From Abandoned to Unbreakable: A Tale of a Small Dog’s Triumph over Adversity

Regrettably, shelters across the country often experience a high number of owner-surrenders. People give up their dogs for various reasons, including allergies in their children, financial constraints, or living situations that do not allow pets. It is a saddening reality that many dogs face. However, a rescue in the Dallas area recently encountered a surprising case when a lovable pup named Hattie was handed over to them. In 2018, Hattie’s owners made the difficult decision to take her to a local shelter, and during that time, it was discovered that she had a tumor growing on her left side.
(Warning: Some may find the accompanying image distressing.)

Evidently, over the course of the past two years, a significant increase in size had occurred without any intervention being made. Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab. Reform stepped in to take care of Hattie, with the goal of providing her with an opportunity for a brighter future.
An Adventurous yet Remarkable Procedure
Recognizing the urgency to remove the lump, the rescue brought Hattie to Vet Ranch, an establishment dedicated to providing veterinary care for neglected animals.

Hattie’s legs and walking abilities were adversely affected due to the extra weight on one side of her body. Dr. Karri, a veterinarian from Vet Ranch, was particularly worried about the impact on the blood vessels and muscles in that area. However, despite the challenges, Hattie remained pleasant and cheerful. Dr. Karri expressed her distress, saying, “It’s heartrending to think that she has been adapting to this situation all along.” Remarkably, the team of veterinarians successfully eliminated the massive tumor, which eventually amounted to a staggering 15 pounds. To put it in perspective, this was roughly half of Hattie’s entire body weight!

Hattie faced some challenges as her body had to undergo some adjustments, but this resilient and cheerful dog managed to overcome them! Fortunately, there was a foster home eagerly awaiting her arrival. Finally, in December 2018, Hattie found her forever family and was officially adopted. For those who are brave enough, Vet Ranch has documented Hattie’s surgery and journey to recovery in a video.

Happily Free from Tumors
With the removal of this benign growth resembling a “bean bag,” Hattie now glides through life with much more ease. Though she still faces certain health issues, she embraces a complete and joyous existence, surrounded by abundant love and attentive care.

In a heartwarming update shared on social media, Hattie’s adopter proudly shared the following details about her new life: “Hattie now resides in a loving home, complete with a spacious yard and a furry sibling. She has the freedom to roam wherever she pleases and is treated like royalty, sleeping in a luxurious king size bed each night. While she has faced some medical challenges, we make regular trips to the vet to ensure she receives the utmost care and attention.”

Once viewed as a lost cause by some, Hattie’s story has taken a delightful turn as she embraces her golden years in the loving embrace of her new family. While we give credit to the advancements in veterinary science that have contributed to her improved health, it is the incredible individuals who recognized her worth and provided her with a life of happiness that truly deserve our admiration.

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