Finding Peace in the Urban Oasis: Angelina Jolie Mesmerizes in a Chic Strapless Black Gown Following a Joyful Family Union

In the midst of the chilly New York City weather on a Friday evening, Angelina Jolie effortlessly brushed off the freezing temperatures as she carefully chose her outfit. Known for her iconic role as “Maleficent,” the 42-year-old actress confidently embraced the cold by rocking an exquisite strapless black dress during her outing with her children.

Trendy till the end! Angelina Jolie didn't let the chilly weather dictate her outfit for the evening

Maintaining her impeccable sense of style till the very end! Despite the brisk temperatures, Angelina Jolie remained unwavering in her fashion choices for the night. Bursting with confidence, she fearlessly donned a daring low-cut neckline that gracefully displayed her neck and shoulders. The outfit, flawlessly tailored to accentuate her slender hips, was further elevated by the addition of long, sleek black gloves that exuded an eternal allure. Angelina’s inherent beauty shone through as her dark brown locks were elegantly swept back, allowing her subtle touch of blush, eye makeup, and a soft, pale rose lipstick to exude radiance. Despite being currently not in a relationship, Angelina opted not to dine alone at Cipriani; instead, she brought along her cherished company for the evening – her four delightful children.

Great gown! The 42-year-old Maleficent star donned a stunning black strapless number for her night on the town with her kids

Great gown! The 42-year-old Maleficent star donned a stunning black strapless number for her night on the town with her kids

Oh my goodness, that gown is simply breathtaking! Angelina Jolie, the incredibly talented actress who perfectly portrayed Maleficent, looked absolutely mesmerizing in a stunning black strapless gown. She was enjoying a lovely evening surrounded by her beloved children.

Old Hollywood: A pair of long black gloves added a touch of classic elegance

Classic Hollywood: Adding a pair of elegant black gloves to the ensemble brought a timeless charm to the look, infusing it with everlasting grace.

Tattooed back: The Oscar winner's dramatic gown (selected by stylist Jen Rade) featured a white train, which required an assistant to hold while she signed autographs

In a truly captivating display, a renowned Oscar-winning actress surprised the audience with an exquisite tattoo displayed on her back, instantly captivating the attention of onlookers. To elevate the impact of this daring revelation, the exceptionally talented performer donned a mesmerizing gown, expertly selected by her esteemed stylist, Jen Rade. This unique ensemble boasted a stunning white train of such majestic beauty that it warranted the assistance of a helper to gracefully hold it, enabling the actress to graciously sign autographs for her adoring fans.

Perfectly coiffed: Her brunette locks were pushed off her forehead and back, while subtle blush, eye make-up and pale rose lipstick made the mother of six glow

Impeccably polished: With her captivating chestnut tresses elegantly framing her visage and cascading down her spine, complemented by a discreet touch of blush, skillfully accentuated eye makeup, and a softly tinted lipstick that elevated the glow of this extraordinary mother with six children.

With an aura of pure elegance, Angelina exuded a captivating charm that made it seem as though she had effortlessly walked straight out of a timeless Hollywood movie. Her choice of wardrobe only added to her magnetic allure.

Strike a pose: Angelina posed for the cameras and looked effortlessly sultry 

Express your stance: Angelina effortlessly exuded an irresistible charm as she fearlessly faced the paparazzi, radiating confidence.

New Inked: Angelina appeared absolutely radiant as she proudly displayed her impeccably sculpted body, evoking a classic hourglass figure that will never go out of style.

Beauty: The stunning star flashed a hint of cleavage as she posed for the cameras

Appearance: The gorgeous celebrity proudly exhibited a slight amount of exposed skin on her chest as she effortlessly posed for the photo captures.

Sensual: The alluring Hollywood actress radiated sensuality as she confidently displayed her lower back tattoo. Son Pax, 14, emitted an air of sophistication in a tasteful black outfit paired with a textured black and grey shirt. At one moment, he gallantly linked arms with his mother to provide support. Taking it up a notch, 11-year-old Shiloh sported a timeless tuxedo and a sleek black bow tie. Adding a touch of contrast, a pair of black sneakers completed the ensemble. The effortlessly laid-back Knox, aged nine, effortlessly donned his own black suit, complemented by shiny patent leather loafers.

Dashing combo: Son Pax, 14, looked every inch the dapper gentleman in a black suit and textured black and grey shirt. He even took his mother's arm at one point to ensure she kept her balance

Stylish pair: Pax, a youthful 14 years old, exuded an aura of elegance in his sleek black suit that seamlessly matched his trendy black and grey patterned shirt. Showcasing his genteel demeanor, he graciously linked arms with his mother, offering her a stable presence throughout.

Enjoying himself? Nine-year-old Knox looked quite carefree in his own black suit complete with patent leather loafers

Enjoying himself? Nine-year-old Knox looked quite carefree in his own black suit complete with patent leather loafers

Are you having a good time? Knox, a playful nine-year-old, appeared completely at ease while donning his stylish black suit, complemented by shiny patent leather loafers.

Almost old school: Shiloh, aged 11, went even fancier, opting for a classic tuxedo including black bow tie

In an effort to add a touch of elegance, Shiloh, who is currently 11 years old, made the choice to upgrade their fashion sense. They opted for a refined outfit consisting of a timeless tuxedo, complemented by a sleek black bow tie.

Angelina looked absolutely stunning in a sophisticated black and white dress, radiating an irresistible charm. It was a special evening, and her 12-year-old daughter Zahara seemed thrilled, dressed tastefully in a stylish black blouse and trousers. The reason for this grand dinner celebration was the well-deserved Golden Globe nominations for Angelina’s exceptional films, “First They Killed My Father” and “The Breadwinner.” However, there was a tinge of disappointment as these remarkable movies didn’t receive any nods at the highly regarded Oscars.

Birthday girl! Beside dapper Knox was his big sister Zahara also wearing not-so-basic black

Sending warm birthday wishes to the adorable young lady! By the side of the ever-trendy Knox, we spotted his fashion-forward older sister Zahara, effortlessly rocking a chic all-black ensemble that was anything but ordinary.

Chic: Angie's princess - turning 13 next month - looked to be having a wonderful night in a black top and trouser combination

Chic: Angie's princess - turning 13 next month - looked to be having a wonderful night in a black top and trouser combination

Stylish: Angie’s delightful pre-teen daughter, almost reaching the age of thirteen, appeared to be truly enjoying herself as she confidently showed off her eye-catching ensemble. The outfit consisted of a sophisticated blouse in a sleek midnight hue paired effortlessly with fashionable trousers.

Man about town: At times Knox looked quite debonair 

Suave Fellow: On certain occasions, Knox exuded an air of elegance and sophistication.

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