“Dua Lipa Turns Heads in Stunning Pastel Ensembles while Taking on Grammy Executives and Dealing with Online Criticism”

During a recent interview with Elle, Dua Lipa addressed her controversial comments about female representation at the Grammy Awards and her seemingly shady remarks towards Neil Portnow, the president. The 23-year-old singer admitted that her comments were intended to throw shade, but she also felt it was the right thing to say. Winning both Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording, Dua Lipa subtly pointed out the previous year’s lack of female nominees and winners, suggesting that things had significantly improved this year.

Sharing: Dua Lipa has addressed the comments she made at the Grammy Awards about female representation at the ceremony where she threw shade at boss Neil Portnow during an interview with Elle

In an interview with Elle, Dua Lipa addressed the criticism she faced for her comments at the Grammy Awards concerning the representation of women at the event. Dua had subtly called out Neil Portnow, the head of the Recording Academy, for his previous disparaging remarks about female artists in 2018. Dua expressed her appreciation for being nominated alongside many talented female artists this year, noting that it represents a significant improvement in female representation. Reflecting on her remarks during the interview, Dua confessed that she didn’t plan her words but spoke instinctively. She acknowledged that her comments may have contained a bit of criticism, but she believes that Neil Portnow understands the impact of his past statements.

Drama: Alongside her candid interview, Dua stunned in a selection of incredible couture ensembles

Entertainment: Along with her insightful interview, Dua wowed everyone with her stunning collection of elegant high fashion outfits.

Sensational: Another outfit consisted of a heavily ruffled fuchsia mini dress which was cinched around her waist with a bow and a pair of matching lace tights

Amazing: During her interview, Dua presented a range of stunning designer outfits, each one more impressive than the last. One standout look was a sequined dress with a plunging neckline, adorned with tulle and frayed edges. Another eye-catching ensemble was a beautiful baby blue tulle gown that cascaded elegantly to the floor as she posed on an opulent dining table decorated with white and gold accents. She also wore a captivating fuchsia mini dress embellished with layers of ruffles, cinched at the waist with a bow, and paired with matching lace tights.

Racy: One of Dua's outfits involved a huge tutu style dress and a racy black leather jacket

Stylish Update: Dua rocked a bold outfit featuring a voluminous tutu-inspired dress paired with a cool black leather jacket.

Cover girl: Dua posed for two cover shots with a selection of headgear including a jewel encrusted cap and black floral hairpiece

Cover girl: Dua posed for two cover shots with a selection of headgear including a jewel encrusted cap and black floral hairpiece

Featured on the cover, Dua demonstrated her versatility in two stunning shots, wearing various headpieces including a fabulous bejeweled cap and a captivating black floral hair accessory. Rising to fame with her hit song “Hotter Than Hell” in 2016, Dua Lipa has faced constant scrutiny in her life. In an interview with a renowned fashion magazine, she opened up about the malicious comments from online trolls around the world, pointing out that the most severe abuse she has endured has come from the United States. Sharing the extent of the online hate she receives, Dua revealed, “They can be absolutely brutal. The trolls in the US are particularly relentless. In the early days of my career, I never experienced such hate. But as my success grew, I found myself facing this strange expectation of already being like Beyoncé.”

Throwing shade: The 23-year-old songstress said during an interview with Elle that although her remarks were 'obviously shade', she added that it 'felt right' to say it

Throwing Shade: During an interview with Elle magazine, the 23-year-old singer revealed that her comments were intended to throw shade, but she justified her actions by explaining that it felt like the right thing to do. She discussed how everything she does is closely analyzed and exaggerated by others, who often try to hinder her progress by giving unsolicited opinions about her appearance or questioning her decisions, like cutting her hair. Dua expressed her constant worry about not being accepted or seen as good enough, acknowledging the strength required to overcome such fears. While she tries to avoid seeking out negative comments, she admitted that she sometimes gives in to the temptation to search for criticism. However, she made it clear that she will not let other people’s opinions define her, a message she wants to convey to her fans as well. Keep an eye out for the May issue of ELLE magazine, available on April 23rd.

Throwing shade: The British singer - who won Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording - referenced last year's lack of female nominees and winners, slyly remarking that 'I guess we really stepped up this year

Delivering a subtle hint of sarcasm, the talented British singer, who confidently won the prestigious awards for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording, cleverly pointed out the lack of female nominees and winners from the previous year. With a playful glint in their eye, they jokingly suggested that this year, their female colleagues have definitely shown their worth in the industry.

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