rounds: The adorable animal wasn't the only one Demi met though, with the singer seen in shots with a koala and a kangaroo

While exploring an animal sanctuary, Demi had a close encounter with an adorable furry creature. However, that wasn’t the only interesting animal she encountered. Photos surfaced of the singer with a koala and a kangaroo, which got her very excited. She even shared the moment on Instagram, gushing over the kangaroos with a bold declaration and a shout-out to her ex, Wilmer Valderrama. It seems like she had a fantastic time in Australia meeting these unique animals.

Big fan: She captioned her meeting with a kangaroo with a particularly excited message, writing 'GUYS...F****** KANGAROOS'

Huge enthusiast: She enthusiastically shared a photo of herself meeting a kangaroo with a caption that expressed her excitement, exclaiming, ‘GUYS…F****** KANGAROOS’!

Adorable: Demi, who was adorned in a bright and colourful dress, was similarly excited for the koala, which she described as a 'sleepy little boo boo'

Cute: Demi, rocking a vibrant turquoise dress and bright fuchsia lipstick, was just as thrilled about the koala, lovingly calling it a ‘sleepy little boo boo.’
During her time in Australia, the singer also gave a lively performance of her newest single on The Voice Australia Live Shows last Sunday.
The ex-Glee actress turned heads with a daring outfit, showing off some skin in a bra top and hotpants ensemble.

Bringing the heat: Demi is in Australia to promote her newest single Cool For The Summer, on Sunday performing the hit on The Voice Australia

Heating things up Down Under: Demi has made her way to Australia to spread the word about her latest track, Cool For The Summer. Over the weekend, she dazzled fans by performing the catchy tune on The Voice Australia stage.

More reserved: A day later she attended a press call in Sydney, putting her best fashion foot forward in a knee length structured black number

The next day, she showed up at a press event in Sydney, looking stylish in a knee-length black dress. The outfit was adorned with colorful embroidery in shades of pink, red, blue, orange, and yellow.

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