Deserving of Delectable Delights: Selena Gomez Sizzles in Scarlet Leather Shorts, Spicing Up the Thanksgiving Match of the Dallas Cowboys

Holding her up high! Selena Gomez put on a stellar performance during the halftime show at the Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Thursday at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas

Lifting her spirits high! Selena Gomez delivered an exceptional and electrifying performance, captivating the crowd during the exhilarating halftime show at the riveting Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys match on the festive occasion of Thanksgiving Thursday. The remarkable spectacle took place at the renowned AT&T Stadium, located in the vibrant city of Arlington, Texas.

For a good cause: The 21-year-old put on a show to help out the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving

Supporting a worthy cause: On Thanksgiving, a young individual in their early twenties organized an entertaining event to raise funds for the Salvation Army.

Stunning: Selena looked gorgeous in a red and sheer bodysuit as she belted out her famous tunes

Breathtaking: Selena appeared absolutely stunning as she showcased her vocal talents in a mesmerizing red bodysuit, delicately adorned with sheer fabric.

Showing off that hard work: The singer's legs looked impeccable in the tiny bodysuit

Flaunting the fruits of their labor: The vocalist’s legs appeared flawless in the petite bodysuit.

Skills: The multi-talented performer put on a real show for the excitable football fans

Abilities: This incredibly versatile artist absolutely wowed the enthusiastic crowd of football enthusiasts with an unforgettable performance.

Girl on fire! Selena sang in front of the thousands of people with her dancers on hand

Selena was a true fireball! She took to the stage with her entourage of dancers and performed in front of a massive crowd.

Muscles: The star threw her hands in the air in the Dallas stadium surrounded by her strong backups

Muscular power was on full display as the renowned actress enthusiastically raised her hands in the air amidst the sprawling Dallas stadium, truly a sight to behold. Positioned amidst her robust support team, her physical prowess added an extra layer of awe to the already captivating scene.

A fun way to spend Thanksgiving: The star looked to be having an absolute whale of a time

An enjoyable way to celebrate Thanksgiving: The celebrity appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves

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