Demi Lovato Hits a Home Run with Red Leather Look at World Series in New York

She definitely surprised a few fans with her amazing performance of the national anthem – Demi Lovato completely slayed it during game four of the World Series at Citi Field in New York over the weekend. Despite it being Halloween, Demi opted for a classy look for her Major League Baseball debut. Check out the video below to see her incredible performance!

Unfamiliar setting: Demi Lovato absolutely nailed the anthem at game four of the World Series on Saturday at New York's Citi Field

In a new environment, Demi Lovato delivered a flawless performance of the anthem at the fourth game of the World Series in New York’s Citi Field.

Despite the sophisticated setting, the singer stood out in a stunning red ensemble. She rocked a vibrant crimson leather pencil skirt that hugged her curves and showcased her toned legs and perky behind. To complete the look, she paired it with a burgundy leather jacket embellished with beads for a touch of glamour.

Great gams: She donned a brilliant crimson leather pencil shirt that dropped just past her knees, which served to emphasize her shapely lower legs and very pert posterior

She looked fabulous in a stunning red leather pencil skirt that reached just below her knees, highlighting her toned calves and perky behind.

Fancy footwear: A pair of striking black stiletto heels with gold accents, which must have been challenging on the dirt and grass of a baseball field, rounded out the sophisticated but sexy ensemble 

Stylish shoes: The eye-catching black stiletto heels with gold details stood out in a sea of dirt and grass on the baseball field, adding a touch of sophistication and sexiness to her outfit.

Following her heartfelt performance before the game, she began receiving acclaim for her singing from renowned musical celebrities. Grammy nominated artist Josh Groban was one of them, sharing his praise for her vocal talents on social media.

Many accolades: After she sang her heart out before the start of the game, she immediately started garnering praise for her rendition from some very notable musical stars

Lots of praise: Following her heartfelt performance at the beginning of the game, she quickly began receiving compliments for her singing from renowned musicians and artists.

Big fan: Grammy nominated hit maker Josh Groban was among them, and was very complimentary about her singing prowess on twitter

One of the admirers was the Grammy-nominated artist Josh Groban, who took to Twitter to praise her exceptional singing skills.

Very nice of him: Even Miley Cyrus's accomplished father Billy Ray chimed in, to offer his compliments and exclaim that 'she crushed it outta the park!!!'

How thoughtful of him: Even the talented Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’s father, also joined in to praise her performance, saying that she absolutely nailed it!

A nice profile of style: The star had her makeup done beautifully with long lashes and red lips

A fantastic look: The celebrity had flawlessly applied makeup, complete with extravagant lashes and a bold red lip. Even Miley Cyrus’s well-known father, Billy Ray, joined in to praise her and express that she did an outstanding job. Just like she did on Jimmy Fallon’s show the previous night while promoting her latest album, Confident, she appeared self-assured and poised during her impressive performance in front of a large crowd of excited baseball fans. Although her latest album mainly focuses on conquering her struggles with body image and eating disorders, it appears that she has now reached a whole new level of confidence.

No problem: As she did the night before on Jimmy Fallon, where she was promoting her new album Confident, she looked poised and confident throughout her lovely performance in front of the tens of thousands of eager baseball fans.

Not an issue at all: Just like she did on Jimmy Fallon the previous night while promoting her latest album Confident, she exuded poise and confidence during her enchanting performance in front of the enthusiastic baseball fans.

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