Demi Rose flaunts her figure in a stylish khaki bikini as she enjoys a yacht day with DJ Tom Zanetti in Formentera

She gained popularity when she was seen with Tyga in Cannes last year. Demi Rose is still making sure she stays in the public eye, as she was seen filming with DJ Tom Zanetti in Formentera. The 22-year-old Instagram model looked stunning in a khaki bikini as she posed with Tom, 28, on a yacht during the video shoot.

Making a splash! Demi Rose continue to ensure she stayed in the spotlight, as she enjoyed a day of filming with DJ Tom Zanetti in Formentera on Wednesday

Basking in the limelight! Demi Rose captivated attention once again as she spent a day filming alongside DJ Tom Zanetti in Formentera. She confidently flaunted her assets by sporting a revealing triangle bikini top and low-cut bottoms, showcasing her toned midriff. With her legs on display in a cheeky thong, she kept it casual by going barefoot on the yacht, with Tom looking out for her. Completing her look with a stylish black chiffon kaftan, she exuded glamour for the cameras.

Cosy: The Instagram model, 22, slipped her curves into a khaki bikini as she cosied up to Tom, 28, while they filmed a video on the yacht

Comfy: The 22-year-old Instagram influencer donned a stylish khaki bikini to relax with her partner, Tom, 28, while they captured a video on the luxurious yacht.

Inked up: Tom cut a muscular figure, showing off his tattoos in a pair of low-slung black swimming trunks

Tom’s muscular physique was on full display in his low-slung black swimming trunks, adorned with an array of tattoos. Meanwhile, she styled her dark hair in a French braid and struck some poses before getting cozy with the DJ. The pair later leaped off the boat’s edge while capturing more playful moments on camera. For her second look, she slipped into a tropical-print thong bikini.

Angles: The team ensured they caught a rear view as Demi paraded on the sunlounger

Perspectives: The group made sure to capture a glimpse from behind as Demi strolled by on the sun lounger.

Slippery: Tom kept a watchful eye as Demi climbed over the boat's railing

Slippery: Tom stayed alert as Demi scaled over the edge of the boat.

Cooling down: Tom enjoyed a dip in the ocean as Demi dried off

Chilling out: Tom took a refreshing swim in the ocean while Demi dried off on the beach. She had her hair styled in a chic low bun and threw on a white vest over her outfit for more photos. On the other hand, Tom looked strong and fit, flaunting his tattoos in his black swim trunks.

Demi’s journey to fame began when she joined Taz’s Angels during its peak in 2015 after gaining recognition on Instagram.

Fun in the sun: The duo then jumped off the side of the boat, as they filmed further fun scenes

Enjoying the sunny weather, the pair leaped off the boat’s edge, capturing more joyful moments on camera.

Next outfit: And changing into a second ensemble, she opted for a tropical-print thong bikini

Next look: After switching into a different outfit, she decided on a thong bikini with a fun tropical print.

Break in between shots: The group enjoyed a monent of down time

Taking a break from shooting, the crew relaxed and enjoyed some downtime. In an interview with The Sun, she shared how her Instagram following had grown from 60,000 to 3.2 million. She mentioned being popular on MySpace in school and how that popularity carried over to Instagram. It was strange at first when people started recognizing her on the street, but she eventually got used to it.

Sun soaked: The Instagram model enjoyed the luxurious location

Time out: Tom was spotted enjoying a cigarette

Basking in the warm glow of the sun, the Instagram influencer was loving every moment at the stunning destination.

'I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars ¿ but deep down I¿m just a kid from Sutton Coldfield who got lucky' she added

She included, “I enjoy the top-notch events, luxurious yachts, and speedy cars, but at the core, I’m simply a fortunate individual from Sutton Coldfield with a humble upbringing.”

'I have an amazing life travelling the world and showing off curves to rival the Kardashians', she said previously 

In a recent interview with The Sun, the former beauty student confidently stated that her curves can compete with those of the Kardashians, emphasizing her glamorous lifestyle of traveling the world and attending luxurious parties. Despite her lavish experiences, she humbly mentioned that deep down she is just a kid from Sutton Coldfield who feels fortunate for her opportunities.

On the other hand, Tom has found himself in the midst of controversy after it was discovered on Katie Price’s show that he and the model had been exchanging text messages.

Showcasing her shapely legs, the low-cut thong emphasised her curves and she opted to go barefoot on the yacht with Tom ensuring she didn't fall 

Displaying her well-defined legs, she chose to wear a revealing thong that highlighted her figure, while making the daring choice to go shoeless on the yacht. Tom kept a watchful eye on her to prevent any mishaps.

Making the most of her ample cleavage, she squeezed it into a triangle bikini top, flaunting her washboard stomach in a pair of low-cut bikini bottoms

She accentuated her generous cleavage by choosing a triangle bikini top, while also showing off her toned stomach in a pair of low-rise bikini bottoms.

Making waves! The duo jumped into the crystal waters 

Causing a stir! The pair dove into the clear waters
Kieran Hayler remembered the time when he found out that his wife Katie had been messaging DJ Tom. He shared, “I grabbed her phone and she quickly took it back and deleted all her chats. Then she left the phone on the car dashboard and I saw a message from ‘Rebecca Botox Manchester,’ but the WhatsApp profile picture was of Tom Zanetti. She had changed his name to a woman’s name to deceive me.”

Glam: Covering her ensemble with a sheer black chiffon kaftan, she put on a glamorous display for the cameras

Dazzling: She wrapped herself in a flowing black chiffon kaftan, exuding glamour as she posed for the cameras.

Romance: The duo chatted toegher on the sun lounger as the cameras rolled

Love was in the air as the pair shared a conversation while relaxing on the sun lounger, all captured on camera.

Helping hand- or three: The filming crew eagerly helped her off the speedboat onto the yacht

Giving a hand- or three: The camera crew was quick to assist her as she stepped from the speedboat onto the yacht. Despite the situation, Katie didn’t seem to feel any guilt, stating, “Do I feel bad? No, not really. After all, it’s what Kieran did to me that justifies it.” She added, “I haven’t done anything wrong like Kieran did to me – cheating on me with two of my closest friends.” On the other hand, Tom seemed to distance himself from the drama, expressing to the Sun that he wanted no part in it after his brief appearance on her show.

Cutting shapes: The duo enjoyed a stroll across the deck

Matching: Tom threw on a coordinating monochrome palm-embellished shirt

Dancing hands: The pair took a leisurely walk on the ship’s deck.

Shady lady: Demi opted for a pair of blue oversized sunglasses

Stylish lady: Demi chose to wear a set of large, blue sunglasses.

Proud: Tom ensured the British flag was displayed on the Spanish boat

Tom made sure that the Union Jack was proudly flown on the Spanish vessel.

All smiles: The duo beamed at each other as they filmed

With big smiles on their faces, the pair radiated joy while capturing the moment on camera.

The television program served as a platform for conversations about music.
We do not have any current or future plans to collaborate with her on any music projects. She was simply a guest on a couple of episodes.
He also mentioned that her latest song has no association with us.

Coordinated: Demi and Tom held hands as they danced for cameras

In sync: Demi and Tom intertwined their fingers as they moved gracefully in front of the flashing lights.

Ensemble change: The team was on-hand to help her into her second outfit

Wardrobe switch-up: The crew was ready to assist her in changing into her next attire.

Spotlight: Demi's first got a taste for the limelight when she was chosen to be part of the Taz's Angels at its peak in 2015 after rising to fame through her Instagram account

Highlight: Demi’s initial experience in the spotlight began when she was selected to join Taz’s Angels in 2015 during the peak of its popularity, thanks to her rise to fame on Instagram.

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