Exploring Beverly Hills in Style: Jennifer Lopez’s Latest House Hunting Adventure Sans Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez was seen in Beverly Hills, rocking an all-white outfit that was both casual and stunning, giving off major money vibes. The multi-talented 54-year-old seemed to be house hunting in the luxurious Los Angeles-adjacent city on a sunny and pleasant day. Her chic ensemble included an oversized sweater that occasionally slipped off one shoulder, white pants, and large hoop earrings. With sunglasses on and her hair tucked behind her ears, she left one of the lavish homes with another woman in black following close behind.

Jennifer Lopez may have more money to burn as she was spotted out in Beverly Hills in a casual but gorgeous all-white look

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her wealth in a chic all-white outfit while out and about in Beverly Hills.

The 54-year-old multi-hyphenate appeared to be looking at new mega-mansions in the tony Los Angeles¿adjacent city on the sunny and mild day

On a bright and pleasant day, the 54-year-old multi-talented individual was spotted checking out some luxurious new homes in the upscale city near Los Angeles.

Just a year ago, JLo and Ben Affleck made headlines when they purchased their current residence for $60.85 million. Surprisingly, the deal was finalized within a week, with the duo managing to secure the property for almost $15 million less than the original $75 million price tag. Originally listed in 2018 for a whopping $135 million, the price was drastically reduced when it was put back on the market this year.

Situated on a five-acre promontory, the luxurious ‘Wallingford estate’ boasts 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms. Described as ‘newly rebuilt and expanded,’ the mansion also features a 12-car garage and parking space for up to 80 vehicles. The property is equipped with a unique indoor sports complex, a 5,000-square foot guest penthouse, a caretaker house, and a two-bedroom guard house.

Jennifer Lopez has full access to the state-of-the-art gym and indoor courts for basketball, pickleball, and boxing, thanks to the impressive sports facility on the estate. In addition to their lavish home, the couple was recently seen exploring properties in New York City, keeping everyone guessing about their next real estate move.

Her cool look consisted of an oversize sweater that at times slid off one of her shoulders, white pants and enormous hoop earrings

She rocked a chic outfit with a baggy sweater casually draping off one shoulder, paired with crisp white pants and trendy oversized hoop earrings.

She wore sunglasses and tucked her hair behind her ears as she exited one of the opulent homes. Another woman dressed in black trailed her down the steps of the grand entrance

As she stepped out of the luxurious house, she shielded her eyes with a stylish pair of sunglasses and casually pushed her hair back. Walking down the grand staircase behind her was another lady clad in all-black attire.

As she walked to her car, her normally perfect hair looked wind blown and fantastic

As she made her way to her vehicle, her typically flawless hair appeared tousled by the wind, giving it a fabulous and carefree look.

Her husband Ben Affleck was not with her on the house hunting mission of the day

Ben Affleck did not accompany her on the quest for a new home that day.

The famous Let’s Get Loud singer and the Argo star recently checked out three properties in New York City, specifically in the Upper East Side.

Jennifer and Ben visited a townhouse at 226 E. 68th Street which is available for rent at a hefty $45,000 per month, as reported by Gimme Shelter in the New York Post. They also toured a smaller 3,024-square foot townhouse just a block away on 342 E. 69th Street, listed for sale at $5.95 million, a stark contrast to their current Beverly Hills residence.

Jennifer is currently selling her penthouse at the Whitman building in Nomad, originally purchased in 2014 for $20.2 million and now on the market for $24.99 million.

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