“Demi Lovato Honors Bruce Jenner with Special Song on World Tour and Teases Fans with Sultry Instagram Post”

During her recent performance in Auckland, New Zealand, Demi Lovato decided to dedicate her empowering song “Warrior” to none other than Bruce Jenner. The young singer praised the 65-year-old Olympian as a hero following his brave interview with Diane Sawyer where he shared his journey of identifying as a woman. Demi, who also shared a sultry snap on Instagram from backstage, openly declared her admiration for Jenner by dedicating the song to him. The dedication was made in a spontaneous and heartfelt manner, showing her support for Jenner’s courage and empowering personal journey.

More than meets the eye? Demi Lovato shared a sexy Instagram snap on Sunday while admitting she 'may or may not look that ripped in real life'

There’s more to Demi Lovato than meets the eye. She posted a sultry photo on Instagram, confessing that she may not actually look as ripped in person. Demi has been on her Demi World Tour since September 6, 2014, traveling all over the world. During a recent performance, she even sang a song dedicated to Bruce, a moment that was caught on video and shared on Youtube. Demi expressed her surprise at honoring him in this way, praising his honesty and openness about his story.

Touching: Demi paid a special tribute to Bruce Jenner by dedicating her song Warrior to the athlete

In a moving moment, Demi honored Bruce Jenner by dedicating her powerful song Warrior to the athlete. Despite any personal opinions, she acknowledged that Bruce has had a significant impact by raising awareness about transitioning and being transgender. Bruce bravely shared his truth with Diane Sawyer, stating, “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.” He described his inner identity, saying, “My brain is much more female than it is male.” Bruce expressed the emotional toll of living a lie and declared, “I can’t do it anymore.”

'He probably saved so many lives': Lovato continued to sing the reality star's praises

Lovato continued to rave about the reality star, praising him for potentially saving numerous lives.

Support: The audience showed their support by happily screaming as Demi revealed her tribute

During the tribute reveal, the crowd expressed their support with enthusiastic cheers. In the interview, Bruce shared that he has been taking female hormones and intends to undergo a full transformation to become a woman. He mentioned identifying as ‘her’ without a specific name, but expressed a preference for using the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘him.’ This choice of pronouns is significant within the transgender community, as they believe in respecting and recognizing individuals by the pronouns they choose to identify with.

Emotional: Bruce Jenner revealed he identified as a woman during his interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday

In an emotional interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner shared that he now identifies as a woman. Demi Lovato expressed her support for the reality star with a tweet hashtagged #f**kyeahbrucejenner. She praised his bravery and called him a hero for sharing his story, believing that it will save lives. Demi is set to perform in Singapore on Monday.

Wowing the crowd: The 22-year-old shared this image of her on stage on Thursday

Impressing the audience: The 22-year-old posted a photo of herself performing on stage last Thursday.

'I miss you already!!': Demi has been trotting the globe for her world tour, which kicked off in 2014 - the singer shared this image of her on stage in Melbourne on Sunday

“I already miss you so much!!”: Demi has been traveling all over the world for her global tour, which started back in 2014 – she posted a photo of herself performing on stage in Melbourne last Sunday.

Touching tribute: Demi - pictured at the Sydney Harbour Bridge in April - dedicated a song to Bruce Jenner during her Auckland show

Heartfelt gesture: Demi, seen at the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge in April, paid a special tribute to Bruce Jenner by dedicating a song to him at her Auckland show.

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