“Effortlessly Chic: Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano enjoy a cozy lunch date in coordinating black outfits at Il Pastaio”

Actress Gal Gadot, known for her role in Wonder Woman, was seen with her husband Jaron Varsano heading to lunch at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills. Gal, who is 37 years old, looked stunning in black yoga pants and a matching V-neck T-shirt, paired with running shoes. She accessorized with designer sunglasses, tied her brunette hair back in a ponytail, and opted for a natural look by going makeup-free.

Casual couple: Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, 37, and her husband Jaron Varsano, 47, were spotted on their way to lunch at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on Wednesday

Informal duo: Gal Gadot, aged 37, renowned for her role as Wonder Woman, and her 47-year-old spouse Jaron Varsano, were seen heading to lunch at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. In his Nike shorts, sneakers, and black shirt featuring a semi-truck and bald eagle with ‘American PRIDE’ printed on it, her husband was just as relaxed in his attire.

Gadot’s recent outing follows her excitement about portraying the Evil Queen in Disney’s upcoming live-action Snow White adaptation. The Death On The Nile star shared her thoughts on the character at the D23 Expo a few weeks back, acknowledging that portraying a villain was a new experience for her. At the Expo, Gal described the role as ‘very different’ from her previous work and mentioned that she is more accustomed to playing characters on the other end of the emotional spectrum, as reported by Deadline.

Stunner: The Red Notice actress looked amazing in black yoga pants, a matching V-neck T-shirt, and running shoes

The gorgeous actress from Red Notice absolutely rocked a stunning black outfit consisting of yoga pants, a V-neck T-shirt, and stylish running shoes.

Even though she usually takes on the role of a hero, Gadot expressed her excitement about playing the iconic villain. She described the experience of embodying the Evil Queen as “delightful” and a departure from her usual roles.

The filming for the live-action Snow White adaptation started in March and concluded in July after several months of production. Fans can look forward to the movie’s release in 2024.

Quite the expo: Gadot recently discussed her upcoming role as the Evil Queen in the live-action Snow White film, saying that she isn't used to portraying a villain on screen; seen with Rachel Zegler at D23 earlier this month

Recently, Gadot shared details about her upcoming role as the Evil Queen in the live-action Snow White movie, admitting that playing a villain is a new experience for her. She was spotted with Rachel Zegler at D23 earlier this month.

After completing work on two new movies in the past half-year, Gadot has been enjoying more quality time with her children and spouse. The couple commemorated their 14th wedding anniversary just the other day.

According to reports, when Gadot is filming in and around Los Angeles, she and her family usually reside at their home in the Hollywood Hills. However, they have primarily lived in her home country, Israel, over the years.

Earlier this week, the Hollywood star took on her role as a wife and mother-of-three in real life by chauffeuring her kids around for errands, including a trip to a local market in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

In addition to her film projects, Gal welcomed her youngest child, Daniella, in June 2021. She recently completed filming Snow White in April and Heart Of Stone about two months ago.

Apart from these projects, Gadot is also involved in other films, such as a Cleopatra movie and an untitled Hedy Lamarr project.

Going strong: Gadot and husband Jaron 'Yaron' just celebrated their 14 wedding anniversary earlier this week

Still going strong: Gadot and her spouse, Jaron ‘Yaron’, recently marked their 14th wedding anniversary just a few days ago.

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