“Fighting the Dry Spell: Katy Perry Channels Farmer Chic and Clueless Vibes to Raise Awareness About Drought in Australia at Shopping Centre Event”

In the midst of her Witness world tour in Australia, Katy Perry showed her support for the victims of the devastating drought affecting farmers on the east coast. At a shopping centre event in Brisbane, the pop star sported a country-inspired look with a hat and checkered shirt, declaring herself as a farmer and boldly proclaiming her stance against the drought. Her impromptu show of solidarity was met with applause from the audience. Watch the video below for more.

'Take that, drought!' Katy Perry dresses up as a farmer while making a cringeworthy reference to the movie Clueless to highlight the big dry in Australia during shopping centre appearance

In a bid to draw attention to the drought in Australia, Katy Perry put on a farmer’s outfit and made a playful reference to the movie Clueless during a shopping centre appearance. The pop star playfully exclaimed, “Take that, drought!” as she tried to bring awareness to the issue in a unique and light-hearted way.

Katy embraced the farmer look after being gifted a fedora hat and button-up shirt by presenter Scott Tweedie at the Westfield shopping centre in Carindale. Excitedly accepting the gifts, she exclaimed, “Of course I’ll dress up as a farmer!” and then quoted a line from the movie Clueless, stating, “You can be a farmer in those clothes!” Unsure if the quote was indeed from Clueless, she humorously added, “I think that’s from Clueless? I’m not too sure… take that, drought!”

Support: The 34-year-old donned a country style hat and checked shirt before announcing she was dressed as a farmer

Backing: Wearing a rustic hat and plaid shirt, the 34-year-old humorously declared herself to be dressed as a farmer.

Helping her own way: Katy chose to dress up after presenter Scott Tweedie presented her with a fedora style hat and button-up shirt on stage at Westfield shopping centre in Carindale, Brisbane

Stepping up to help: When presenter Scott Tweedie handed Katy a fedora hat and button-up shirt on stage at Carindale’s Westfield shopping centre in Brisbane, she decided to dress up in support of the victims of Australia’s devastating drought, labeled as the worst in a century. In recent weeks, New South Wales farmers have seen less than 10mm of rain, and the dry spell is expected to continue for at least the next three months. The entire state has been officially declared in drought, with no relief in sight according to the weather bureau. In response, the Red Cross has initiated a relief appeal, and the Salvation Army is providing food hampers to those in need.

Crisis: Katy was throwing her support behind what has been described as 'the worst drought of the century' in Australia 

Challenge: Katy has shown her solidarity with what experts are calling the most severe drought Australia has seen in a century. In a distressing turn of events, farmers are shelling out an exorbitant $10,000 per truckload of hay just to keep their animals fed, as shared by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The impact of the devastating drought hit home when a heart-wrenching photo captured a baby lamb wailing next to its deceased mother in New South Wales, amidst one of the driest winters on record. This snapshot serves as a poignant illustration of the toll the widespread drought is taking on livestock.

Crisis: A baby lamb was caught crying as its mother lay dead on the ground on Thursday as a result of the drought in NSW

Dilemma: A young lamb was discovered wailing next to its deceased mother on Thursday, a tragic outcome of the ongoing drought in NSW.

Farmers are facing tough times as their livestock go hungry and water supplies run low, leading them to take extreme actions. In one case, a farmer in north-western NSW was considering shooting his 1,200 sheep and burying them due to lack of food and water on his farm. The sheep on Les Jones’ farm were in such poor condition that they couldn’t even be used for food, as his family would be stuck eating soup every day. Fortunately, after news of their situation spread, the public stepped in with donations to help save the animals. The Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Katy’s management for a statement regarding this situation.

'The worst drought of the century': Some farmers have spent up to $10,000 per truckload of hay just to feed their animals, according to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

The most severe drought in the last century has caused some farmers to shell out as much as $10,000 for each truckload of hay to nourish their animals, as reported by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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