“Gal Gadot’s Effortlessly Cool Style: A Rock-Inspired Lunch Date at Nobu with Husband Yaron Varsano”

Gal Gadot flaunted her chic fashion sense as she dined at Nobu in Malibu on Wednesday. The 37-year-old actress, best known for her role as Wonder Woman, sported a stylish black leather motorcycle jacket paired with distressed blue jeans at the popular Japanese restaurant by the beach.

Accompanying Gal was her husband of over a decade, 48-year-old businessman Yaron Varsano. Despite Warner Bros cancelling Wonder Woman 3, Gal continues to impress with her timeless style and grace.

Rocker chic: Gal Gadot showed off her trendy style while stepping out for lunch at Nobu, Malibu, on Wednesday

Stylish and edgy: Gal Gadot flaunted her fashion-forward style during a lunch outing at Nobu in Malibu. She stayed cozy in a trendy blue zip-up sweater layered over a grey t-shirt, completing her look with chunky black boots. Gal opted for a casual messy bun and a natural makeup look, exuding effortless chic vibes.

Cool gal: The Wonder Woman star, 37, rocked a black leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of distressed blue jeans to the celebrity beloved Japanese beachfront eatery

Stylish lady: The actress, aged 37, looked awesome in a sleek black leather jacket and ripped blue jeans as she dined at the popular Japanese beachfront restaurant frequented by celebrities.

While her partner opted for a red plaid button-up shirt paired with a grey T-shirt, she wore a flowy sundress for their outing. They recently marked their 14th year of marriage. The actress and the real estate mogul have three daughters – Daniella, who is one year old, Maya, who is five, and Alma, who is 11 years old.

Lunch with the hubby: The Israeli actress was joined by her businessman husband Yaron Varsano, 48, to whom she's been married since 2008

Enjoying some quality time over lunch was the talented Israeli actress, along with her entrepreneur partner Yaron Varsano, who she has been happily married to since 2008.

After the news broke last month that Warner Bros. was putting a halt to the production of Wonder Woman 3, fans of the DC Universe were taken aback. It was rumored that director Patty Jenkins, who successfully directed the first two movies featuring the female superhero, decided to part ways with the project after the studio didn’t agree with her vision for the sequel. Reports suggest that the treatment she submitted for the movie didn’t meet the expectations of the studio executives.

Going strong: Gadot and the real estate developer celebrated their 14 wedding anniversary last year. The couple share three daughters together, Daniella, one, Maya, five, and Alma , 11

Still thriving: Gadot and her spouse, a real estate mogul, marked 14 years of marriage with a joyous celebration last year. Together, they have three lovely daughters: Daniella, who is one; Maya, who is five; and Alma, who is 11.

Warner Bros. Film Group Co-Chairpersons and CEOs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy reportedly turned down Patty Jenkins’ proposed treatment for the Wonder Woman sequel, stating that they were not interested in proceeding with the film in its current form. The studio’s new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran were said to have agreed with this decision, deeming Jenkins’ vision for the movie unsuitable.

Following this rejection, De Luca and Abdy approached Jenkins to discuss the possibility of taking the sequel in a different direction. However, Jenkins declined their offer, expressing her frustration at what she perceived as a lack of understanding of her artistic vision and the overall trajectory of the Wonder Woman series.

Axed: The outing comes after it was revealed last month that Warner Bros. would not be moving forward with Wonder Woman 3. Gal starred as Wonder Woman in the first two films; Pictured in a still from Wonder Woman 1984

Cut: Gal Gadot was recently seen out and about after news broke that Warner Bros. had decided not to proceed with a third Wonder Woman movie. The actress played the iconic superhero in the first two films and was spotted in a still from Wonder Woman 1984.

According to a source, Jenkins made it clear that the studio was mistaken in their understanding of her vision for the character and character development. Despite being given the opportunity to present a new direction for Wonder Woman, Jenkins declined as she felt her sequel treatment was not being considered. Ultimately, Jenkins decided to move on to her next film project instead of continuing to work with the studio. It was also reported that she was not interested in receiving input from CEOs Gunn and Safran, even though they were not directly involved in the situation. The original Wonder Woman movie was released in 2017, with its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, following in 2020.

Not interested: The project was reportedly scrapped after director Patty Jenkins rejected studio notes on her treatment for the new film, which led to her leaving; Jenkins and Gal seen in 2019

Lost interest: It was rumored that the project got scrapped when director Patty Jenkins disagreed with the studio’s feedback on her vision for the upcoming movie, ultimately causing her departure. A photo of Jenkins and Gal Gadot was taken in 2019.

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