Faithful Canine Remains by Ailing Stallion’s Side Until His Last Breath

Martn Miranda and his family, compassionate animal lovers extraordinaire, bravely rescued eleven adorable canines from an uncertain fate. One of these fortunate pooches, bearing the endearing moniker Forastero, found himself amidst the lucky pack. Not content with merely saving dogs, the gallant Mirandas extended their kindness to a majestic equine named Canario. This noble horse, unfortunately, fell prey to a grave illness, but throughout his ailing journey, he found solace in the unwavering companionship of Forastero. Alas, time slipped away all too quickly, leaving their hearts heavy with the bittersweet memory of their time together.

In spite of the Canary’s delicate and helpless nature, the family made the courageous decision to approach the owner and explore the possibility of saving its life. Having rescued various animals in the past such as chickens, bunnies, and dogs, the family simply couldn’t fathom the idea of allowing this horse to perish.
For a duration of five months, Canario became a cherished member of Martn’s family, yet unfortunately, his condition failed to show any signs of improvement. With each passing day, Canario’s health declined to the extent that he became completely incapable of standing on his own.

Volunteers for Our Horses (VPN), a charitable organization, reached out to Ayuda a Caballos Maltratados (ACMA) in Argentina regarding a horse in distress. This particular horse was found lying on the ground, unable to regain its footing. Upon examination, it was evident that the horse had no teeth left, it was visibly aged and exhausted, and had suffered significant deterioration in its bones, among other signs commonly associated with advanced age in equines.

In that instant, the veterinarian from Corse came to a poignant realization – this was not just another tragic instance of horse neglect, a sadly frequent occurrence in the area where horses are treated like racehorses until they succumb to exhaustion. This time, the horse named Canary was on the brink of death, unable to move, prompting the doctor to administer an injection to grant him peaceful slumber and release from his suffering. The family, taken aback by the revelation that Canary had been sacrificed, soon came to comprehend that their assumption of him being a young, ailing animal was far from the truth; instead, he was an aged creature desperately yearning for serenity.

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