Enchanting Fans: Dua Lipa Captivates with Trevor Noah’s Flirtatious Banter and Rave Reviews of her Fiery Grammy Performance (2024)

Dua Lipa’s fans believe that Trevor Noah was trying to win over the singer with his compliments on her performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Starting the show with a performance surrounded by scantily-clad dancers, the 28-year-old singer, who is in a relationship with Callum Turner, received great praise from the presenter, who shares a close bond with her. “Wow! Seriously? Come on, let’s show some love, everyone! That was absolutely incredible, Dua Lipa!” the South African comedian exclaimed after her performance, urging the audience to cheer. He went on to say, “She truly is one of the greatest performers of our time! I will never look at scaffolding the same way again. Did you see that?”

Dua Lipa fans are convinced Trevor Noah was 'trying to woo her' while praising her performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday night

Fans of Dua Lipa are convinced that Trevor Noah was trying to win her over by praising her amazing performance at the recent Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

After she kicked off the show by performing alongside of number of scantily-clad dancers, the 28-year-old pop star received a rave review from Trevor

After her lively performance with multiple dancers in stunning costumes, the 28-year-old singer received glowing compliments from Trevor as the show kicked off.

While on stage, Lipa's dancers did pull-ups and other exercises on a jungle-gym like metal structure as she sang her tracks, Training Season and Houdini

During Lipa’s concert, her dancers displayed their strength by doing pull-ups and other exercises on a metal jungle-gym structure while she performed hits like “Training Season” and “Houdini.” After the show, social media users took to the platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to jokingly comment on Noah having to introduce Lipa at the event. Some users even shared stories of when Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa went on a date. Despite the awkward introduction, fans were surprised that Noah was expected to introduce his ex-girlfriend at the award show, calling the situation “crazy.” While some fans may have thought Noah was trying to rekindle a romance with Lipa, it seems unlikely as she is currently in a happy relationship with actor Turner, 33. According to Page Six, the British actor, known for his roles in “Queen and Country” (2014) and “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” (2022), and the singer are deeply in love with each other. This new relationship for Dua comes after her recent breakup from French boyfriend Romain Gavras.

'Wow! Are you kidding me? Come on, give it up, y'all! That was amazing! Dua Lipa!' the South African comedian said following the performance as he urged the crowd to applaud

“Can you believe that performance? Give it up for the amazing show from Dua Lipa!” The South African comedian cheered, urging the audience to applaud and show their appreciation.

'Trevor Noah announcing Dua Lipa to start this off is SO funny,' one X user wrote

A user on the X platform found it absolutely hilarious when Trevor Noah introduced Dua Lipa at the beginning of the show.

Another mused: 'I am old enough to remember that Trevor Noah went on a date with Dua Lipa'

Another person quipped, “I can still remember when Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa went out on a date.”

Others couldn't believe that Noah was expected to introduce his ex at the award show

The notion of Noah bringing his ex-partner as his plus one to the awards ceremony surprised many.

'Trevor Noah announced his ex gf [girlfriend] Dua Lipa... crazy,' a fourth wrote

Someone mentioned that Trevor Noah’s announcement about his ex-girlfriend Dua Lipa was totally unexpected.

One fan hilariously asked if we are going to 'just gloss by' how the former couple use to date

A cheeky and humorous individual jokingly asked if we were simply going to overlook the fact that the former couple used to be in a romantic relationship.

One X user wondered if the talk show host, 39, and songwriter, 28, 'still talk to each other'

One social media user was curious about whether the 39-year-old talk show host and the 28-year-old songwriter are still in contact with each other. Romani, known as the ‘rebel baby’ of Costa-Gavras, a renowned Greco-French director known for leftist films like Z and State of Siege. Speculation began in December that Dua and Romani had ended their relationship that had lasted for months. According to an insider who spoke to The Sun, “Dua and Romani have decided to part ways after a summer of love. She is focused on her career and ended things before they could turn sour.” On the other hand, Noah has been linked to Zoë Mabie recently, but neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumors. In late 2022, Lipa and Noah were rumored to be romantically involved after exclusive photos showed them locking lips, according to DailyMail.com.

While fans might think Noah was shooting his shot, any rekindling between them seem unlikely as she is happily dating Turner, 33 (pictured in January 2024)

Despite fans speculating that Noah may be making a move, the likelihood of them reigniting a relationship appears low as she is currently in a happy relationship with Turner, who is 33 years old (as seen in a photo from January 2024).

Dua's latest romance comes on the heels of her breakup from French boyfriend Romain Gavras; pictured in May 2023

Dua has found love again after her breakup with French beau Romain Gavras, as seen in a photo from May 2023. An eyewitness spotted them at a restaurant, enjoying each other’s company as they sat closely together, shared long embraces, and stopped for kisses while walking together. Before Romain, Dua was in a relationship with model Anwar Hadid, the younger sibling of Gigi and Bella Hadid. They reportedly started dating in June 2019 after bonding over Anwar’s music. Despite their cozy appearances at events and outings, their relationship faced ups and downs, eventually leading to a split in late 2021 due to long-distance challenges caused by their busy schedules. In a 2021 Rolling Stone interview, Dua opened up about her comfortable routine with Anwar during their time together, from morning walks with their pet to simple activities like yoga, movie nights, and quality time with their pets. Their relationship, though seemingly harmonious, went through its share of breakups and makeups before their final separation.

Moving on: Dua is seen with her most recent ex Anwar Hadid

Moving on to the next subject: Dua has a history of being involved in a romantic relationship with Anwar Hadid.

Trevor is seen with his Minka Kelly on a trip to South Africa

Trevor was seen on vacation in South Africa with his partner, Minka Kelly, suggesting that their relationship had come to an end in December of the previous year. Before dating Anwar, Dua had been romantically involved with chef and model Isaac Carew from 2015 to early 2017. After that, she briefly dated Paul Klein, the lead singer of the band LANY, before rekindling her romance with Carew in early 2018. However, they split up for good in May 2019. Trevor’s most recent serious relationship was with actress Minka Kelly. They were rumored to have been together for some time in September 2020, even quarantining together at the start of the pandemic. Although they took a break in May 2021, they were seen together again later that month. Their relationship became more public as the year went on, but it ended in May of this year. While there were no previous indications that Dua and Trevor were dating, they may have crossed paths at the Grammy Awards ceremony in Las Vegas in April of this year.

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