“Jennifer Lopez, 52, Dazzles with Enviable Abs in Marry Me Teaser alongside Maluma”

On Tuesday, fans caught a glimpse of Jennifer Lopez in a fresh montage video posted on Instagram. The 52-year-old entertainer, hailing from the Bronx, showed off her toned physique in a white crop top and sleek grey leggings while preparing for a scene in her upcoming movie Marry Me, set to be released in February. The video, also featuring her co-star Maluma, captured the duo rehearsing a scene and singing together.

Fresh Jenny From The Block: Jennifer Lopez was seen in a new montage video shared on Instagram on Tuesday

New Jenny On The Scene: Jennifer Lopez made an appearance in a recently posted video montage on Instagram this Tuesday.

Dancing queen: The 52-year-old Bronx native flaunted her muscular and slender figure while in a crop top and leggings

Ready for her movie: She rehearsed a scene for her move Marry Me, which comes out in February

The dancing diva: A 52-year-old Bronx native showed off her toned and trim body in a crop top and leggings while practicing for her upcoming movie “Marry Me,” set to be released in February. Lopez looked like she was back in her Fly Girl days, exuding confidence in her dance moves. Her outfit consisted of a white crop top that highlighted her abs, paired with form-fitting dark leggings.

In another scene, she was spotted wearing a stunning wedding dress adorned with a beaded headpiece. As she and Maluma interacted, she complimented his appearance in a gold blazer, with him returning the favor by calling her beautiful. The duo seemed to be having a great time on set!

From a pal: The clip was shared by her Marry Me co-star Maluma who also sang in the video

My friend told me that her Marry Me co-star Maluma shared the video clip and also lent his voice to the song.

Not shy about her curves: She shook her backside as Maluma smiled in the background

Unapologetic about her body: She moved her hips confidently while Maluma grinned in the distance.

A new blockbuster for Jenny? Marry Me will be released on Valentine's Day in 2022

Could Jenny have a new hit on her hands with “Marry Me”? The romantic comedy is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day in 2022.

“I find these relationships incredibly thrilling,” she exclaimed when discussing the characters in the movie Marry Me, which also features Owen Wilson in a romantic comedy role. “There’s a sense of exhilaration and a fresh vibe to it,” she continued. Lopez went on to perform a song about a relationship in turmoil, with Maluma chiming in with the line, “True love got a ring ring ring.”

New love: 'There's an excitement to these relationships,' she says, talking about the characters in Marry Me

Fresh romance: The characters in Marry Me are filled with a sense of thrill and enthusiasm in their relationships, according to her.

They have magic on stage: 'There's something super exciting and feels new about it,' she added. Lopez then sang about a 'broken paradise.' 'True love got a ring ring ring,' added in Maluma

Their performance on stage is truly enchanting: “There is an exhilarating newness to it,” she remarked. Lopez then performed a song about a “paradise in ruins.” Maluma chimed in with the lyrics, “True love has a ring ring ring.”

The man she was SUPPOSED to marry: Here she is seen with Maluma, who cheated on her film character

The man she was MEANT to wed: In the photo, she is pictured with Maluma, who betrayed her character in the movie. They then bid farewell with a kiss for the camera, followed by Jennifer appearing in a gorgeous gold dress with an elaborate headpiece. Recently, JLo posted a video of herself kissing her fellow actor Owen Wilson, 53, on the mouth. In the film, Wilson portrays a fan whom she impulsively marries after discovering her singer fiancé (portrayed by Maluma) was unfaithful and abandoned her at the altar during a concert.

Smooch: Jennifer Lopez released a new clip to Instagram on Thursday to promote the soundtrack for her February film Marry Me. In the collection of montages, the siren was seen kissing her co-star Owen Wilson on the lips

Jennifer Lopez shared a sneak peek of her upcoming movie, Marry Me, by posting a new clip on Instagram. The short video features her kissing co-star Owen Wilson in various scenes. Along with the clip, Jennifer announced the activation of the movie soundtrack tracklist. She encouraged her followers to listen to the new TELYKast remix of “On My Way” and pre-save the soundtrack for the film, which is set to drop on February 4th. In addition to Owen Wilson, the soundtrack also features singer Maluma.

She goes for it: 'They say if you want something different, you have to do something different,' she says to the crowd as she tells Owen that she wants to marry him. With his his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman) and his best friend (Sarah Silverman)

Taking charge of the moment, she confidently declares, “I believe in making a change to achieve something new and exciting.” Addressing Owen in front of their loved ones, including his daughter Lou and close friend, she expresses her desire to officially become his wife.

Ready to wed: When the diva learned minutes before the streamed wedding - which is supposed to be watched by 20m people - that her fiancé has cheated, she goes out on stage anyhow and randomly tells a man (Wilson) that she will marry him instead

Set to tie the knot: Just before her highly anticipated live-streamed wedding, which was expected to be viewed by 20 million people, the famous singer discovered that her soon-to-be husband had been unfaithful. Despite this revelation, she boldly took the stage and spontaneously asked a stranger named Wilson to marry her instead.

Be my man: Jenny points to Owen's character as he appears on the screen behind her

“Check out the guy on the screen,” Jenny says, pointing to Owen’s character with a smile. “He’s my man.”

Will your take Lopez - as Kat - to be your wife? Lopez and Wilson are face to face as he says 'OK' to being her husband

Do you, Lopez, take Kat as your wife? Lopez and Wilson are standing face to face when he agrees to be her husband.
In a clip, Lopez can be seen performing her song “On My Way” on stage while scenes from the romantic comedy are shown.
At one point, she is shown sharing a kiss with Owen, hinting that he may be the one she falls in love with.
In December, she gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek behind the scenes of her upcoming film.
“Check out this Marry Me peek at the making of the Marry Me Movie!!!” the superstar captioned her post, revealing that she produced the film through her company, Nuyorican Productions.

In time for V Day: For the Marry Me poster Lopez holds hands with Wilson

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson hold hands on the Marry Me poster

During a cozy sit-down interview at her Los Angeles home, Lopez was spotted wearing a charming moss green lace dress with a front tie while chatting about her latest movie.

“When you’re a celebrity, people often feel entitled to your personal life, but it’s important to have some things just for yourself, right?” Jennifer pondered.

“We wanted to portray that balance in this film – not just the glitz and glam of being a celebrity, but also the reality of being a human being,” Jennifer explained.

Director Kat Coiro noted, “We often see celebs living this seemingly perfect life, but Jennifer’s dedication and hard work behind the scenes truly sets her apart as a talented artist.”

“And how do you manage to stay down-to-earth while living in the public eye as a superstar?” Jennifer questioned.

She then mentions that she stays true to her roots by remembering her humble beginnings in the Bronx. “I still feel like the same person, people tend to forget that. I’m just living my life,” she explains.

At the wrap party, Jennifer shares that she and her producer devoted seven years to working on the film. “It really touched my heart, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it,” she expresses her excitement to the cast and crew.

The singer looked stunning in a glamorous silver gown at the event. In the movie, she portrays the character Kat Valdez, who is set to marry her singer boyfriend Bastian (played by Maluma) on stage in front of their fans with their hit song “Marry Me.”

Let's get to know each other: Her logic is that if she stays married she won't look like a fool. So she asks Owen's character to go along with their impromptu wedding and go on dates with her

Let’s introduce ourselves: She believes that staying married will prevent her from looking foolish, so she suggests to Owen’s character that they have a quick wedding and go on dates together.

However, just moments before the live-streamed wedding, where 20 million viewers are expected to tune in, the female star finds out that her fiancé cheated on her with her assistant. Despite this shocking revelation, she goes on stage as planned.

In a state of confusion, she impulsively decides to marry a math teacher named Charlie Gilbert (played by Wilson) instead. Addressing the crowd, she explains her actions by saying, “They say if you want something different, you have to do something different,” and expresses her desire to marry him.

Wilson’s character, a math teacher who is unfamiliar with Lopez’s character as a chart-topping singer, is taken aback by being chosen as her husband. Despite his uncertainty, he joins her on stage.

When Lopez’s character, seemingly still in shock, asks the average-looking Wilson if he wants to marry her on the spot without any questions, he surprisingly agrees with a simple “OK.”

She has the look: In this image she has on a halter dress in gold sequin with her hair back

In the picture, she is stunning in a golden sequin halter dress, with her hair pulled back. The newly married couple share a kiss after being officially pronounced husband and wife. Later, she unexpectedly meets Maluma outside the concert hall, and he asks her husband Owen if he’s a fan. Owen admits that he wasn’t a fan until that moment.

The following day, her male advisor suggests ending their marriage to the math geek, but she resolutely refuses, stating that she wants to stay married. “I refuse to be a joke,” she declares. Lopez is then shown practicing yoga in a stylish black outfit, with her hair elegantly tied back, in a high-rise building.

Is it too much for a down to earth guy? Wilson's teacher looks nervous about life in the spotlight

Is it overwhelming for a regular guy like Wilson? The teacher of Wilson appears anxious about being in the public eye. She believes that staying married will prevent her from looking foolish. As a result, she convinces Owen’s character to participate in their spontaneous wedding and attend social outings with her. Wilson, the clumsy and relatable guy, agrees to her proposal, and they are shown having a good time together while out on the town. During a red carpet event with cameras flashing, he becomes paralyzed with fear, but she comforts him and promises that everything will be okay. Later, he is seen being pursued by paparazzi, while his friend, portrayed by Sarah Silverman, defends him with a fire extinguisher.

She works hard for her career: Lopez is also seen in a silver outfit as she rehearses with her backup dancers

Lopez puts in a lot of effort into her career, showcasing her talent in a dazzling silver ensemble while rehearsing with her dancers. As she and Owen spend time together, their connection deepens over meals and a magical outing to Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel.

Their friendship blossoms through late-night phone calls, with Owen offering comfort with a simple yet heartfelt “call me if you’re lonely.” Caught up in a moment of vulnerability, Lopez reaches out to him from her luxurious limo, revealing her true feelings of loneliness.

Their bond grows stronger as Owen extends an unexpected invitation for Lopez to attend a school dance, where she surprises everyone by serenading the students, leaving a lasting impression on Owen. As the trailer progresses, we witness their love story unfold, culminating in a heartfelt kiss that signifies their commitment to each other.

The question posed in the synopsis ponders whether two individuals from vastly different backgrounds can find common ground and create a shared space where they truly belong. Audiences can look forward to experiencing this heartwarming tale when “Marry Me” hits theaters on Valentine’s Day in 2022.

But her heart belongs to Ben: This comes seven months after the 52-year-old actress started her romance with former fiancé Ben Affleck. Seen in December

However, she has given her heart to Ben: It has been seven months since the 52-year-old actress began her relationship with her former fiancé Ben Affleck. The two were spotted together in December.

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