Exclusive Snapshots: Demi Rose Flaunts Her Famous Figure in Sultry One-Shoulder Swimsuit on Bali Getaway

She traded in the routine of everyday life in a suburban neighborhood for the glamorous lifestyle of Hollywood. Demi Rose showcased her talent and beauty in Bali, Indonesia, modeling in a classy black swimsuit with a revealing thong back. The 24-year-old brunette flaunted her flawless figure, striking poses for the cameras and confidently flaunting her famously perky rear.

Hot stuff: Demi Rose proved just how she has superstar credentials as she displayed her sizzling physique in an elegant black bikini with a racy thong back during a photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia

Oh my! Her peachy posterior was on full display as she posed up a storm for cameras on the beach in the idyllic location

Demi Rose showcased her undeniable star power during a photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia, where she flaunted her stunning physique in a chic black bikini with a provocative thong back.
Looking absolutely stunning, Demi exuded a timeless elegance as she posed on the beach in her classic outfit. The black one-shouldered piece highlighted her assets, while the daring thong back revealed her peachy derriere.
With her hair styled to one side and tucked under a wide-brimmed hat, Demi radiated a vintage fifties vibe. Completing her glamorous look was a gold chain belt that added an extra touch of sophistication.
Having gained a massive following of 9.4 million on Instagram, Demi rose to fame after her rumored relationship with Tyga, who is known for his connection to Kylie Jenner.

Elegant: The brunette beauty showed off her stunning frame as she pulled all her best poses for the cameras before strutting around to best display her famously perky posterior

Stylish: The brunette stunner flaunted her gorgeous figure by striking various poses for the photographers, confidently showcasing her famously perky backside as she confidently strutted around.

How does she do it? In September last year, Demi revealed: 'I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, it's hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep my routine'

Hot stuff: Her peachy derriere was on full display as she strutted her stuff

How does she manage it? Last September, Demi shared her approach to staying healthy despite the challenges of traveling frequently. She mentioned, “I make an effort to maintain my health by sticking to my routine even when I’m jetting across the globe.”

Snap happy! Her brunette tresses were pulled to one-side and tucked into her wide-brimmed hat which gave a fifties feel to the ensemble while she also wore a gold chain belt which further upped the glam

Always camera-ready! With her dark hair swept to the side and neatly tucked under a stylish hat, she exuded a nostalgic fifties vibe. Adding a touch of glam was her choice of a gold chain belt, enhancing her overall look.

Demi showcased her versatility by effortlessly switching between striking poses, draping herself in a sarong, and playfully goofing off with her furry companion by the shore. Her camera-friendly demeanor offered a glimpse into the different facets of her personality.

Agh! While she was initially excited by the presence of the pup, Demi later appeared terrified as she fended off his advances

Oh no! Demi went from being thrilled by the puppy’s presence to feeling scared as she tried to push him away. Since then, the popular swimsuit model has been keeping her relationship with DJ Chris Martinez mostly private as they enjoy a low-key romance away from the public eye. Despite her busy travel schedule, Demi shared with MailOnline that she sticks to her “healthy” routine, with nuts being the fattiest foods she indulges in. In a statement made in September last year, Demi mentioned, “I do my best to stay healthy. It’s tough to exercise while traveling and jet-setting around the world, but I try my best to maintain my routine…”

Who let the dogs out!? Demi dropped her smouldering pout when she spotted a cute dog running around the shores

Guess who decided to show up!? Demi’s sassy expression vanished as soon as she noticed an adorable pup prancing along the beach.

Catch my best angle! She was sure to capture all her best angles as she twisted this way and that for her pretty photographer

All white? Her photographer was equally stunning as she showed off her figure in a knitted white two-piece

Make sure to get my good side! She made sure to strike all her best poses as she turned and posed for her talented photographer.

Out and a pout: Despite her gruelling travelling schedule, the model insisted to MailOnline she sticks to her 'healthy' routine and she admitted nuts are the fattiest foods she eats

Enjoying life: In spite of her hectic travel schedule, the model shared with MailOnline that she remains committed to her ‘healthy’ habits. She mentioned that the fattiest foods she indulges in are nuts, and she loves peanut butter too.
People often tell me that I am the healthiest person they know. Nuts and peanut butter are as indulgent as I get.
My body tends to pack on weight quickly. If I eat something unhealthy, my body reacts by gaining weight. So, sadly, birthday cake is a no-go for me!
Today, my diet consisted solely of nuts. I even managed to finish an entire jar. Although I feel a bit guilty about the fat content, it’s my little treat and I’m content!
Naughty but nice! Last September, Demi mentioned: ‘I do my best to stay healthy. It’s a challenge to maintain a workout routine while traveling worldwide, but I do my best.’

Picture perfect: The backdrop was perfect to capture a flawless snap of the sexy star in all her glory

Ideal Setting: The scene was just right for taking a stunning photo of the beautiful celebrity in all her splendor.

Irresistible: She was making the most of her curves in the flawless getup

Golden girl: She accentuated her trim waist even more with a gold chain belt

The stunning woman highlighted her slender waist by adding a touch of elegance with a shiny gold chain belt.

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