Funky Summer Concert: Demi Lovato Rocks Oversized Denim Jacket and Stylish Silver Hoops

Demi Lovato faced criticism for sharing a story about a prank played on her bodyguard that some people believed crossed the line into ‘sexual assault.’ Despite the controversy, she looked cheerful and happy as she showed up at Capital’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium in London over the weekend. The 25-year-old singer from the United States rocked a stylish look with a big denim jacket as she joined host Roman Kemp on the stage.

Babe: Demi Lovato, 25, was all smiles as she arrived for Capital's Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, London on Saturday

Starlet Demi Lovato, 25, exuded joy as she made a grand entrance at the Capital’s Summertime Ball held at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium over the weekend. Flaunting her impeccable style, Demi rocked a standout outerwear piece paired with a sleek black top and skinny jeans. The talented singer-songwriter had her brunette locks slicked back into a playful high ponytail, showcasing her stunning silver hoop earrings. With a touch of mascara, bronzer, and vibrant hot pink lipstick, Demi accentuated her natural beauty. The Stone Cold artist was all smiles as she hit the stage, sharing a moment with fans alongside Roman.

Looking good: The American singer put on an incredibly trendy display in an oversized denim jacket as she joined presenter Roman Kemp on stage

Appearing stylish: The American vocalist rocked a super trendy look with a large denim jacket when she appeared on stage with presenter Roman Kemp.

Trendsetter: Demi showed off her flair for fashion in the statement outerwear which she teamed with a black top and skinny jeans

Fashion-forward Demi displayed her style prowess with a bold outerwear piece, pairing it effortlessly with a classic black top and figure-hugging skinny jeans.

Beauty: The former Disney star scraped her brunette tresses into a high ponytail which showed off her large silver hoop earrings

Fashion: The ex-Disney actress pulled her dark brown hair back into a sleek high ponytail, revealing her stunning oversized silver hoop earrings.

Happy: The Stone Cold hitmaker looked in high spirits as she took to the stage to greet fans alongside Roman

Ecstatic: The singer, known for her hit Stone Cold, appeared to be in great mood as she stepped onto the stage to meet and mingle with her fans, accompanied by Roman.

After attracting attention for her Twitter controversy, stemming from responses to followers post-performance in Sweden, Demi’s latest appearance was met with surprise. Things were going well until she shared a story about a prank she pulled. The now-deleted tweet involved hiring someone to surprise Max in his hotel room, which did not go over well with fans. Some argued that the act of sending someone to touch Max without his consent equated to sexual assault, leaving them feeling disgusted.

Sexy Singer: Demi came under fire after detailing a prank pulled on her bodyguard that some followers considered was 'sexual assault'

Popular singer Demi faced criticism for sharing a story about a prank she played on her bodyguard that some people felt crossed the line into ‘sexual assault’.

Her defense: 'For all of those coming at me rn, listen to the lyrics of Warrior and maybe you’ll have more compassion for someone who made a simple mistake. Of all people I know about sexual abuse. You don’t have to educate me,' she said

In response to criticism, she explained: “To those criticizing me at the moment, I suggest you take a moment to listen to the lyrics of ‘Warrior’ and perhaps you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Everyone makes mistakes, and I know firsthand the impact of sexual abuse. There’s no need to lecture me.”

Turn around: But then, five minutes later, she tweeted her apology

However, shortly after that, she posted her apology on Twitter.

From Max: Max Lea, the guy in the story, took to Twitter to defend Demi, 'Really! You guys all need to ‘Grow Up’! It was a joke and a fun prank from someone whose incredible to work for and with. And does everything she can for her fans, family and friends. Love you.' @ddlovato

Max Lea, the individual involved, went on Twitter to support Demi, exclaiming, ‘Come on, folks! Let’s mature a bit! It was all in good fun, a harmless prank from someone amazing to collaborate with. Demi goes above and beyond for her fans, loved ones, and pals. Lots of love!’ @ddlovato
While initially, Demi defended herself by stating, ‘It seems like anything I tweet could offend someone,’ she later urged fans to listen to her song Warrior in hopes that it would offer a glimpse into her experiences and perhaps evoke more empathy towards her. ‘I know firsthand about trauma. There’s no need to school me.’
Shortly after, she issued an apology, saying, ‘My sincerest apologies if anyone was hurt by my words.’ Despite the support from her followers, with one reassuring her, ‘We understand you and your journey,’ Demi responded, expressing, ‘That’s the thing… people don’t truly know the entirety of my story.’

The show must go on: The siren  wore her stylish foot cast for her performance in Annexet, Sweden on Saturday night

The performance must continue: Despite controversy and a foot injury, the singer confidently rocked her stylish foot cast on stage in Annexet, Sweden on Saturday night. The Grammy-nominated artist showcased her unique style by pairing the black foot cast, adorned with stylish studs, with a daring all-black ensemble that flaunted her famous curves. Despite breaking her foot while in Bali, Demi Lovato powered through her Tell Me You Love Me world tour, receiving an enthusiastic response from fans at her Sweden show. Following a successful performance in Paris on Monday, Demi and her team will be heading to Koln, Germany for a show on Wednesday. The European tour is set to continue until June 27.

Getting leggy: The Grammy-nominated singer got cozy in her revealing outfit

Becoming more revealing: The singer, who was nominated for a Grammy, looked comfortable in her daring outfit.

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