Early Birthday Celebration: Angelina Jolie Delights in China

The celebrity extinguishes candles during a media event to present her latest movie in China.

Today, it is Angelina Jolie’s 39th birthday. Just a day prior, on June 3rd, the renowned actress graced the city of Shanghai, China. Her purpose in visiting was to promote the highly anticipated film, Maleficent.

A large birthday cake awaited Angelina, taking her completely by surprise.

The cake was specially created with a Maleficent theme in mind, featuring a delightful image of the iconic character portrayed by the talented actress, Angelina Jolie.

The celebrity extinguished the candles as the guests sang joyous tunes to celebrate the birthday.

The brilliance and joy of a celestial body.

In her own words, Angelina Jolie expressed her heartfelt desire: “Similar to any typical parent, all I want for my kids and loved ones on their birthdays is good health, and this wish remains constant within me.”

Brad Pitt and his six children accompanied Angelina Jolie on a trip to China, however, they were not seen during the media briefing.

During a photoshoot designed to promote the film “On the Band,” the actress was glowing with radiance.

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