“Embracing my thirties: Katy Perry opens up about living life on her own terms, partying before Brits performance”

Katy Perry, the star of the show at the Brit Awards 2017, didn’t feel the need to hit the hay early for preparation. The seasoned pro was seen sneaking out of the Chiltern Firehouse in London the night before, after a fun evening out. This happened on the same day where she expressed her fondness for being in her thirties. The 32-year-old singer had a busy day in London, with more excitement to come at the O2 Arena the following day, following an appearance on BBC Radio 1.

Heading home: Katy Perry was seen leaving the Chiltern Firehouse via the backdoor after enjoying a night out on Tuesday night

Heading back to her place, Katy Perry was spotted exiting the Chiltern Firehouse through the backdoor, following a fun night out on a Tuesday.

During a chat with Nick Grimshaw on his morning show the next day, Katy opened up about how her stage performances have evolved since turning 30. She candidly acknowledged that she will never reach Beyonce’s level of success.

“Now that I’m 32,” Katy shared, “I’m really embracing my thirties because you just start letting go of things and stop worrying about what others think. I’m all about kicking off my shoes, relaxing, and passing on the torch to the next person.”

She continued, expressing her vulnerability when it comes to TV performances. Katy admitted, “Watching my talented peers in the audience, I can’t help but feel like I’ll never reach Beyoncé’s caliber. I always feel like I’m just a step behind her.”

Not such an early night: The blonde will be performing at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday

No plans to hit the hay early tonight! The blonde singer is set to grace the stage at the upcoming BRIT Awards happening this Wednesday. With a confident demeanor, she expressed her unique self but also admitted that performing can be tough when compared to the greatness of Beyoncé. Dating British heartthrob Orlando Bloom, she has successfully made a pop comeback after a break to write a whopping 40 songs. Reflecting on her past, she recalled her less-than-stellar first appearance at the Brit Awards in 2009, where she took home the Best International Female award.

Head in the game: Her hair was messy after a late night in the British capital

Having her head in the game, her hair was tousled after a late night in London. Recalling her first time at the Brit Awards, Katy Perry reminisced about battling a high fever of 102 degrees. Despite feeling unwell, she powered through the event and even found herself seeking solace in the girls’ bathroom, where singer Natalie Imbruglia provided some much-needed comfort. Despite her ordeal, Katy managed to stay and accept her award before heading straight to bed, describing the experience as both tragic and memorable.
During her time in the city, Katy also made an appearance at Christopher Kane’s London Fashion Week show, showcasing her own sense of style in chic khaki co-ords and a vibrant printed shirt. Making her way to Radio One the next day, she exuded excitement and a newfound flair for fashion, demonstrating that she had picked up a few tricks from the designers she had encountered.

Turning heads: Katy  looked chic as she arrived at the BBC Radio One studios for the interview on Tuesday

Katy made a stylish entrance at the BBC Radio One studios for her interview on Tuesday, catching everyone’s attention. The blonde bombshell rocked a sleek ensemble consisting of silky culottes and a long-line blazer with sharp shoulders and gold military-inspired buttons, showing off her slender figure. She paired this with a black and white silky blouse, olive-green suede courts, and accessorized with a gold chain necklace and bracelet for a touch of ’80s glamour. Her platinum waves and bronze shimmer eye makeup completed her effortlessly chic look.

Who, me? The Roar hitmaker looked sartorially savvy in chic khaki co-ords and a vibrant printed shirt as she made her way excitedly inside

Me? The singer of the song “Roar” had a great sense of style in trendy khaki outfit and a colorful printed shirt as she eagerly made her way inside.

Simply stylish: The newly-blonde beauty subtly flaunted her slim frame in the silky culottes and long-line blazer - which featured sharp shoulders and military-inspired gold buttons

Simply stylish: The newly-blonde beauty subtly flaunted her slim frame in the silky culottes and long-line blazer - which featured sharp shoulders and military-inspired gold buttons

Effortlessly chic: The recently blonde woman elegantly showed off her slender figure in the sleek culottes and extended blazer. The blazer was adorned with bold shoulders and gold buttons reminiscent of military style.

Glamorous: Katy, who is dating Orlando Bloom, wore her platinum tresses in tousled waves and framed her eyes with heavy bronze shimmer

Stylish: Katy, currently in a relationship with Orlando Bloom, showed off her stunning platinum hair styled in messy waves and accented her eyes with bold bronze shimmer. She made heads turn at the Grammy’s with her fresh bleached blonde hair, fashioned into a choppy bob.
However, eyebrows were raised when she made a reference to Britney Spears’ infamous head-shaving incident during her public breakdown in 2007.
Donning a striking Tom Ford dress, Katy explained the reasons behind the significant gap between her latest album and her previous release, Prism, which came out in 2014.

Oh hey: Layering a black and white silky blouse underneath, the Dark Horse singer finished off the look with some olive-green suede courts

Hey there: Adding a touch of sophistication, the Dark Horse artist paired a black and white silky blouse with olive-green suede court shoes to complete her outfit.

Having a whale of a time: The singer excitedly called out and greeted the fans waiting outside

Having a whale of a time: The singer excitedly called out and greeted the fans waiting outside

Having a blast: The musician enthusiastically shouted and waved to the crowd of fans gathered outside.

Looking good: The singer's liberal use of foundation, eyeliner and lipstick drew further attention to her naturally pretty features

Appearing attractive: The singer’s skillful application of foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick accentuated her already lovely features.

Here we go: The obliging star indulged many with fun selfies 

Let’s start: The helpful celebrity graciously shared plenty of entertaining selfies. E!’s Ryan Seacrest asked Katy about taking a break during a music pause. Katy responded, saying it’s important to take care of your mental health. When asked how it was going, Katy jokingly mentioned Britney Spears by saying she hasn’t shaved her head yet. Some fans of Britney were upset by Katy’s comment, accusing her of making light of mental illness.

Sign here: The singer worked her way across a lengthy line of fans during her appearance in London 

Please put your signature here: The performer made her way through a long queue of admirers while she was in London for her appearance.

Injecting a dose of '80s sparkle: she layered a gold chain necklace and an opulent matching bracelet.

Adding a touch of ’80s glamour: she adorned herself with a gold chain necklace and a luxurious coordinating bracelet.

C'est chic: Katy headed to London Fashion Week on Monday, where she headed to the Christopher Kane show while looking incredibly chic

Katy made a stylish entrance at London Fashion Week on Monday, attending the Christopher Kane show with a sophisticated and trendy look.

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