“I’m breaking the mold!”: Jennifer Lopez opens up about feeling like an outsider in Hollywood, despite her powerful performance in Hustlers being snubbed by the Oscars

In a recent video posted on her JLO Beauty Instagram page, Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a stunning yellow dress with a keyhole detail. The 52-year-old singer discussed the significance of Latin women taking on leadership roles. However, the most notable aspect of the video was when she revealed that despite starring in nearly 30 films, she has never truly felt like she fit in Hollywood. Lopez confessed that she still perceives herself as an outsider in the industry.

New from Jenny: Jennifer Lopez was seen in a new video shared to her JLO Beauty Instagram page on Thursday

Jenny recently posted a new video on her JLO Beauty Instagram page, featuring Jennifer Lopez. Her acting career began in 1995 with the film “My Family” alongside Jimmy Smits and Constance Marie. Since then, she has appeared in successful movies like “Money Train,” “The Cell,” “The Wedding Singer,” and “Maid In Manhattan.” In addition to acting, Lopez has also ventured into producing her own films such as “El Cantante,” “Second Act,” and “Hustlers.”

Currently, Jennifer Lopez has two new movies in the pipeline, “Marry Me” with Owen Wilson and “Shotgun Wedding” with Josh Duhamel. In the video, she emphasized the importance of feeling a sense of belonging, a sentiment that resonates with many.

Inspiring: The Jenny From The Block singer, 52, wore a skintight yellow dress with a keyhole in the front as she talked about the importance of Latin women becoming leaders

Inspiring: During her speech, the 52-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez, known as Jenny From The Block, looked stunning in a form-fitting yellow dress with a stylish keyhole design. She emphasized the significance of empowering Latin women to take on leadership roles.

Say it ain't so: But what stood out most in the clip was toward the end where the girlfriend of Ben Affleck shared has never felt like she 'belonged in Hollywood' even though she has made almost 30 movies. And she added she still feels like 'an outsider'

Can you believe it? The most noticeable part of the video was when Ben Affleck’s girlfriend mentioned that she has never fully felt like she belonged in Hollywood, despite being in nearly 30 movies. She expressed that she still feels like an outsider in the industry.

Let's belong: Lopez started by saying everyone wants to feel like they 'belong'

Let’s all be part of something special: Lopez began by emphasizing the universal desire for a sense of belonging.

Outsider: Then she made the shocking statement that she never felt she 'belonged' in the movie business

In a surprising revelation, she shared that she never truly felt like she fit in the movie industry. She emphasized the importance of belonging and acknowledged that feeling like an outsider is a common experience. Despite her success, she still feels as though she is not completely embraced as an actress. However, she believes that finding your own tribe is essential to tap into your inner strength. She also emphasized the significance of self-acceptance for feeling truly beautiful. It seems that Lopez may still be coming to terms with not receiving a nomination for her role in Hustlers.

Ouch: 'I think for me, I know it is important for all of us to feel like we belong, um, and like most people there's so many times in your life when you feel like an outsider, I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes,' she said as sad music played in the background

Ouch: The feeling of not belonging is something many of us can relate to, and even in Hollywood, there are times when one can feel like an outsider, as shared amidst melancholic music. Despite this, the Oscar nominations ultimately went to Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Kathy Bates, Margot Robbie, and Laura Dern, who emerged as the winner.

In a candid conversation with Oprah Winfrey in May 2020, Jennifer expressed how she felt a sense of disappointment, stating, “I felt like I let everyone down a little bit.” The anticipation and positive feedback leading up to the nominations built up expectations, and when it didn’t happen, she admitted feeling a sense of sadness. The numerous articles speculating her Oscar nod added to the disappointment, leaving her to say, “Ouch,” feeling let down by the outcome.

Despite this setback, the new video aimed to highlight the importance of Latin women standing up and making their voices heard in society.

Harsh: 'I still feel that way,' added the star, making it clear she does not feel fully accepted as an actress

The celebrity reiterated her feelings, revealing that she still believes she is not completely recognized for her talent as an actress.

She has her people: 'But the truth is you just need your little tribe. I believe we all have this limitless power inside of us that makes us unstoppable,' she added

She has her own support system: ‘But the reality is that all you really need is your own little group. I truly believe that each of us possesses an unstoppable power within us,’ she commented.

As a Latina woman, there are stereotypes that suggest we are not capable of achieving success, running businesses, or taking charge. However, what people fail to realize is that Latinas are brave, strong, and have the ability to accomplish anything they set their minds to,’ she emphasized.

Identifying herself as Jennifer Lopez, the successful entrepreneur behind JLo beauty, she shared her story while standing in a cozy living room environment.

Switching to Spanish, she shared, ‘I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. My first job as a young girl was at a beauty salon. When I created JLo beauty, my goal was to make it a representation of individuals like myself from where I grew up.’

A big hit: She worked with Matthew McConaughey on the rom com The Wedding Planner

A major success: She collaborated with Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy film titled The Wedding Planner.

A big deal: Lopez was the star of the blockbuster Maid In Manhattan in 2003

Lopez rose to stardom with her leading role in the hit movie Maid In Manhattan back in 2003, making it a significant milestone in her career.

It took two years for JLo Beauty to come to life, but Jennifer Lopez had been dreaming of it for two decades. Collaborating with Sephora has been an exciting opportunity for her. Lopez has been working on establishing the JLo Beauty brand, inspired by her own mother’s radiant skin. She revealed that her mother’s secret was using olive oil, but she made adjustments to create a skin-friendly version that doesn’t come from the kitchen.

She did not get Oscar love for this: In May 2020 Jennifer told Oprah Winfrey, 'I felt like I let everyone down a little bit' when she was not Academy Award nominated for Hustlers; seen with Constance Wu

Jennifer expressed disappointment for not receiving an Oscar nomination for her role in Hustlers during a conversation with Oprah Winfrey in May 2020. She mentioned feeling like she had let everyone down. Despite this setback, Jennifer shared a video of her visit to Venice, Italy on her Instagram. In the video, she highlighted the day she accompanied Ben Affleck to promote his movie The Last Duel at the Venice Film Festival. Jennifer also mentioned collaborating with top experts to create her beauty line using a family secret.

For 2022: Next year Jennifer co-stars with Owen Wilson in the romantic comedy Marry Me

In 2022, Jennifer is set to star alongside Owen Wilson in the upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me. She had an amazing experience while filming and can’t wait for everyone to see the movie. The film also features Ben, Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Jodie Comer. Jennifer shared her excitement about the script written by Ben and Matt, along with Nicole Holofcener, their first collaboration since Good Will Hunting. She praised the entire cast’s acting skills, particularly highlighting Jodie Comer’s performance. Jennifer described the experience as magical and shared some throwback pictures from the set. Baci Baci Baci translates to kisses in Italian.

With her man: This comes just after the Bronx native shared a mini movie to her own Instagram page that gave a look back at her trip to Venice, Italy. The Grammy winner specifically focused on the day she helped her love Ben Affleck promote his new film The Last Duel. Seen on September 10

In the company of her partner: Following her recent trip to Venice, Italy, the singer from the Bronx posted a short film on her Instagram showcasing her experience. The Grammy award-winning artist highlighted the day she supported her boyfriend Ben Affleck in promoting his latest movie, The Last Duel, on September 10th.

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