Jennifer Aniston: A Rule-Breaking Badass Who Defies Society Seven Times

We all remember Jennifer Aniston as the lovable and fashionable Rachel Green from Friends, but she is far from your typical girl next door. Known for breaking societal norms, Jennifer (or Jen) has fearlessly addressed criticism and shown the world that being a rebel is the key to living a fulfilling and extraordinary life.

One memorable moment was in 2017 when Aniston announced her divorce from Justin Theroux. Instead of letting the world speculate and pity her, she courageously declared to In Style Magazine that she was not “heartbroken.” By doing this, she shut down all the rumors and took control of her own narrative.

The 49-year-old celebrity shared with the media, “It’s pretty unbelievable. People have all these wrong ideas about me, like ‘Jen can’t maintain a relationship,’ or ‘Jen doesn’t want children because she’s selfish and focused on her career.’ They even think I’m sad and devastated. But let me set the record straight, I am not devastated. And those assumptions are completely unfounded. No one knows what truly happens behind closed doors.”

The famous actress from Friends has faced unjust criticism and excessive scrutiny from the public more times than you can imagine. However, the situation escalated when she bravely wrote a powerful article for Huffington Post, where she called out society’s “absurd and disturbing” obsession with scrutinizing women.

Aniston expressed her frustration in 2016, stating, “The media is wasting so much time and resources trying to find out if I’m pregnant (for the umpteenth time…but who’s counting?), which only highlights the perpetuation of the idea that women are somehow inadequate, unsuccessful, or unhappy if they’re not married with children. We don’t need to be married or have children to feel fulfilled. We have the power to define our own ‘happily ever after’ on our terms.” Talk about some serious truth!

Jennifer is still raking in a fortune, even two and a half decades after the beloved TV show Friends came to an end. In the year 2018, she secured an impressive third position on Forbes’ prestigious list of highest-earning women, with an astonishing income of $19.5 million. How did she amass such wealth? Well, a significant portion of her income comes from lucrative endorsements with prestigious brands like Emirates airlines, Smartwater, and Aveeno. It’s safe to say that Jennifer’s financial success hasn’t waned since her days on Friends.

Aniston has shown no fear when it comes to embracing challenging characters, even in her later years. In 2014, at the age of 45, she amazed audiences with her performance in the independent drama, Cake. This role was unlike anything we had ever seen from her before. Aniston flawlessly depicted a vulnerable woman grappling with chronic pain, striving to rebuild her shattered life. Critic showered her with applause for this portrayal, earning her well-deserved nominations for prestigious awards such as the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe.

Vanessa Bayer demonstrated her willingness to laugh at herself during her appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2016, showcasing her impression of Rachel Green. However, Jennifer Aniston didn’t hesitate to join the show and playfully halt the imitation, adding a touch of humor to the situation.

Aniston emphasized, “Hey Vanessa, can you please put that down for a moment? You’ve been sending me texts every day for the past 12 days, asking me to come visit you. I know you’re a big fan of Friends, and we had a blast working together on our movie, but it’s time to stop bombarding me with messages. Friends was ages ago, so it’s time for you to move on.”

Furthermore, Aniston couldn’t help but comment on Bayer’s portrayal of the Friends character, even playfully mimicking Bayer’s impression of Rachel. It was absolutely hilarious!

Age is no concern for Aniston. While many actresses fret about being in their 40s, Jennifer is content with who she is. In a 2011 interview with Glamour magazine, she shared, “Being on this side of 40 feels like what I should have felt when I was in my 20s: comfortable in my own skin, content with my life, and accepting of any challenges that come my way.”

Aniston recently revealed that she is not your average Godmother as she loves babysitting kids. In fact, she described herself as a “great babysitter” to Coco, Courtney Cox’s 12-year-old daughter with David Arquette. Aniston’s babysitting style involves letting the kids play with her clothes and jewelry. She even takes them for a dip in the pool or a relaxing bath. And to top it off, she allows them to explore her precious jewelry drawer.

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