Jennifer Lopez flaunts her fit physique in a chic floral mini dress while enjoying lunch in Capri

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Capri in a cute floral minidress, looking as stunning as usual. The 53-year-old actress accessorized with oversized aviator sunglasses and had her hair pulled back elegantly. Sporting wedge sandals with gold and beaded straps, she had just performed at a UNICEF concert the night before.

Pretty: Jennifer Lopez modeled a floral mini dress as she stepped out for lunch in Capri over the weekend

Gorgeous: Jennifer Lopez was spotted rocking a cute floral mini dress during her lunch outing in Capri last weekend. Showing off her toned legs, the newlywed Mrs. Affleck looked stunning in the summery ensemble, featuring a light blue base adorned with bold red flowers and hints of darker blue and white tones. The dress had delicate straps that tied into bows on her shoulders, and she opted out of wearing a necklace to highlight the square neckline. With a cinched waist and a slightly flared pleated skirt, the ultra-feminine outfit accentuated her figure beautifully.

Beautiful: The 53-year-old looked gorgeous as ever as she sported a large pair of aviator-style sunglasses and pulled her hair back

Stunning: At 53, she appeared as lovely as always, wearing oversized aviator sunglasses and effortlessly pulling her hair back.

JLo rocked a stunning pair of small gold hoop earrings, perfectly complementing her golden locks pulled back into a sleek bun. Her makeup was on point, with rosy cheeks and glossy pink lips peeking out from underneath her stylish shades.

Fierce: She walked in a pair of wedge sandals with gold and beaded straps after performing at a UNICEF concert the night before

Stylish and confident, she strutted in wedge sandals adorned with shimmering gold and beaded straps following her unforgettable performance at a UNICEF charity concert the previous night.

The woman from the Bronx was seen wearing a bold gold chain bracelet and matching rings. She had a stylish wicker handbag with brown leather accents in her hand, which perfectly complemented her nude manicure. Surrounded by a small group, the founder of JLo Beauty enjoyed a meal and sipped from a glass cup.

Fashionista: She carried a medium-sized wicker handbag with brown leather details in her nude-manicured hand

Fashion enthusiast: With her impeccably manicured nails, she effortlessly held a stylish medium-sized wicker purse adorned with chic brown leather accents.

Refresher: The JLo Beauty creator was with a small entourage as she sat down for a meal and sipped from a glass cup

Reminder: Jennifer Lopez, the founder of JLo Beauty, was accompanied by a small group as she enjoyed a meal and drank from a glass cup.

The actress from Marry Me, Jennifer, recently had a romantic honeymoon in Paris with her new husband Ben Affleck and their children. Fans were surprised when Jennifer announced that they had secretly gotten married in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. They then flew to France for a lovely getaway, exploring the city and soaking in the beautiful surroundings. Their blended family included Ben’s daughters Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner, as well as Jennifer’s 14-year-old twins Maximilian and Emme from her marriage to Marc Anthony.

Lovebirds: Jennifer surprised fans several weeks ago when she revealed that she and Ben Affleck, 49, had flown to Las Vegas to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony

Lovebirds: Fans were taken aback when Jennifer announced a few weeks ago that she and Ben Affleck, aged 49, had made a discreet trip to Las Vegas to exchange vows in a private ceremony.

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