Dua Lipa Turns Heads in a Dazzling Thigh-skimming Jumpsuit in NYC, Amid Rumors of Her Model Beau’s Encounter with a Mystery Woman

During her recent tour in America, Dua Lipa has been putting on an incredible performance. Once again, she showed her impressive presence on stage in Wantagh City, New York, delivering an energetic show with her popular songs. The talented 22-year-old singer chose a chic bronze jumpsuit for her Saturday night performance.

Wow: Dua Lipa put on a sizzling display in a thigh-skimming bronze playsuit as she commanded the stage in NYC during the American leg of her tour 

Exciting news: Dua Lipa gave an electrifying performance in New York City during her American tour, wowing the audience with her stunning choice of a shimmering copper jumpsuit that highlighted her flawless legs. The outfit consisted of frilly shorts with a daring high cut, emphasizing her toned physique and cinching at her waist for a flattering silhouette. The top half of her ensemble featured off-the-shoulder styling with billowing bell sleeves and intricate button details along the front, completing her trendy yet elegant look. Adding a touch of casual flair, she paired the outfit with white platform sneakers, not only adding height but also complementing her already statuesque figure.

Leggy: She has been putting on a sizzling display during the American stretch of her Self-Titled Tour

During her tour in America, she has been enthralling audiences with her electrifying performances.

IDGAF: The New Rules hitmaker, 22, slipped into a bronze playsuit as she took to the stage on Saturday night

IDGAF: The New Rules hitmaker, 22, slipped into a bronze playsuit as she took to the stage on Saturday night

Dua Lipa, the talented singer known for the hit song “New Rules,” impressed the audience on Saturday night with a stunning performance in a chic bronze jumpsuit. The 22-year-old star looked absolutely beautiful in the shiny outfit, which perfectly highlighted her curves as she sang her popular tunes “One Kiss” and “IDGAF.” Adding a touch of edge to her ensemble, she accessorized with silver chains and chokers around her neck. Dua kept her makeup natural with bronze tones and styled her cropped hair in a trendy, choppy way, making her overall look stand out even more.

Belting it out: The songstress put her toned pins on display in the very high cut pair of frilly shorts,which were cliched around her waist

Singing with passion: The skilled singer confidently flaunted her toned legs in a chic pair of super short ruffled shorts that accentuated her waist beautifully.

Glowing: Her coordinated top exuded sophistication, with its off-the-shoulder style, flowing bell sleeves, and intricate button details draping down the front.
Despite the ups and downs in her romantic life, Dua showed unwavering enthusiasm during her performance. This happened shortly after learning that her handsome model boyfriend, Isaac Carew, was caught on camera getting cozy with another woman at a popular nightclub in London.
A video captured Isaac engaging in a slow dance with a gorgeous brunette, as Dua’s hit collaboration with Calvin Harris, “One Kiss,” played in the background.
The skilled chef affectionately embraced his mysterious dance partner, leaning in for an intimate moment, both unable to conceal their smiles.

Moms the word: She accessorised her performance attire with a plethora of silver chains and chokers around her neck, but otherwise kept her look glitz free

Maintaining a low profile: By incorporating a mix of silver chains and chokers into her stage ensemble, she was able to steer clear of too much bling while still highlighting her individual style.

Trouble in paradise? Her model beau Isaac Carew was filmed getting cosy with another woman in a London nightclub earlier this month 

Could there be trouble brewing in paradise? Video footage has surfaced showing Isaac Carew, the handsome boyfriend of Dua Lipa, getting cozy with another woman at a popular nightclub in London a few weeks back. MailOnline reached out to representatives of Dua Lipa for a statement on the incident. It’s important to note that the well-known artist and Isaac had rekindled their relationship in January, following a breakup in February 2017 that lasted around two years. In response to the circulating pictures of Isaac, the 22-year-old singer took to Twitter to address dealing with those who bring negativity into one’s life.

New rules: The star wore her cropped hair in a choppy style, while complementing her metallic ensemble with make-up in bronze tones

Latest updates: The famous star rocked a chic and edgy style with her trendy short hair, complementing her shiny outfit with a bronze makeup look.

During her recent concert in Miami, Dua indirectly addressed the rumors surrounding her boyfriend’s interaction with another woman at a London nightclub. Comforting her fans going through heartbreak, the talented singer shared words of wisdom, expressing that love is a beautiful journey that should be embraced wholeheartedly. She reassured them that setbacks are not the end but rather stepping stones towards a brighter future.

However, Dua also cautioned her disappointed followers on Twitter to be mindful and steer clear of toxic individuals. Stressing the importance of avoiding negative influences, she advised against prolonged exposure to harmful people.

Shock news: Despite her uncertain love-life Dua put all her gusto into the show, following the news that her model beau Isaac Carew was getting cosy with another woman in a London nightclub

Exciting news: Even with all the doubts about her love life, Dua showed great enthusiasm during the event, remaining upbeat even after finding out that her boyfriend, model Isaac Carew, was spotted getting cozy with another woman at a nightclub in London.

My song? A clip filmed inside the venue shows Isaac slow-dancing with a pretty brunette girl in G-A-Y, to his girlfriend's number one collaboration with Calvin Harris, One Kiss

I have a video circulating that shows Isaac dancing with a charming brunette girl at G-A-Y. The background music playing is a popular collaboration between his girlfriend and Calvin Harris, “One Kiss.”

It’s easy to spot those who truly care about you; they will always warn you about those who may not have your best interests at heart. It may be difficult, but trust their judgment.

My biggest fear is struggling to let go of toxic people. However, I am committed to learning to prioritize self-love and surround myself with individuals who truly deserve my affection. So, thank you.

To maintain healthy relationships, it’s crucial to keep your friends and loved ones close. Trusting your instincts and listening to your gut feelings is essential.

Never underestimate the value of people who are consistently honest with you, those who genuinely want the best for you without any ulterior motives. Love them wholeheartedly because they truly deserve the world.

Revived: The New Rules hitmaker and Isaac rekindled their romance in January, after ending their two-year romance in February 2017

Rekindled: The famous singer behind the hit song “The New Rules” and Isaac reignited their romance in January, rekindling their love story following their breakup in February 2017, after being together for two years.

'Love with all you've got': Dishing out advice to her lovelorn fans, the Be The One singer said: 'Love is the most wonderful thing in the world. Don't be afraid to love with all you've got

‘Put Your Heart into It’: Offering advice to her fans in the quest for love, the artist behind Be The One conveyed, “Love is a remarkable emotion. Embrace it fully and don’t hold back, give it your everything.”

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