“Katy Perry Sparkles on Jimmy Kimmel with Helicopter Engagement Ring Surprise from Orlando Bloom”

Katy Perry recently shared the romantic details of her engagement to Orlando Bloom on Valentine’s Day. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, the 34-year-old singer talked about the special helicopter ride where the 42-year-old actor proposed with a breathtaking $5 million ring. Perry, wearing a stunning golden dress for the interview, couldn’t hide her joy as she reminisced about the unforgettable moment.

Romance: Katy Perry, 34, has now revealed details of how Orlando Bloom popped the question, stopping by Jimmy Kimmel on Monday to chat about the Valentine's Day proposal 

In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel, Katy Perry, 34, opened up about the romantic proposal she received from Orlando Bloom. The singer, who had previously been married to Russell Brand, revealed that she had subtly hinted about her engagement ring preferences. She jokingly mentioned on the show that she had made her opinions known. However, despite her involvement in the ring selection process, Katy was completely surprised by Orlando’s proposal plans. On Valentine’s Day, the couple went out to dinner, and afterwards, Katy thought they were going to see some art. To her surprise, Orlando instead took her on a helicopter ride, making the proposal even more special.

Engaged!  Katy revealed the actor proposed during a helicopter ride before arranging for their friends and family to celebrate with them when they landed

Exciting news! Katy shared that her partner popped the question while they were up in a helicopter, and then surprised them by having their loved ones waiting to celebrate with them once they landed.

Making it official: The Pirates Of The Caribbean star proposed to Katy after a romantic dinner but almost ruined the moment when he accidentally smashed a champagne bottle

In a romantic gesture, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor popped the question to Katy after a lovely dinner, despite a slight mishap with a champagne bottle. Katy shared that he proposed in a helicopter, leading to a James Bond moment as they landed on a rooftop in Los Angeles where all their loved ones were waiting. The proposal wasn’t without its funny moments, as Katy mentioned he tried to distract her with a love note while trying to discreetly grab the ring box from his jacket pocket. Despite the small hiccup, the proposal was a success and Katy happily said yes.

Time to celebrate! 'We landed on a rooftop and my whole family was there, and all my friends. He did so well,' Katy gushed (pictured the moment they were met by their loved ones)

It was time to party! “We touched down on the rooftop and there were all my family and friends waiting for us. He exceeded all expectations,” Katy excitedly shared as they were welcomed by their loved ones.

Check out the bling! The singer admitted to Kimmel she dropped some hints when it came to her engagement ring, laughing: 'I voiced my opinions.' 

Take a look at that sparkly rock! The singer revealed to Kimmel that she may have given some subtle suggestions about her engagement ring, jokingly saying, ‘I made sure my preferences were known.’

Sweet: But while the ring may not have been a surprise, the hitmaker had no idea what Orlando was planning when it came to his proposal

While the ring itself may not have been a total surprise, Katy Perry was taken aback by Orlando Bloom’s proposal plans. In a comical turn of events, as she was reading the romantic message, the ring box got stuck and Orlando, who shares an eight-year-old son with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, ended up ripping his jacket pocket and accidentally smashing a bottle of champagne with his elbow. Katy proudly flaunted the stunning ring while sporting a glamorous gold body-con dress as she made her way to Jimmy’s studio on Monday. Staying true to her style, the Firework singer accessorized with oversized gold hoop earrings featuring an abstract shape.

Buddies: The quirky star was happy to open up about her proposal with Jimmy

Friends: The eccentric celebrity was excited to share details about her engagement with Jimmy.

Talking the talk: Katy and Kimmel posed together after their chat

Having a chat: Katy and Kimmel got together for a photo after their conversation.

Energetic: The Roar singer was full of zeal while she hopped on stage

Silly: Never afraid to show her silly side, Katy giggled and stuck her tongue out

Bursting with enthusiasm, the vocalist of Roar exuded energy as she bounded onto the stage.

Cheers! Katy shared a drink with Jimmy's right hand man Guillermo backstage

Hey there! Katy enjoyed a drink with Guillermo, Jimmy’s trusted right-hand man, behind the scenes. Cheers!

Trophy wife! At the top of her chat with Jimmy the star joked around and imitated an Oscar

Jimmy’s conversation with the star reached its peak when she playfully impersonated an Oscar statue, making light-hearted jokes about being a trophy wife.

Worse for wear: She also admitted that she was still 'hungover' from the award after parties Sunday night

Feeling a bit worse for wear from all the award after parties, she joked around with Jimmy and even pretended to be an Oscar. She mentioned that she was still feeling ‘hungover’ from the festivities on Sunday night.

To cure her hangover, the singer mentioned that she and Jimmy’s sidekick Guillermo took a shot of tequila backstage before her appearance. Along with sharing details about her engagement, Katy also talked about her role as a judge on American Idol.

When asked if she saw herself as the ‘main judge’, Katy boldly admitted, “I’m a team player but I’m probably the more… stern, straight to the point, Simon Cowell type with a twist.”

Idol minds: In addition to dishing the details of her engagement, Katy talked a little about her gig on American Idol

Idol thoughts: Apart from sharing the exciting news about her engagement, Katy also touched on her role as a judge on American Idol.

Simon lite: Asked if she felt like the 'main judge', Katy brashly confessed: 'I'm a team player but I'm probably the more... stern, straight to the point, Simon Cowell with t***'

When questioned about her role as the primary judge, Katy boldly admitted, “I may be a team player, but I tend to be more like Simon Cowell – blunt and to the point.”

Golden gown: The American Idol judge wore a glittering golden dress for the taping and showed off her new engagement ring 

Golden Apparel: The American Idol judge donned a sparkling gold ensemble for the recording and flaunted her recently acquired engagement ring.

Figure-hugging: The 5ft7in pop singer rocked the body contouring dress as she walked up to Jimmy's studio next to the historic El Capitan movie palace

Toned gams: The figure-flaunting outfit featured a cutout that showed off Katy's shoulder

Sculpted legs: The form-fitting ensemble included a stylish cutout that highlighted Katy’s shoulders.

Shining accessories: The Firework singer stayed on theme with a large pair of gold hoop earrings attached to an abstract shape

Glistening embellishments: The artist behind Firework kept in line with the theme by sporting oversized gold hoop earrings adorned with a unique abstract design.

Before, the pop star known for hits like “I Kissed a Girl” was seen happily greeting fans as she made her way into the building. She proudly flaunted her gorgeous $5 million engagement ring, boasting a striking pink diamond surrounded by smaller white diamonds. After Orlando’s heartfelt proposal, Katy and Orlando have now planned a bigger engagement celebration to include everyone who couldn’t attend the initial intimate gathering. This upcoming marriage will be Katy’s second, as she had previously tied the knot with British comedian Russell Brand in 2010, only to later divorce in 2012.

Great mood: The I Kissed A Girl singer was all smiles as she waved to fans while walking up to the building

Amazing vibes: The pop star, famous for her hit song I Kissed A Girl, was grinning from ear to ear as she greeted fans with friendly waves on her way to the entrance of the venue.

Flaunting it: She also managed to show off her stunning $5 million engagement ring

Showing it off: She proudly displayed her breathtaking $5 million engagement ring as well.
After filming Jimmy Kimmel Live, Katy made a late-night detour to her go-to fast food spot, In-N-Out, enjoying a burger on the way home.
During her interview on Kimmel, Katy shared that a burger was what initially brought her and Orlando together three years ago at the Golden Globes.
Expressing her love for fast food, Katy told the host: ‘In-N-Out is a significant part of my everyday life.’

Fast food: After taping Kimmel, Katy made a late night stop to her favourite fast food joint, In-N-Out, tucking into a burger on the drive home

Quick eats: Following her appearance on Kimmel, Katy swung by In-N-Out for a late-night snack, enjoying a burger while driving home.

Showing the love: After finishing the taping,the gracious singer took a few minutes to sign some memorabilia from adoring fans

Expressing affection: Following the recording session, the singer kindly took a moment to autograph some souvenirs for devoted fans.
“We connected over a meal at In-N-Out about three years ago during the Golden Globes.”
“He snatched a burger off my table while I was sitting with Denzel Washington, and I said, ‘Hey! Who- oh, you’re so attractive. Fine, go ahead.'”
She added, “Later, I bumped into him at a gathering and asked, ‘How are those onions holding up in your teeth?’ He responded, ‘I like you,’ and the rest is history…”

Wax tracks: She signed a vinyl LP for one fan waiting outside the studio 

Groovy tunes: The singer autographed a record album for a dedicated fan who was patiently waiting outside the recording studio.

So gracious: Katy smiled as she gamely signed multiple autographs for her admirers

Katy looked so delightful as she happily signed autographs for her fans.

Safety first: A fence separated Katy from the fans she wrote her signature for 

First and foremost, Katy was separated from her fans by a barrier as she signed autographs.

For the 'gram: Another fan was lucky enough to snab a selfie with Katy

For social media: Another excited fan scored a selfie with Katy Perry.

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