From Hate to Love: How Demi Lovato Found Body Acceptance with Wilmer Valderrama’s Help

After overcoming struggles with bulimia, Demi Lovato has found a new appreciation for her body and has adopted a positive attitude towards accepting her shape. The 22-year-old recently posted a photo on Instagram, lounging on a recliner, and hinted that her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 35, played a significant role in helping her embrace and love her own curves.

'A special someone helped me learn how to love them': Demi Lovato suggested her boyfriend of five years, Wilmer Valderrama, showed her how to embrace her shape on Saturday

Demi Lovato shared how her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, helped her embrace her curves in a recent post. She stated that she used to dislike her curves, but thanks to him, she learned to love them. The caption included the hashtags #squats and #COOLFORTHESUMMER. In the accompanying photo taken on a private jet, Demi wore a white and pink floral playsuit that highlighted her long legs. She completed her look with a bright pink lipstick and stylish platform heels, striking a confident pose.

Lovebirds: Wilmer cosied up to his singer girlfriend when they attended KIIS FM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles in December 2014

Lovebirds: Wilmer cuddled his singer girlfriend during their appearance at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles back in December of 2014. This wasn’t the only time Demi acknowledged her five-year relationship with Wilmer for the positive influence it had on her life. In late 2010, the talented singer spent three months in rehab tackling eating disorders and self-harming habits. In a recent interview with Fitness Magazine in December, Demi shared that there was a time when Wilmer played a crucial role in helping her stay on a healthy path.

'You are cooler for more than just the summer honey!' Wilmer recently plugged his girlfriend's newest single Cool For The Summer on Instagram

“You are amazing all year round, not just during the summer, babe!” Wilmer recently showed some love for his girlfriend’s latest single ‘Cool For The Summer’ on Instagram. Discussing her journey to recovery, the star shared, “It hasn’t been easy. I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer. I was consumed with thoughts of food, feeling both obsessed and scared. Thankfully, Wilmer noticed and confronted me about it, bringing a sense of relief.”

'Curves': Demi shared an image of herself getting a lift from a pal on Saturday, where she showed her pride for her body as it is with the hashtags 'thickthighs' and 'curves'

‘Curves’: Demi posted a picture of herself getting a piggyback ride from a friend on Saturday, celebrating her body with the hashtags ‘thickthighs’ and ‘curves’.
Recently, the actor from That 70’s Show shared the cover art of Demi’s new single Cool For The Summer, openly praising his partner’s fit physique.
‘You are cool all year round, not just in the summer honey!!… #Legs #IWannaBeAChair,’ he commented.
Cool For The Summer, a catchy seasonal song, was officially released on July 1. Demi expressed that it was ‘truly one of the best days of my life’ in an Instagram post that same day.

'Seriously one of the best days of my life': Lovato Instagrammed a photo of herself sporting  a plush hot pink robe while admiring the city skyline the day of her single Cool For The Summer's release on July 1

“Definitely up there as one of the top days of my life,” Lovato shared on Instagram as she posted a picture of herself in a luxurious hot pink robe, gazing at the city skyline on the same day her single Cool For The Summer debuted on July 1st.

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