Exclusive Photos: Gal Gadot showcases her sword-wielding skills with Chris Pine providing a helping hand on the Wonder Woman set

Gal Gadot, the talented actress, has taken on the remarkable responsibility of bringing Wonder Woman to life on the silver screen for the very first time in the character’s long history of 75 years. With great enthusiasm, Gal Gadot was recently spotted diligently working on the set of the highly anticipated superhero film in London. Adorned in Diana Prince’s persona, Wonder Woman’s alter-ego, the stunning Israeli actress appeared to perfectly capture the internal struggle of the character. Dressed impeccably in a vintage ensemble reminiscent of the First World War era and holding Wonder Woman’s signature sword and shield, Gal Gadot exuded both grace and strength.

Girl power: Gal Gadot, 30, was pictured hard at work on the set of the eagerly-anticipated superhero flick Wonder Woman dressed as the Amazonian pin-up's alter-ego Diana Prince in London on Sunday

Girl power: Gal Gadot, a 30-year-old actress, was captured hard at work on the set of the highly anticipated superhero movie Wonder Woman in London on Sunday. She was dressed as the iconic Amazonian character, Diana Prince. Additionally, the charming Hollywood actor Chris Pine, aged 35, could be seen looking dashing in a navy fedora, beige mac, and grey suit. Pine is portraying the character of Steve Trevor, a USAF pilot and love interest of Wonder Woman. He was seen assisting Gadot with the handling of her weapon during the shoot. In the photos, Gadot appeared deep in concentration, gazing into the distance with a slightly open mouth.

Sword off! Hollywood heartthrob Chris Pine, 35, could be seen looking dapper in a navy fedora, beige mac and grey suit

Get ready! Chris Pine, the popular actor from Hollywood, was spotted appearing stylish wearing a navy fedora, a beige mac, and a grey suit.

A bygone era: Pine is taking on the role of Steve Trevor, a U.S. military intelligence officer in the US Army Air Corps and Wonder Woman's love interest

In a nostalgic time from the past, actor Chris Pine is stepping into the shoes of Steve Trevor in the highly anticipated movie Wonder Woman. Pine will embody the character of a clever U.S. military intelligence officer from the US Army Air Corps, who also happens to be the romantic interest of the amazing Wonder Woman herself.

In character: Gal wore a pair of cute, fine-rimmed specs and a navy hat with her brunette tresses tied up in a neat bun

The scene was bustling with background actors dressed in authentic early 20th century attire, creating a true representation of the time period.

Stepping back in time: A horse and carriage, classic cars and a two-tier tram occupied the road in a tree-lined square in the capital

Taking a nostalgic journey through history: a picturesque scene unfolds as a delightful blend of a horse-drawn carriage, vintage automobiles, and a charming tram gracefully traverse the lanes of a beautifully shaded square situated in the heart of the capital city.

If only they knew: Gal's disguised appearance kept the superpowers that lay beneath well hidden

If they only had an inkling, Gal maintained a clever fa├žade, skillfully concealing the mighty superhuman abilities that dwelled within.

Practice makes perfect: Despite her impressive weaponry, she appeared rather meek, brandishing the sword in an unassertive manner

The saying “practice makes perfect” holds true even for our beloved hero, Wonder Woman. Despite her impressive arsenal, she carried herself in a humble manner, never displaying her true powers. One could easily mistake her for being meek, as she wielded her sword with a certain unassertiveness.

In the heart of the city, a picturesque square lined with trees was bustling with activity. A horse and carriage, classic cars, and a two-tier tram dominated the road, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. This was the backdrop for some scenes filmed by Chris and Gal in Tilbury, Essex, back in November. The set was a vibrant scene, filled with 150 extras, many of whom were dressed in military uniforms.

It seemed that the soldiers were being portrayed as returning heroes, having fought overseas. Signs proclaiming, ‘French money exchanged here for officers and soldiers in uniform,’ added to the authenticity of the scene. It was reminiscent of a bygone era, where soldiers were greeted with admiration and gratitude upon their homecoming.

Created in 1941, Wonder Woman is a remarkable character. As an Amazonian princess, she possesses extraordinary superhuman abilities and exceptional combat skills. Throughout her journey, she has battled countless super-villains, embodying the true spirit of a force for good.

While fans eagerly await the release of Wonder Woman’s standalone film in 2017, they were treated to a glimpse of her in the trailer for Superman vs Batman, which is set to premiere later this year. This small taste has only further fueled their excitement for the upcoming movie, leaving them hungry for more.

Wrapped up: Gal's grey woollen coat was fastened up to her penultimate button and was tied tightly around her middle by a thick brown leather belt with a golden buckle

Cosily bundled: Gal had her grey woollen coat securely fastened, all the way up to the second-to-last button. Around her waist, a thick brown leather belt with a gleaming golden buckle was snugly tied, accentuating her figure.

In the thick of it: She dressed head to toe in a vintage outfit circa the First World War while clutching Wonder Woman's sword and shield

Caught in the midst of the action, she adorned herself in an authentic ensemble from the era of the First World War, meticulously styled from head to toe. With a firm grip, she clutched the legendary sword and shield, reminiscent of the iconic Wonder Woman.

Don't mess with her: Despite her delicate frame, Gal's eye-catching arsenal ensured she was well protected

Do not underestimate her: Despite her delicate appearance, Gal possesses an impressive array of tools and weaponry that make her well-equipped for any dangers she may encounter.
The highly secretive blockbuster includes a talented ensemble cast, featuring Robin Wright, David Thewlis from the Harry Potter franchise, Danny Huston, Ewan Bremner from Trainspotting, as well as the beloved indie actress Lena Anaya and Lucy Davis from The Office.
Patty Jenkins, known for her work on Monster, is making history as the first woman to direct a superhero film based on a comic book.
Bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen has been a long and challenging journey.
Numerous attempts have been made since 1996 to bring the character to life in a film, with even Sandra Bullock rumored to be attached to the role at one point. In 2005, a different film was proposed, with Colbie Smulders mentioned as a potential lead before Christina Hendricks was considered.

Turn back time: The period set was swarming with extras in early 20th century garments to accurately portray the period

Reversing the clock: The chosen timeframe was abundantly populated with additional actors dressed in authentic early 20th century attire in order to faithfully depict that era.

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