Exclusive: Beyonce and Jay Z’s electrifying chemistry lights up the stage during their unforgettable tour finale

For her final performance of the Formation World Tour, Beyonce pulled out all the stops with a star-studded lineup of guests. At MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the crowd went wild as Beyonce was joined on stage by her husband Jay Z and tennis star Serena Williams. Beyonce exuded confidence as she danced along to the music in a stunning glittery bronze outfit, while Jay Z smiled and delivered his verses.

Twerk it: Beyonce got the crowd all revved up as she performed with Jay Z at her final Formation World Tour show in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Friday night

Get ready to shake it: Beyonce had everyone pumped up as she hit the stage with Jay Z for her last show of the Formation World Tour in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Friday evening.

Lovely to look at: The superstar glittered in a bronze two-piece bodysuit

Absolutely stunning: The famous star shined in a dazzling bronze two-piece outfit. The 35-year-old singer’s stylish ensemble included a fitted blazer with a unique ruffled detail, paired with perfectly creased trousers. A vibrant purple fabric flower added a pop of color at her neckline, adding a touch of flair to the overall look. Her long, beautiful blonde curls were elegantly styled down her shoulders, framing her face perfectly. A bold deep violet lipstick matched the flower, while her makeup remained understated and chic.

Favourite colour? Queen B looked quite comfortable onstage for another number, opting for a bright yellow pantsuit

What’s your go-to color? Queen B seemed totally at ease on stage during her performance, rocking a vibrant yellow pantsuit for her next song.

Quite conservative: The 35-year-old songstress's decidedly non-skimpy outfit consisted of a fit blazer with a ruffled lining, and a well-creased matching set of trousers

Somewhat traditional: The 35-year-old singer opted for a modest ensemble, including a fitted blazer with a ruffled interior and a neatly pressed pair of matching trousers.

It pops! A striking purple fabric accent flower at her neck broke up the otherwise monotone combination

It bursts! The eye-catching purple fabric accent flower around her neck adds a pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit.

Sombrero? While she lacked accessories for the most part, she did start the routine wearing a comically large black hat with a massively wide brim

Big hat? Despite having few accessories, she began her routine sporting a humorously oversized black hat with an incredibly wide brim.

Head down: Beyonce had an air of mystery 

Beyonce exuded an enigmatic aura as she kept her head down, maintaining an air of mystery. Although she didn’t have many accessories, she did make a statement with a ridiculously oversized black hat with an incredibly wide brim at the beginning of her performance. It was surprising to see Serena confidently showcasing her curves in a daring, slightly scandalous ensemble next to Beyonce. The 35-year-old tennis champion rocked a sheer bodysuit adorned with ruffles on the hips and sleeves, showcasing her bold and stylish choice.

Scene-stealer: Interestingly, it was Serena who decided to flaunt her curves in a sexy, somewhat scandalous outfit when she took the stage next to Beyonce

Showstopper: Surprisingly, Serena was the one who stole the spotlight by confidently showcasing her curves in a daring and risqué ensemble as she stood alongside Beyonce on stage.

The real queen? Serena even managed to steal focus from Beyonce when she took her place on a massive throne flanked by pointy spears

Serena proved she was the true queen by grabbing everyone’s attention, even outshining Beyonce, as she confidently sat on a grand throne surrounded by sharp spears.

Temptress: The singer leveled one of her sultry gazes at the audience while clad in another skimpy costume

Seductress: The vocalist seductively locked eyes with the crowd, dressed in yet another revealing outfit.

Well, hello there: Beyonce sang and pranced in front of the crowd

Hey, how’s it going? Beyonce was up there, belting out tunes and dancing around in front of the audience. She was all dolled up in a flashy outfit adorned with sequins, even rocking some sparkly fishnet stockings. Her dark hair was slicked back into a big ponytail. And when Serena showed up and sat down on a huge throne surrounded by sharp spears, she totally stole the spotlight from Beyonce.

Round and round: Beyonce delivered a dazzling show

Circling around and around: Beyonce put on an electrifying performance.

Upside world: The star had a clear vantage point even from that position

Topsy-turvy world: The star had a great view despite its unconventional spot.

Twirl: The mother-of-one spun around stage in a billowy yellow number

Dance moves: The one-time mom twirled gracefully on the stage in a flowing yellow dress. It was obvious that the tennis superstar was loving her outfit, as she shared a photo of herself in the costume with the words ‘No Regrets @beyonce.’ Shortly after, she posted another picture showcasing her well-toned backside. Although there was no caption this time, she had on a denim jacket from the Formation Tour.

Having a good time: The tennis great clearly enjoyed her ensemble, as she posted a snap of herself in costume with the caption 'Not Sorry @beyonce'

Having a blast: The tennis star was clearly loving her outfit, sharing a photo of herself in costume with the caption ‘No regrets @beyonce’.

Different angle: She soon posted another photo, this time of her toned derriere

Another perspective: Soon after, she shared a new picture showcasing her fit backside.

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