Demi Rose flaunts her figure in daring crochet co-ords while shopping in Ibiza without underwear

Known for being the center of attention, Demi Rose was spotted grabbing everyone’s gaze while out shopping in Ibiza Town on Wednesday. The 23-year-old model was shooting content for her upcoming app and made sure to turn heads by ditching underwear and flaunting her stunning curves in sheer crochet co-ords. Her outfit choice certainly made a statement as she browsed through the various items available.

Commanding attention: Demi Rose ensured all eyes were well and truly on her as she headed out shopping in Ibiza Town on Wednesday while shooting content for her brand new app 

Capturing everyone’s attention, Demi Rose made sure to stand out as she went shopping in Ibiza Town on Wednesday, all while working on content for her brand new app. Her caramel-colored hair flowed down to her waist in loose curls, perfectly complementing her crop top that showcased her toned abs. With form-fitting flares emphasizing her peachy posterior, she confidently strolled through the streets of Ibiza alongside her furry companion. Sporting a flawless makeup look with soft hues and accessorizing with stylish scarlet-tinted sunglasses, Demi exuded glamour and charm. As a prominent social media influencer with over seven million Instagram followers, the selfie queen effortlessly captured moments from her sunny outing.

Abs-olutely fabulous: The model, 23, put on a typically racy display as she went underwear-free for the occasion and slipped her bombshell curves into sheer crochet co-ords

Back shot: Demi showcased her peachy derriere in her semi-sheer attire

Absolutely fantastic: The 23-year-old model stunned everyone with her choice of outfit, going commando for the event and flaunting her stunning figure in a revealing crochet two-piece.

Let me take a selfie: Tyga's ex wore her caramel-coloured locks down to her waist in loose curls as she displayed her washboard abs in a bardot crop top 

Picture time: Tyga’s former girlfriend rocked her long caramel-colored hair in loose curls down to her waist, showing off her toned midsection in a crop top with an off-the-shoulder neckline.
It seems that the model is looking to expand her career by launching her own app on August 22.
Demi is well-known for her incredible physique and recently shared some of her fitness secrets with MailOnline.
She explained, “I make an effort to stay healthy. It can be challenging to work out while traveling, but I try to stick to my routine even when I’m on the go.”
Although Demi admitted to following a strict diet to maintain her figure for her modeling gigs.

Puppy love: The Instagram star showed off her peachy posterior in form-fitting flares as she strutted her stuff through the streets of Ibiza with her pet pooch 

Young love: The social media sensation confidently displayed her shapely buttocks in tight pants as she confidently walked around the charming streets of Ibiza alongside her adorable canine companion.

Puppy love: The curvy beauty was every inch the doting dog owner

Happy together: She wandered through the picturesque streets of Ibiza with her fluffy pooch in tow

Big news: Demi managed to create a perfect appearance by using subtle shades of makeup and pairing it with red-tinted sunglasses that complemented her outfit.

She's a magpie! Demi reached out to touch the sparkling jewels as she browsed the market stalls in Ibiza

She’s like a magpie! Demi couldn’t resist reaching out to touch the sparkling jewels as she wandered through the market stalls in Ibiza. She laughed and said, “Everyone always tells me I’m the healthiest person they know. The fattiest treat I’ll indulge in is nuts and peanut butter. My body just holds onto weight so easily. If I have anything unhealthy, my body freaks out and packs on the pounds. That’s why I have to be careful even with birthday cake!”

Even though the brunette is famous for her sexy photos on social media, Demi recently admitted that she actually dreams of being an actress rather than a model. In an interview with The Sun, she shared, “I’ve always had a passion for movies ever since I started going to stage school. Modeling is fun, but acting is what I really want to pursue.”

Snap happy: As a social media influencer with more than seven million Instagram followers, it was no wonder the selfie queen was snapping pictures on her sunny walk 

Capturing the moment: With over seven million Instagram followers, it was no surprise that the social media influencer, known as the selfie queen, was busy snapping photos during her leisurely stroll in the sun.

New venture: The model looks set to be broadening her horizons in the not-too-distant future by launching her very own app on August 22 

Upcoming project alert: The model is gearing up to expand her horizons by releasing her own app on August 22. In addition to this exciting venture, she has a dream of becoming a Bond Girl, inspired by the style and glamour of the iconic films. Demi initially gained attention after being spotted with rapper Tyga, 28, on a yacht in Cannes in May 2016, shortly after his breakup with Kylie Jenner, 20. Before her connection with the musician, she had already built a substantial following on social media, now reaching 7.2 million followers on Instagram.

Pleasure and business! The model spends a lot of time on the Spanish shores shooting her sexy modelling snaps

Mixing business with pleasure! The model enjoys her time on the stunning Spanish beaches while capturing her sultry modeling shots.

Curves ahead: Demi has previously admitted to following a very strict diet to ensure she stays in shape for her numerous modelling stints

Watch out for those curves: Demi has openly shared that she sticks to a strict diet to maintain her figure for all the modeling gigs she takes on.

Goals: While the brunette is known for her sizzling displays on social media, Demi recently confessed that acting is her desired career path rather than modelling

As much as she’s known for her steamy photos on social media, Demi recently admitted that she’s more interested in pursuing a career in acting than sticking to modeling.

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