“Demi Lovato Steals the Spotlight with Edgy Leather Look and Sensational Cover of Adele’s Hello”

Demi Lovato amazed the audience in Seattle at the 106.1 KISS FM Fall Ball with her incredible performance of Adele’s famous song, Hello. The 23-year-old singer showcased her impressive vocal range and talent during the event at the WaMu Theater over the weekend. Watch the video below to see her stunning cover!

Hello! Demi Lovato performed Adele's hit at the 106.1 KISS FM Fall Ball on Saturday inĀ Seattle

Hey there! Demi Lovato took the stage at the 106.1 KISS FM Fall Ball in Seattle on Saturday and wowed the audience with her rendition of Adele’s popular song.

Surprise performance: The 23-year-old was a star guest at 106.1 KISS FM Fall Ball on Saturday at the WaMu Theater

Unexpected appearance: A special guest brought some star power to the 106.1 KISS FM Fall Ball held at the WaMu Theater last Saturday. The 23-year-old artist surprised the audience with a memorable performance.

Petite powerhouse: She wowed the crowd by covering the British singer's number one single during her set, putting her wide-ranging vocal skills to work

Small but mighty: She impressed everyone with her performance of the chart-topping British singer’s hit song, showcasing her versatile singing abilities during her own performance.

During the concert, the self-assured singer rocked a daring leather mini-skirt and crop top combo, pairing it with some killer thigh-high boots. She belted out some of her chart-topping hits like Neon Lights, Heart Attack, and her latest album’s lead single, Cool for the Summer, as reported by E! Online. In a recent interview with Brazil’s Papel Pop, the artist opened up about conquering her self-doubts and embracing her role as a positive influence for others.

Lady in black: The Confident singer opted for a racy leather mini-skirt and crop top for the concert, which she teamed with thigh-high boots

Woman dressed in all black: The self-assured vocalist chose a daring leather mini-skirt and cropped top for the show, pairing them with thigh-high boots.

Growing up: The star recently spoke about how she overcame insecurities and now embraces being a role model to others

As she reflected on her journey, the celebrity shared her shift from insecurity to becoming a positive influence for others. She acknowledged the responsibility that comes with being a role model, admitting that she sometimes struggles with self-doubt. But she emphasized the importance of practicing what she preaches, of being accountable and authentic in her actions. Looking in the mirror, she reminds herself of her worth and strength, refusing to succumb to negative self-talk. For her, lifting others up is crucial, as she understands the dangers of self-deprecation. She stressed the need for young individuals to cultivate confidence and empowerment, rather than falling into a cycle of tearing themselves down. Ultimately, her message is one of self-love and embracing one’s true beauty and worth.

Current situation: The brunette also revealed she chose to name her album 'Confident' as it best described how she feels at the moment

The singer shared that she decided to name her latest album ‘Confident’ because it perfectly captures her current state of mind. She believes that confidence is a universal challenge that everyone faces at some point in their lives. She admitted that while there are still moments when doubt creeps in, she is currently in a place where she feels she has overcome that hurdle to some extent. She expressed that she has never felt more sure of herself and her music as she does now, which is why she chose to title her album ‘Confident’.

Owning herself: 'Some days I won't feel confident but right now I do and at this period in my life I've never felt more confident in my music and who I am as an artist and I wanted to name my album that,' she recently revealed

Being true to herself: “There are days when my confidence wavers, but currently, I feel really sure of myself. At this stage of my life, I have never been more confident in my music and in my identity as an artist. That’s why I decided to name my album after this feeling,” she shared.

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