“Katy Perry’s Celebrity-Inspired Transformation: Platinum Blonde Braids and Bold One-Piece Look”

Both individuals are considered influencers in their respective fields. Katy Perry drew inspiration from Kim Kardashian during a recent glamorous session. The 32-year-old singer emulated the reality star by styling her hair into two long braids, a look reminiscent of a hairstyle previously worn by Kim.

That looks familiar! Katy Perry channeled Kim Kardashian on Friday as she got her hair done up into two long braids - a hair 'do that was a dead ringer for a style Kim rocked previously.

Katy Perry paid homage to Kim Kardashian on Friday by sporting a hairstyle that closely resembled a look previously worn by the reality star. Embracing the Kardashian influence, Katy humorously dubbed herself ‘Katy Kardashian’ in the caption of her Instagram post. She even made sure to tag the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan in the photo, showcasing her long platinum blonde braids and stylish baby pink outfit with a choker detail. It’s clear that Katy took inspiration from the iconic family’s fashion sense for her latest hairstyle.

Bringing the braids: Katy made little secret of the fact she had been inspired by the Kardashian family

Embracing the braids: Katy didn’t hide the fact that she drew inspiration from the Kardashian clan.

The mane attraction: The popstrel gazed at the camera while touching her braided hair 'do in a photo that had also hair stylist Chris Appleton and makeup artist Hugo Vanngo tagged

The main focus was on the pop star’s stunning braided hair as she posed for the camera, with her hair stylist Chris Appleton and makeup artist Hugo Vanngo also credited in the photo. Sporting a flawless makeup look with light pink blush, perfectly coated mascara, and glossy lips, Katy displayed her beauty in a second Instagram photo at a much closer angle. Recently, Katy has been playing around with different hairstyles, including a bold buzz cut revealed earlier this month and a Snapchat video showcasing her in what seemed to be a wig.

Keeping them guessing: Perry recently unveiled a buzz cut and on Thursday appeared to be wearing a wig (pictured last week)

Keeping everyone on their toes, Perry surprised everyone with a new buzz cut, and then quickly switched things up by sporting what seemed to be a wig just a few days later.

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