Gal Gadot stuns in chic black dress at exclusive Tiffany & Co. event, making a glamorous appearance only SEVEN WEEKS after welcoming her fourth daughter

Gal Gadot looked stunning in a chic black dress at a star-studded event in Beverly Hills. The Wonder Woman actress, who recently welcomed her fourth child, was among the celebrities attending the launch of the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book collection. Her graceful 5’10” frame was highlighted in the form-fitting gown, which featured a slit to show off a bit of leg. This appearance comes just seven weeks after she announced the arrival of her baby girl, Ori, making her and her husband, Jaron Varsano, proud parents of four daughters.

Gal Gadot draped her amazingly svelte post-baby body in a sleek black gown when she made a glamorous public appearance in Beverly Hills on Thursday

Gal Gadot showcased her slender figure in a stunning black dress during a stylish outing in Beverly Hills last Thursday.

The 38-year-old Wonder Woman star was part of a cavalcade of celebrities attending the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book collection launch

The 38-year-old actress known for her role as Wonder Woman joined a group of famous faces at the debut of the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book collection.

Thrown at the Beverly Estate, the blowout bash welcomed a formidable array of boldface names - and Gal was a showstopper in their midst

At the glamorous Beverly Estate event, a star-studded crowd gathered and Gal stood out with her stunning appearance. Reminiscent of Old Hollywood, she elegantly slicked back her dark hair and adorned herself with a necklace and bracelets to complement her black dress. Adding a touch of glamour, she sported chic dark sunglasses and highlighted her radiant complexion with subtle makeup.

During the Beverly Hills gathering, Gal mingled with fellow movie star Reese Witherspoon and engaged in lively conversations with The Menu’s blonde beauty Anya Taylor-Joy and Andor actress Adria Arjona. Her face lit up as she chatted with Usher, who turned heads in a white suit that revealed his chiseled chest.

Gal had kept her pregnancy a secret for months, opting for flowing outfits and staying quiet about the news. However, on March 6, she finally shared her baby joy on Instagram, announcing the arrival of her son Ori to the world.

She slid her lithe physique into a tight black dress that emphasized her willowy 5'10

She effortlessly squeezed into a sleek black dress that highlighted her slender 5’10” figure, complete with a daring slit to show off a hint of leg.

Her latest public appearance comes just seven weeks after she surprised her fans by revealing she had given birth to a baby girl called Ori

Her most recent public appearance took place just seven weeks following her unexpected announcement of welcoming a baby girl named Ori, which had delighted her fans.

Gal brought back memories of Old Hollywood, slicking her dark hair back and accessorizing with a necklace and bracelets over her elegant black dress

The sight of Gal instantly transported me to the glamour of vintage Hollywood. She elegantly styled her dark hair, paired with a striking necklace and bracelets that perfectly complemented her chic black dress.

As she made her way around the Beverly Hills fete, Gal was able to enjoy a bit of a hobnob with her fellow movie star Reese Witherspoon

While mingling at the Beverly Hills party, Gal had the opportunity to chat with her colleague and Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon.

She was also spotted in conversation inside the party with The Menu blonde Anya Taylor-Joy and Andor actress Adria Arjona

She was seen chatting with the blonde actress Anya Taylor-Joy and Andor star Adria Arjona at the party.

Gal beamed as she chatted with Usher, who modeled a white suit over a matching top that plunged tantalizingly to reveal his toned chest

Gal was all smiles as she engaged in conversation with Usher, who looked dashing in a white suit paired with a matching top that exposed his well-defined chest.

Gal discussed her baby joy for the first time on March 6, when she joyfully declared on Instagram that she had welcomed Ori into the world

On March 6, Gal shared her excitement about becoming a new mother by announcing on Instagram that she had welcomed little Ori into her life.

Gal has noted she Gal pointed out that she 'started young' on building her family with her husband Yaron Varsano, whom she married in 2008 when she was 23; pictured 2021

Gal has mentioned that she began her journey of starting a family at a young age with her husband Yaron Varsano, whom she tied the knot with in 2008 at the age of 23, as seen in a photo from 2021.
In a heartfelt message, she welcomed her new baby girl, expressing gratitude for overcoming the challenges of pregnancy and bringing light into their lives, as her name Ori means “my light” in Hebrew. She humorously mentioned the dominance of girls in their household and gave a shoutout to her husband, referring to him as a cool dad.
Several celebrities, including Aaron Paul and Lily Aldridge, sent their best wishes on her post welcoming her daughter. Gal has previously shared her enthusiasm for the childbirth experience, describing it as magical and expressing her love for the process. Despite this, she admitted that pregnancy is tough on her, causing sickness and migraines, making her feel out of her element.
Reflecting on her decision to start a family at a young age, Gal revealed that she was pregnant with her first child Alma at 25, emphasizing her desire to be a youthful mother. With three kids, she acknowledged the challenges and workload of motherhood, while also expressing her blessings for her children.

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